Tuesday, October 7, 2014


It appears that the bulk of what they know about the NCW being a cult comes from Guam, probably because only here is the NCW allowed free rein to be what it truly is.



  1. After some inquiring, word is the men at the new seminarytaking extra classes at the seminary in Malojloj especially Mass liturgy. They are also at the parishes on weekends, this is true because I met one of them in this past week. Thank you to the priests who are part of training these seminarians to provide them with the right training.

  2. I know nothing of this but it seems to be a very reassuring positive step for Guam's young men wanting to be priests in the Real Roman Catholic Church, to be mentored by Real Roman Catholic Church Priests. If it has only been done randomly already I wonder is it possible to have a formal or informal mentor ship program established with priests and students especially under the current dire circumstances.

    I am sure priests and nuns will all agree that when you choose to study a spiritual vocation you are filled with enormous passion and love that fuels one's desire learn, know and experience all you can about God. Living and practicing a holy life and vocation. That being of service in this manner becomes paramount.
    There are some truly fine priests on Guam. Intelligent, Eloquent, Scholars. They are Devout, Discerning, and Experienced in both church administration and the multiple needs of lay people. They demonstrate being Loving, Kind, Compassionate Holy and Whole men with a Sense of Humor who are Culturally and Linguistically competent.

    What a great honor and privilege (and an apparent necessity) for Guam's young men entering the True Roman Catholic Church priesthood. I can not even begin to imagine their joy, honor and excitement to be under the spiritual wings and mentor ship of the finest Guam has to offer within it's Catholic church on a consistent weekly basis.

    How else can they be expected to stay focused and be supported on the True Teachings. I can only imagine how it would take an extremely strong devoted student, with a deep faith and sense of life purpose to survive in Guam's current church climate. There seems an obvious disparate treatment of privileged, favorite seminarians by the archbishop which can not go unnoticed. Simultaneous a rather substandard theology education and selection procedure is currently demonstrated by neocat graduates in local parishes. This deficiency has evidently been underway for sometime with no apparent sign of improvement.

    Local boys deserve more, (anyone deserves more) who wants to serve the True Roman Catholic church. Let on going consistent mentor ship be done with non neo priests. It could only result in being a great gift of the faith for priests and seminarians alike that will benefit all of Guam's Catholics for future generations.

  3. Does this extra "class" count towards their certification? I don't think so. You can't just make up classes. This is why educational institutions need structured curriculum. You can't just bounce students/seminarians from one class to another without proper prerequisites. It's good that our traditional diocesan priests are making the time for these young men, but it has to be structured and incorporated into a curriculum that is accepted worldwide. What if one of these young men wanted to transfer to another diocese/seminary? He can't claim this extra "class" as a credit. Guam's church leaders need to get off their high horses and stop all this masquerading. Get down to the real business of building bridges and doing what's right for ALL God's people. Stop trying to fool everyone with this boarding house. It's not a real seminary.

  4. Cult is no longer to be considered Catholic and it may well be time to stand away from any association with the cult before it further damages the young of this community. Reports circulating of divided families, mother fighting daughter, father fighting son, land titles being changed, money being changed accounts, all in the name of the cult. Stand away from this evil operation destroying our community.

  5. Apuron does not appear to be speaking at the synod on the family. After all, what could he possibly say in support of the family, as his cult destroys family life in this community. Thank God he was not invited to be speaking in the presence of the Holy Father. Today Cardinal Tagle was speaking introducing couples for Christ. A respected organization in our church working to promote family values.