Monday, November 17, 2014


We have been told "ad nauseum" how these neo-presbyters and their seminary is a "gift for Guam". Some of us aren't so excited about "this gift". Here is John Toves' view of this "gift". You may think it's disrespectful. Well then you must have missed the DISRESPECT in the cathedral at the end of the ordination. This would have fit right in.


  1. Nov.17, 2014, Monday
    It might not be so much an issue of disrespect as much as it is a question of, "Is this the right way for us, as Catholics to ask for God's help with our dilemma? Do we really need to stoop to the level of a 'neo-nut' in order for our prayers to be heard in Rome? "
    I am a rock-solid, devoted non-neo Catholic who believes there is a right way and a wrong way to accomplish things. Scripture tells us that if we want something, we need to ask God the father, in Jesus' Name. It also tells us that if we ask for something, we need to ask with a clean heart, because it is the Holy Spirit Who knows what our needs are and thus "groans" to the Father concerning them. And Jesus peaches that we should first make sure that our hearts are clean, because it is what's inside our hearts that, from the mouth, defiled thoughts are revealed. With that said, I feel that by condoning JT's earlier dancing AAA asking for money, or even engaging ourselves in such activities if only to be humored by them, is not something that either Jesus or His Father would find favorable while we're down on our knees asking for help or for favors. Rather, we should ask ourselves WWJD, don't you think?

    1. Let's put it this way. I believe we can surmise that if not for this blog, NOTHING would be happening. I spent 20 plus years listening to people complain about Apuron. When Apuron went after Fr. Paul NO ONE stood up publicly for him. If not for this blog, he would have been forgotten and probably out of here.

      So what is your "right way"? I have to question because you ask WWJD and I don't think Jesus would have left an anonymous comment on this blog.

      Sometimes I wonder if "down on our knees" instead of "up on our feet" is simply cowardice. I happen to do both. And I use my real name.

    2. WWJD, indeed.......
      In the face of great injustice and defiling of the temple, Jesus himself Physically removed the merchants from the Temple.
      I believe this is what is needed.
      You might chose to stay and pray on your knees. Some of us will removed the merchants out of the Temple for us, for the Church and for you too.
      In the meantime pray for us, and don't judge, it makes you sound like a Neo.

    3. From Saint Augustine we are admonished to "pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on us" and from Edmund Burke "the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"

  2. We must keep the humor and be allowed to laugh, outside of Church, while we wait for change, to keep from crying because of anger and heartbreak! It is a coping mechanism that should not be misunderstood.

    Guilt by association, no one will give their time of day to get to know these new fake priests. Aside from presbyter harold that has already showed his NeoUgliness. Who knows if the other two are actually good people. Sadly, no one cares to know. The Neos, may it not be these particular ones on the video, have continued to mock us; our people, our culture, our faith.

    As the saying goes, if a joke hurt, then it must have some truth to it... so does dancing around, making raucous at Mass really OK with you Neos or do you feel like idiotic, hooved, animals while you're at it?

    There is that tingling feeling, in what's left of your conscience, that says it's not right, yet you choose to ignore it and follow kiko, apuron, pius, quitugua, cristobal and all other Neo responsibles, leading you all straight down the wrong road. Wake up people! Get out of your cult! Before you end up where they are all ending up. ..

  3. I remember an African story that applies very well to our situation here in Guam.
    When the NCW came to the island, they have the Bible and w have the land, then we where told to close our eyes for prayer, when we open our eyes, the NCW have our land (seminary and eventually the parishes will follow) and w have the Bible.

  4. 'The 3 "gifts" need to be re-gifted to their home countries.

    1. The Three MAGIS! The story goes that there was a fourth one who was late and didn't accompany the three so he traveled alone for 33 years. Guess Apuron is the fourth and doesn't want to be late or left behind.

  5. On the subject of these newly ordained priests, I am wondering if they are required to go through a discernment process for these RMS priests. It seems like the periods between formation and ordination is quite short. I pray that they are not following the laws of supply and demand, and cranking out as many as you can, quantity over quality. I understand that Priestly ordination is a response to God's Call to service of his people, and in light of this great calling, cannot be done haphazardly. Just Wondering..

    1. Do these seminarians go and do their two year missions elsewhere before being accepted? I don't think Harold, Julius or Vincenzo went anywhere to do missionary work as part of their disernment!

  6. To: ANON 1:26 PM...WWJD? Well, Jesus did not sit quietly while his Father's house was being desecrated, he did not just pass by the blind person (today's Gospel reading Luke 18:35-43) and do nothing, and he definitely would would not deny the will of his Father or bend it and shape it into a KIKO WORSHIP and declare another prophet/profit like KIKO.

    The temple that has been built by the Roman Catholic Church is being desecrated by the NEOs and by their actions here on Guam. Just look at their actions during the Liturgical Celebration, especially during the Consecration, the lack of humility is inherent in what they say and do.

