Monday, November 17, 2014


Catholic relics at risk: Former volunteers worry about artifacts in closed museum

Written by
Gaynor Dumat-ol Daleno
Pacific Daily News

Relics of saints and centuries-old baptismal records from the early days of Christianity on Guam are among historical pieces that have begun to deteriorate before a museum that houses them could open, concerned island residents said recently.


  1. You asked why the AAA can go global in in travels and not even bother with the artifacts in the museum. Apparently, our culture is not important to him. He found his culture in Harold! He found his lineage in the Old Testament.

    Sorry, I missed John Toves on KUAM. Can you give a brief excerpt on what he talked about?

  2. I also have noticed the archbishop has been speaking a lot less and with less enthusiasm about Chamorro culture. He obviously prefers the NCW "culture," if you can call it that.

  3. The sad part of this story is that the cost to open and operate the museum was only $5000 a month to cover the cost of utilities and incidentals. Volunteers covered the cost of personnel. Tourist ticket sales would cover this cost. Telling our story and preserving our history is not a priority for this administration. The museum was a gift to this administration. All the heavy lifting was done by Monsignor James and all the volunteers.

  4. apuron would rather spend $10000, at least (about 2 months to support the Museum), to round the globe with his presbyter Conquests to pay for airfare, accommodations and massages, than to turn on the aircon for the preservation of the articles of History, Culture of Guam and her people.

    No amount of time spent with these Neos will miraculously turn you European, Apuron! You have hatred for your own skin, Apuron! You need to be in a straight jacket, you NeoCoocoo!!!

    Show love for your own people first so that you will feel what genuine love actually feels like. Just ask Msgr. James about that kind of love from the people of Guam, he's looking absolutely fabulous---relaxed and light.

  5. Do not forget that the NCW believes that you need to erase the past, for them to be able to rejuvenate and replace the Church, by their idea of a Church.
    This should send shills through your spine.