Sunday, November 9, 2014


  1. If Apuron is removed or decides to resign, who do you think will be the interim administrator? Fr. Adrian - the Chancellor. Do we really want that? Worse things come to mind with him at the helm.

    1. Fr. Adrian's errors are just as documented as AAA's. So we'll probably get an outside administrator. I think Rome is waiting until Apuron is gone in order to clean up the whole mess in this region which is why they haven't assigned a bishop to Saipan after 4 years...and also why they immediately accepted Camacho's resignation (though they'll say it was illness related.) But even if we get Adrian, we have a back up plan. His name is John Toves.
    2. You'll be gone by then Tim.
    3. There's Adrian again playing in the jungle that he tells everyone else to stay away from. What's the matter? The name John Toves scare you? It should. I wouldn't let him post the pictures. I still have integrity even if you don't.

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