Thursday, November 13, 2014


As you have seen, I have pretty much just reposted Bert & Ernie's, er I mean, Diana & Ernie's drivel about Kiko the Prophet without comment since, for intelligent people, none was needed. 

No half way thinking person could confuse the baptismal call to prophesy with actually assuming the title of Prophet and elevating oneself to the level of a Moses or Ezekiel. 

Diana's* idiocy that in speaking of the baptismal call to prophesy without assuming the actual title of "Prophet" is somehow a descent into symbolism, is, well, just idiocy...which is why I simply reposted "her" comment without even so much as an LOL or an SMH. 

In other words, I assume the intelligence of this readership. 

However, when we get over the LOL's and SMH's, what "Diana" usually gives us is a catechetical moment: an opportunity to contrast the sanity of authentic Catholic teaching with the screwy exegesis and catechetical contortions of the heavily medicated "Diana's" and "Ernie's". 

I was hoping to get to the "sanity of authentic Catholic teaching" today in a more complete way than the few comments I've been able to insert into the slimy mess that passes for Kiko's theology a la "Diana & Ernie", when I received a comment where someone did it for me. So here it is. And thanks Rol M.

* For those who are new to the blog, "Diana" is the anonymous default neocatechumenal spokesperson for the neocatechumenal Archbishop Apuron (since he won't speak for himself). 

  1. We recognize our father in Faith Abraham, and all the prophets that God has sent throughout time, along with the different covenants that God has established with his people, however these prophets and covenants are a only a typology or foreshadow of something greater to come in the NT. We surely do not believe that the shadow is ever greater than the fulfillment.

    The coming of Christ in essence superseded all the types of sacrifices mandated in the OT and established a greater universal covenant with man in Christ’s Paschal Mystery.(Mat 26:28 & CCC1322-1421)                                                                                                                                      
    Circumcision for example has been superceded by the Sacrament of Baptism, the sacrifice of animals by that of Christ Himself, the old priesthood, by that of Christ, and his sacrament of Holy Orders that he established at the Last Supper.

    Divine revelation found in Sacred Scripture and Tradition has revealed to us what God has laid out as the plan of Salvation, namely, He established a “Church” and entrusted to her all the means of supernatural grace through the Sacraments. The Church in her Magisterial, Sacramental and Pastoral offices (CCC 888-892) is responsible for teaching all that Christ taught, Administer the Sacraments and guard the deposits of truth until he comes again.(Mat 28: 19,20) This Church, the body of Christ is the fullness of one who fills all things in every way (Eph1:22,23) The Bride of Christ according to Scripture is built upon the foundations of the apostles and prophets with Christ as its head. (Eph 2:19-22), It has the characteristic of being the “Pillar and Foundation of Truth” (1Tim 3:15) and by these attributes possesses the responsibility for the care of souls (Mat 18: 15-18).        
    The power to forgive sins (Jn 20:23), and the power to speak with Christ’s voice (Lk 10:16).

    I do not believe that God has changed this plan and entrusted our salvation to one sole prophet. No one person, Bishop, Priest, Deacon by himself is the Church.

    I believe the question we should be asking is, Is Kiko’s teaching in line with what the Church is teaching? Is he obedient to the Church in the administration of the sacraments?                                
    After all, the Church is mandated to protect the sacredness of the sacraments entrusted to her by instituting certain rituals and practices relevant to the ministers, form, matter and recipients of God’s precious gifts. I do not believe that any one person, priest, bishop has that capacity to deviate from the Church’s mandate.

    Brothers & Sisters In closing, our Lord tells us in scripture to test all spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world (1:Jn 4:1), or another passage to test everything that is said, and to hold on to what is good. (1 Thes 5:21).

    The issues with our faith we have on hand are not just mundane issues to think about and
    debate for the sake of winning. It is a matter of finding out what is the truth, our eternal salvation hinges on knowing what this truth is.

    God Bless,
    Rol M.


