Monday, October 6, 2014


He was born at Cologne and educated partly at Reims. He was head of the episcopal school there for almost 20 years. In 1075 he was appointed chancellor of the church of Reims and had to devote himself to the administration of the diocese. The bishop at that time, Manasses de Gournai, was impious, corrupt, and violent. Through the intervention of Bruno and others, the Council of Autun suspended Manasses, who retaliated by demolishing the houses of their accusers and confiscating their goods. In 1080 a final decision of the Pope, together with a popular uprising, deposed Manasses.

Here is the account as it appears in the Catholic Encyclopedia:

In 1075 St. Bruno was appointed chancellor of the church ofReims, and had then to give himself especially to the administration of the diocese. Meanwhile the pious Bishop Gervais, friend of St. Bruno, had been succeeded by Manasses de Gournai, who quickly became odious for his impiety and violence. The chancellor and two other canons were commissioned to bear to the papal legateHugh of Die, the complaints of the indignant clergy, and at the Council of Autun, 1077, they obtained the suspension of the unworthy prelate. The latter's reply was to raze the houses of his accusers, confiscate their goods, sell their benefices, and appeal to the popeBruno then absented himself from Reims for a while, and went probably to Rome to defend the justice of his cause. It was only in 1080 that a definite sentenceconfirmed by a rising of the people, compelled Manasses to withdraw and take refuge with the Emperor Henry IV

Pretty amazing to see that the process and problems haven't changed much in the 900 plus years since this account.


  1. After sharing information about our Catholic crisis here in Guam with my sister who lives in the US mainland, she told me that unless Raymond Arroyo, a reporter for EWTN knows about it, our situation can't be that big a problem. She explained that if Raymond Arroyo were to get a hold of what's going on here with the NeoCats, the archbishop, and the RMS neo-priest factory and decides to report about it on EWTN, then it WILL be a big problem. She explained that as a regular EWTN viewer, she hasn't seen or heard of the NeoCat problems going on with the Catholic Church, much less about Guam's dilemma. I wondered if things would change if Junglewatch readers were to start contacting Raymond Arroyo....what do you think? Does anyone know how he can be contacted?

  2. Anonymous (October 7, 2014 at 7:42 AM), I contacted Raymond Arroyo via his website in January, and provided links to several JungleWatch posts which reflected, among other things, the Climate of Fear among the Non-NCW clergy as well as AAA's trashing of Fr. Paul Gofigan in Tagaytay. Unfortunately receipt of my e-mail was never acknowledged.

    I don't know if I was the only one who wrote to him. Now that we have available the "lost" recording of AAA's in-studio defense of the NCW on KOLG as well as the sound bite of him trashing Fr. Paul Gofigan n Tagaytay as well as the recordings of the clergy meetings with Archbishop Krebs, it may be time for a follow-up e-mail.

    If others would like to try contacting him, his email address is

  3. Never mind EWTN. Details later.

  4. EWTN had Kiko in one of their shows. Interviewer was clearly a Kiko fan. Do a search on kiko's interview with EWTN and you'll see what I mean.

  5. The fact is that the Neo's are not even on the U.S. map. Yes, they have seminaries in some of the major dioceses, but for the most part they are well-controlled by the bishops of those dioceses the way they are supposed to be, i.e. "at the service of the bishop" as their statute says. Our problem here, as has been noted many times, is that we have a bishop at the service of the Neo's. Arroyo is not going to bother with something few people know about, even though Kiko was interviewed once on their program. However, there is no harm in keeping him informed. Sooner or later its going to blow up.