    Do you see UNITY? I DO NOT! Tell me, do they follow what the Apostles said and did about Jesus Christ? It takes me less than 2 minutes (actually, about 45 seconds) to tell if a priest is a Non-Neo or a Neo Priest. The NEONUT Priest's actions, lack of reverence, their arrogance, is just too suffocating and overbearing. And get this, why do you think they are starting to try and recruit the younger generation and their kids? Simple marketing. They feeling of the NEONUTS treating our Catholic Religion like some kind of "happy meal" to attract the kids so their parents can be pressured into staying in "THE WAY" is just another brain washing, cult recruiting mechanism to increase their numbers. And guess what?...It's working for them. If it wasn't for this blog, MANY like Mr. Rohr had mentioned, would have just passed over what happened to Pale' Paul, Monsignor James, the Museum, the hostile take over of the Basilica, etc. Are you for real ANON 1:26 PM?

    Yes, I am attacking the NEONUTS. I am attacking their action and not them as a person. There may be some humor on this blog but the essence of what is being said here is that WE DON"T WANT TO FOLLOW "THE WAY"! The NCW cult group can pack it up and go back to KIKOLAND, wherever that is.

    It is unfortunate that we have to deal with them almost on a daily basis. There is hope. This blog helps to expose the illicit Liturgical practice and their outright disobedience to the statutes set forth by Rome, by the Magisterium and what the recent and last few Pope's have told them.

    Kiko's cult has amassed a fortune and has now great influence even in Rome. Look at World Youth Day and see who is trying to make their "noise" about being there. Even a Cardinal has referenced Kiko as a prophet. Kiko is JUST FOR PROFIT, PERIOD. Lets be real about all this.

    During Baptism, we are cleansed of Original Sin, saved from eternal damnation up to this point, and by being anointed with Sacred Chrism, we are chosen by God, claimed by Christ and through the Holy Spirit are named priest, prophet and king (CCC 1241).

    It doesn't mean we take this literally to mean to go out and proclaim someone a prophet. This is outright HERESY!

    LOVE GOD OR LOVE MAMMON. We must choose. The NEONUTS have clearly demonstrated the love of money at whatever the cost, even if it means their souls will be forever damned. Not for us to judge but by their action, what would you say the probability is of being saved or forever damned?

    So if this doesn't shake up the passivity in you, then you may want to view Diana's blog and get truly engulfed in the heresy and frightening experience of your life.


  7. Gift? Says He!!!...
    Perhaps,perhaps..... for myself I will err on the side of St Thomas......and doubt.
    Poisoned? Certainly yes....a lot like the proverbial apple of the Garden of Eden.

  8. John C. "Typhoon Toves"November 18, 2014 at 6:27 AM

    Anon 5:21 Nov 17: I enjoyed your comment!

    I must say, though Julius is one of the three ordained, I have only heard good things about him. I apologize Julius that you got caught in the crossfire. I tried to have mostly Harold, Howard, or Hoover and Vincenzo spotlighted, but did need to make the point. Apologies once again.

  9. Read Philippians 2:1-5 *

    Synopsis: Be unified in Holy Love and Holy Humility

    So if there is any encouragement in Christ, any incentive of love, any participation in the Spirit, any affection and sympathy, complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind. Do nothing from selfishness or conceit, but in humility count others better than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Have this mind among yourselves, which was in Christ Jesus. Please read this portion of the Bible, and let us stop acting like pagans. You may be thinking that you are doing God a favor by your judgmental divisive comments, but you are actually siding with the devil, and not God.

    1. Actually, "divisive" is good when what we are dividing from is already divisive. We've had nearly 20 years of divisiveness from Apuron and the NCW and it is time to recognize the malignancy and cut it out. Aside from that, why do you quote scripture in the same spirit of judgement that you are condemning others for? And what's more why do you come here cloaked in anonymity? Quoting scripture, admonishing, and hiding. Something is very wrong with that mix. If you're going to use the Word of God to instruct others, then put your name on it, man.

    2. Ah!!!! a wise man quoting scriptures!!
      This is what we need here. Another Anon telling us we are "siding with the devil"......
      Sure what else? More fire and brimstone?
      A dead giveaway from the cultist, Judeo-Masonic, Pharisees of the NCW.
      You would not recognize God or true Love if it hit you square in the middle of the face.
      Who is judging here? If not you?
      Why always refer to the Bible, and completely forget what Jesus taught us?
      Is it more convenient for You?
      If anybody is acting like a pagan here, maybe you should look in a mirror.
      Please also stop pretending to use the word of God to further divide us.
      Vade retro Satanas!!!

  10. "You may be thinking that you are doing God a favor by your judgmental divisive comments, but you are actually siding with the devil, and not God."

    This is such a classic NCW thing to write! I'd laugh if it wasn't so tragic.

    "judgemental divisive comments" indeed. Like "you are actually siding with the devil, and not God"? Can't get much more divisive. Actually, unfortunately, they probably can?