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Apart from certain biblical persons, the Church refrains from bestowing the title “prophet” on even the holiest of its members.   One possible reason for this is to avoid the creation of a competing “magisterium” or teaching authority that could cause confusion among the faithful. (Read more)


  1. The NCW use of the title "prophet" actually shows their restraint. They believe him to be God, but haven't yet gone that far to say it because they will lose their ties to the Catholic Church, the community in which they live and PREY.

  2. According to Diana, this was not put in the right context. She points out people such as Dorothy Day and who knows who else. I guess in the future of children will be reading or hearing...

    A letter from the Prophet Kiko during the mass. Pale' Mike I do believe you need to continue you retreat in Fatima....exorcism is what is needed

  3. All Christians are called to act prophetically, in a sense, but nobody gets the title "Prophet", and for good reasons. I highlighted one reason in my post: it sets up competition with the authentic Magisterium.

    I believe the whole idea of Kiko being the Prophet for our times has a basis in his conception of Salvation history and his believe that the Church needs to rebuilt from the ground up, like Jerusalem and Judaism after the Babylonian exile. I cover this in my post on Kiko's Timeline of Salvation History.

    In his timeline, Kiko emphasizes the work of the prophets Ezra and Nehemiah and I believe he thinks of himself as another Ezra or Nehemiah. In reality, while the Church is in constant need of renewal, we cannot say that it must be rebuilt from the bottom up (i.e. rebuilt from scratch) without denying the action of the Holy Spirit in our midst over the last twenty centuries.

    One last point. The cult of personality built around Kiko is a rotten stench to many of us and suggests that we absolutely are not "taking things out of context."

  4. Guess Diana considers herself a prophet. She is the Prophet most high as the NCW for she is the key to the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the NCW!

  5. GET REAL!

    Arguello is by no means a prophet and to have a bishop or cardinal promote this is outright negligent. His lapdog AAA will do anything for the financial and political advancment for a Cardinal position. It is SO APPARENT in his recent actions and feeble attempt to "become one with the island Catholic Community". You've done enough damage AAA with your 3 billy goats.STEP OUT OR BE KICKED OUT!. As many as stated before, you are a to little short in your efforts and A LOT LATE in trying to bring UNITY to this island Catholic Faithfuls.

    Good luck with the prophet acceptance for KIKO. Arguello, A PROPHET YOU ARE NOT. No matter how much you try to justify your cult in the most scriptural way, YOU ARE NOT A PROPHET, MUCH LESS, A GOD. For there can ONLY BE ONE GOD. So get real and get a job!. Kiko, did you forget where you came from?

    Sad to know that a good number of NEONUTS had already bequeath their land, house, life insurance, etc. to the NEONUTS home base here on island and probably at KIKO's home base as well (not sure about this part but I would place a bet this is highly like the case).

    Hey, lets also be fair about this part (Alms giving to the Church?), There are a lot of locals who have given their inheritance to the Archdiocese of Agana and to Parishes and/or Pastors. This practice IS COMMON, just not intended for public knowledge or to be published in the Umatuna.

    Mr. Dave Nadar EXPLICITLY explains what the New Evangelization by St. John Paul II was intended for in his write up. Bullet points are provided below.

    Here is the link: (reviewing the web page link will give the finer details, BEWARE NEONUTS, this is something you've been able to twist and turn for money and material. Just be advised we know your methods!)

    Bullet points to the New Evangelization: (Copyright (c)Dave Nodar -

    In Redemptoris Missio John Paul II sketches out some of the characteristics of the New Evangelization. Although this presentation is by no means comprehensive, Mr. Nadar is attempting to point out some of these characteristics that distinguish the new evangelization.

    1. The New Evangelization is Christocentric.(Christ-Centric).
    "Evangelization will always contain
    as the foundation, centre and, at the same time,
    the summit of its dynamism
    -- a clear proclamation that,
    in Jesus Christ salvation is offered to all men,
    as a gift of God's grace and mercy."
    "The new evangelization," according to John Paul II,
    "is not a matter of merely passing on doctrine
    but rather of a personal and
    profound meeting with the Savior."

    2. The New Evangelization is the responsibility of the entire People of God.

    3. The New Evangelization is not just for the foreign missions

    4. The New Evangelization is directed to individuals and to whole cultures.

    5. The New Evangelization is not limited to the presentation of the basic Gospel message (kerygma) but is a comprehensive process of Christianization.

    6. The New Evangelization calls for a missionary spirituality

    AND if the NEONUTS want to know my resources, here they are that back up what is listed above:

    Dave Nodar is Director of CHRISTLIFE Catholic Evangelization Services, an apostolate of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Maryland USA


  6. Thank you, Be Not Afraid, and thank you especially for referencing St. Pope John Paul II's encyclical Redemptoris Missio. For those of you new to papal encyclicals, be not afraid. Here is a link to it.. Here too is a link to the document that serves as its foundation, Ad Gentes, the Vatican II decree on the Church's missionary activity.

    I suggest that we study these documents. Kiko and his associates believe that they have some sort of monopoly on them, but I don't believe the fathers of the Second Vatican Council envisioned a sectarian approach that squashes the authentic and legitimate diversity proper to the People of God.