  1. Thank you Mr. Rol M.-- on my lunch break and that was a very nice read and you've made my day better. Sharon O'Mallan

  2. Si Yu'os ma'ase, Rol.

    You asked, "I believe the question we should be asking is, Is Kiko’s teaching in line with what the Church is teaching?"

    Good question.

    I've gone over the Initial Phase of Catechesis of "the Way", and packaged my critiques so far into an index you can find by clicking here. In just the first stage of "the Way" alone, I think that he deviates from the teaching of the Church in the following areas: the role of natural religiosity, the accurate presentation of the history of the Church, eschatology (esp. Purgatory and the Final Judgment), and the sacrificial aspect of Christ' death and of the Eucharist. You'll also find an example of his deformed scriptural exegesis in that index.

    1. That's all your opinion. Have you questioned Kiko? What did he have to say about your conclusions?

    2. LOL at 1:40PM. Why should we question Kiko? He's a termite.

    3. @ 1:40PM. Shouldn't you be asking that of your group? The "opinions" herein should help you discern it for yourself. And since it is your belief that is jeopardy here, you owe it to yourself to ask. Just my opinion.

    4. Chuck White your write ups are always so informational and I sometimes find myself printing and studying later.

      Thank you for your hard work.

    5. To ANON 1:40 PM:

      I think the question we should ask is whether or not "Ernie" ever questioned Kiko about whether or not he has his Theology is in the proper perspective? "Ernie" is just another wanna be preacher and profit maker for Kiko Arguillo, Pius, and AAA. Get real and get a life.

      I am here in this blog to deepen my understanding of my faith with the comments of what is meant by the 4 pillars of our Church. If you can't even start from there "Ernie", then you are totally out of it and taking up unnecessary space in this blog.

      Do you know that Catholic Students are reading this blog more often now because of AAA's visit to their schools? More so, the instructors of these Catholic Schools are more in tune and tend to shy away from commenting but are closely monitoring and evaluating this blog? The Theology Instructors that I know are VERY astute and at the least, have a Masters in Theology. They are also my point of reference when we get into a discussion about some of the NEONUT HERESY that is posted in Diane's blog and carried over to this blog.

      I know it really is amusing as to how the NCW continues to try and counter and justify their existence. The only real reason you exist here on Guam is because AAA has bought into your heretic practice and beliefs and strongly believe the KIKO has something on AAA that is forcing him to do his will (or has made him a promise to be a cardinal one day).

      Fair is fair. When the time came for AAA to give the order that no ordination masses for the high schools will be celebrated at the Basilica, he turned and made a mockery of the this past Saturday's ordination when he allowed the NEO-CROWD to cheer, whistle, clap, and literally dance in their pews while Pius was kissing the newly ordained. Talk about double standards, AAA is toying with our Spirituality.

      "Ernie", get a life, a REAL life. Your Theology is off its mark by a LONG SHOT!...Please consider going back to covering the basics of the CCC and the true Catholic interpretation of the Bible by our Magisterium. Good luck with it. It may be a struggle once you've been KIKO CULTurally centered. Yes, this is a new word for you NEONUTS, thought it up especially for you "Ernie". We should be CHRIST CENTERED. At least this is what is being taught in the NON-NEO CCD and Confirmation Classes. I can vouch for this in our Parish.

      "Ernie", I honestly do not detest you as a person, I do detest and object to your heresy. Didn't you read the past few days of scripture? Where have you been sir? (If you are a sir). Hard to tell when it comes from Diana's blog...Good luck with your distorted theology. Catholic Faithfuls are not buying into it.

      And yes, you will know who I am when we meet up. You will hear basically what I write in this blog and you will most likely run to your "Papa" Kiko and AAA, on top of the other 2 billy goats at the hill. One of them is presently the Pastor for the Basilica, which in essence, was a hostile takeover.

      btw,..NEED GPA POWER? Hope the monetary "donation" demands from the tourist guides visiting the Basilica to make a donation for lighting a candle will help pay for the power bill is going well. How rude to ask for a donation to guests of our island. It should be voluntary, not demanded. Oh, are we keeping track of this or is it going straight into the garbage bags that is for the KIKONUTS elite?

      So consistent with the NEONUTS thinking of any way they can scrape up money from anyone they feel they can milk it from. What a disgrace and a black eye to our island hospitality custom, more so, to our Faithful. WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF YOU NEONUTS!

    6. Like Chuck White said "Dang!" The Kiko birds forgot that 3 basic points taught to them during their catechist. Refresher course needed! LISTEN..OBEY and MOST IMPOTANTLY...D O. N O T. Q U E S T I O N!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!&@&&&@&#*######.

      No one has the authority to QUESTION the Prophet and profit making or otherwise?

      Please remember no QUESTIONING...KOMPRENDITOKIKO!

  3. To anon at 1.40: Why should I, or anybody else with half a brain, cared for what Kiko has to say about our conclusions?
    Kiko is a fraud and an heretic, all that follow him will have to answer to God ultimately, on why they followed a false prophet.
    Jesus warned us without question about this. You should think about it carefully and pray that the Holy Spirit shows you the RIGHT Way, which is the one of our Holy and Apostolic Church, not the coocoo version that Kiko is serving you.

  4. When you don't get Kiko's answers, then your opinions becomes a one-sided propaganda just like your book Target. Didn't you say that investigative reporting involves both sides?

    1. This deserves both an LOL and an SMH, 7:02. "Kiko's answers", ummm, where would we find those? In his catechetical directory? Oh, that's right, that's not available to mere mortals like us. Oh, you mean we have to sit through 30 years of catechesis to find out. Thank God Jesus required no such thing. Investigative reporting? We've had to work like hell to find out what the hell you people believe and teach because you hide it. Hidden teaching is gnosticism. You are not Catholic. Catholic means "on the whole", "for all". You idiots consider yourself to be the new "chosen people". Have at it.

  5. Sr. Argüello, ¿puede darme una copia de los 13 tomos del Directorio catequético? ¡Gracias!

  6. Replies
    1. Por que? You are not the priest (Catechist); the Prophet ( Responsibles, Itenerants). King ( first is her majesty Carmen, the master mind, then Kiko who holds all three titles). Sorry Chuck White, you have not been Annointed a KIKO-NEO-NUT!

      BTW, doesn't Father Luis have a Parish to attend to? Why is he walking two by two in Agana with Joe Terlaje this evening? Where is Father Michael Jucutan, Quitugua or the AAA?

  7. Shouldn't the teachings of the NCW, as far as they can be discovered, stand on their own? If I were to contest existentialism, would I have to contact Jean Paul Sartre from beyond the grave in order for my conclusions to be valid? As for the substantive issue here, the NCW is just once again showing itself to be another instantiation of Protestantism. They engage in exegesis that is at odds with the Magisterium. They employ a "choose your own adventure" method of reading scripture. They constantly excerpt small scraps of scripture and apply it like it has some totemic value. Ultimately, Kiko and the NCW are the progeny of extraordinary arrogance. Could they have their small, intense catechetical experience without all of the theological deviations? Yes, of course. The one has nothing to do with the other. The reason, then, for Kiko's theological deviations is a combination of arrogance, ignorance and a desire to forge rather than follow. Kiko wants to be treated like a savior and a prophet. He includes himself in the salvific history of the Church. Read the apostolic fathers, the ancient liturgies, the Didache and about St. Therese and her Little Way and Kiko is revealed as a complete fraud and cult of personality.

  8. I truly think Ernie an co. are playing an ugly game with us Catholics. They try to turn us away from our insistence to Jesus by manipulating our emotions. This guy just came up with two more pretty long blabbers at Diana's, but not a single word is there about Jesus being the ONLY Way, the Truth and the Live! Yeah! Read a sample here from Ernie as he let it out:

    "We have this great mandate from Jesus to go and announce the Good News of salvation to everyone. We came to the Way following our catechists who instructed us by the teaching of Kiko of the kerygma of love. He implanted in us the seed of growth. Then, after a period of gestation here we are! When we listen to Kiko this makes us feel like in the bosom of Abraham. It is a wonderful allegory of heaven in the Bible attained by poor Lazarus. He suffered in life but his soul was elevated to the bosom of father Abraham after he died. How joyful it is! Do you want this to happen to you as well?