  7. " Deus quem punire vult dementat"
    Should apply as well to Kikko, Antony and Pius

  8. It surely is characteristic of non christian, non trinitarian sects to have Prophets. Perhaps the NCW has lost sight of the fact that there can be no greater Prophet than the Son of God who has already come to provide and continues to provide salvation for all of us. There is surely no longer any need for a Prophet. The owner of the vineyard has sen his only begotten son.

  9. @11:02 PM, your reason is better than the "competing Magisterium" reason I gave. The prophets Ezra and Nehemiah had to rebuild Judaism and Jerusalem, but but if Christ's Church needs that kind of prophet, then what does that say about Christ or about the Holy Spirit He sent to us? There are tremendous Trinitarian implications to this kind of thinking.

    I've run into this kind of thing with Kiko before. In Kiko's Passover Problem, Part II, I show how he presents a strawman argument against the sacrificial aspect of Christ's death that is actually anti-Trinitarian.

  10. And their (NCW) modern day prophet according to the gospel of Ernie...IS NO ONE ELSE BUT KIKO!!!!!

    ErnieNovember 11, 2014 at 9:38 AM
    Kiko is considered a prophet, because he speaks for God. Pretty clear, read the homily above! Jesus was another prophet. Guess what, many people did not believe Him, just as the Jungle people and the critics do not believe Kiko. Do you see the parallel? A prophet is like Ezekiel or Isaiah. Moses is also called a prophet. Just as Moses led the people of God out of bondage from Egypt, Kiko is leading the modern faithful out of bondage from all sins of this age. I say the modern faithful because some are old fashioned and do not grasp new ideas. Kiko is a new spiritual leader. He is also old in a way, bringing back the devotion of the great prophets of the Old Testament! Why? Because this is the one thing that is missing from our age, a prophet who speaks for God! Now, we have this prophet by Kiko.

    Kiko is talking about God with authority. He is speaking for God. There are no prophets in the New Testament, some say, because they were replaced by the apostles. People assume we don't need more prophets like Ezekiel and Isaiah at all, because of the apostolic succession. But this assumption is not true. Prophets are speaking for the true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We still need that every day. Our God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Kiko talks about Abraham because Abraham is our ancestral father in faith. If your faith is not like Abraham's faith then you are an idolator.

    Kiko announces salvation through Jesus Christ for all those who have the faith like Abraham. This is the good news! Don't even think about it if your faith is lacking. Then it is not mature but childish. Kiko teaches us to have strong faith like Abraham. Kiko brings the dawn of a new Millennium, a new awakening that we all belong to Abraham if our faith is strong. This is our pride. The Bible says Jesus is also in the lineage of Abraham. So this is the right thing to do! This is why we need a new prophet after 2000 years of silence to fill in the gap. This prophet for us, for people of modern Catholic faith, is nobody else but Kiko.

    1. SMH. Ernie's ranting reveals that he is a prime example of Kiko's brainwashing. Kiko continues to elevate himself and soon he will proclaim he is the second coming of Christ. Jajajajajajajaj @ you Ernie and the other DUMB Neos. The only way through the Father is through Jesus Christ, NOT through a self-glorified spokesman, self-proclaimed prophet, or whatever he may claim to be. Kiko needs to go back to the slums (and the scum) where he started his movement.

  11. Si Yu'os Ma'ase, Anon 3:58 pm! Those are precious words shared by our friend "Ernie".

    If I were that Neo blogger, I'd take down Ernie's comment as soon as possible since it confirms a lot of what we've been trying to say about the Neocatechumenal Way. I especially loved his ending: "This is why we need a new prophet after 2000 years of silence to fill in the gap. This prophet for us, for people of modern Catholic faith, is nobody else but Kiko."

    But even if our Neo blogger takes the comment down, I've got it safely saved here.

    1. By Gosh, this Ernie is a strange fellow. He claims to be a Catholic while he is turning our faith upside down. I don't think he is a real "theologian". He just mimics what he learned in the NeoCat! This mess is not coming from a guy like Ernie. He is an insignificant little fellow who has no bearing with his rants, at all. But the mess he is blowing forward is real! This mess is coming from the Grand Design of a mastermind whom they call a "prophet": Kiko Arguello... Lord, have mercy on us!

  12. You are welcome! I just love how Ernie tries to make a parallel between Christ as a prophet to KIko their prophet! This is where I see the heresay.

    Sounds like prophets such as Joseph Smith, Buddha, and other Mystics or Vissionaries are what they compare Kiko to. As Ernie states, Christ the prophet was rejected just as the jungle rejects Kiko. As the Romans said during the crucifixion, Hail, Jesus King of the Jews, the Neocats say Hail Kiko, King of the Neocats.

    This is getting to be to much.

  13. Wow. What this Ernie is saying is scary! Did he seriously just compare kiko to Jesus. In his first sentences- Kiko is a prophet....Jesus is another prophet, said so nonchalantly, like the two are similar. Oh my!

    1. To sum things up, Kiko is the Prophet of the NCW and the members are his disciples!

    2. Lord have mercy! If the majority of the Neos believe the garbage Ernie posted, they really are lost!

    3. we might as well drop all titles! instead of addressing the clerics Father____, we will need to say Prophet_______. Instead of saying Mr/Mrs_______, we will say Prophet______! According to Diana we are all prophets!

      To Prophets Apuron, Quitugua, and Cristobal, what mystic or visionary sign do you all receive?