    It is of love that we tell them to remember Lazarus and come to the Way. What is heaven for you? Is this not that you are trying to attain? Now, you see it is nothing else, but love. The same love you find on the bosom of Abraham. The same kerygma that is freely shared with you in the Way if you just walk with us. It is not the point if Kiko is a prophet or not. The point is that he is the founder and initiator of the Way that leads many to salvation which is the bosom of Abraham."

    The funny thing is that the "bosom of Abraham" became like the heaven for Ernie and the NeoCats,lol! Like a self-proclaimed goal for all Christians where we strive for, even though for true Catholics Abraham is only a person of history and no more. Come on Ernie, the heaven is the place of infinite light and joy, the presence of the Three-in-One God Himself. It is not some kind of hairy "bosom" of a dead person from the old times that might be attractive only for his own.

    1. Abraham is more than a person of history. He is our "father" in faith. However, the "bosom of Abraham" is not heaven. I'll explain later.

  9. The second one from Ernie's newest crop is more frightening. When I wrote to Diana about the Shoah, she censured it out furiously. But Ernie is free to put forward his usual silly talk at any time. I seriously think, Diana would be much better the censure Ernie out once and for all! For the sake of her beloved NeCat! Because Ernie is doing more harm to them by being such a blabber mouth, than 100 voice recorders could do at Pius' speeches. Lol! Here it goes:

    "I am not saying that Christians in WWII did not try to spare the Jews from extermination. Some tried. But with what result? Millions and millions have perished? Don't you feel guilty as a Catholic? Where was the Catholic culture when the people of God needed protection? You see, this is in the deep. When you do not acknowledge Abraham as you spiritual father, then you build a wall of separation from the people of God. Then you allow whatever happens behind the wall and you wash your hands. Is this not true? Well, it is true, very much! This is exactly what happened to the Christian culture during the Holocaust. The poor, the oppressed, the downtrodden cried out and we, Catholic believers of Europe and the wide world did not hear them, did not help them, we let them die. We, as a spiritual unity of the Christianity let this happen... Those were our elder brothers in faith for the sake of God! Can you start to grasp yet how deep this is going in your heart and soul?!"

    Can you believe this?? Is this guy a Catholic or a Christian?! I seriously doubt! Blaming the Shoah on the Catholic culture is way out of line. Perhaps Ernie is not aware that Catholics were among the victims of Nazi terror in large numbers. You cannot blame Catholics and the Pope when Catholics and the Pope also suffered and were victimized. But perhaps it is too much to understand for an Ernie and his ilks. I am greatly surprised that Diana is so short sighted to publish this. If this is the true face of the NeoCat they should rather keep it secret, so that we don't know. Wow. Not to mention the rest of it...

  10. Anon @10:20pm, Amen! Wonderfully said.

  11. Ernie is either a priest or a catechist or both. That's why "Diana" doesn't oppose anything he says. Perhaps he hails from one of the former Axis powers, hence his guilt feelings.

  12. It sounds more and more like Pius the Sam nut.
    This totally revisionist malarkey comes directly from the arguments put forth by the Jewish lobby within our own Church after WW II . It's premises are totally false and misleading. I shall develop the subject more later.
    To conclude: this type of expose comes from the onslaught Rome experienced in the 50s and 60s which was led by the International Communists, the Masonic Lodges, and the extremist Zionists and Talmudists .
    Never forget that this is where Kiko hails from.

  13. NCW is a form of communism operating in the church this is long believed by many . Frenchie, thank you for sharing informed research with readers. I find most of the priest cult members have a communist mentality hence the desire to take land and money from our people. At one time I thought the cult was proclaiming a liberation theology of the 70s. But this is not the case since the NCW does not seem to fit profile of liberation theology. Believe Pius proclaims a dangerous communist philosophy which is not catholic teaching or spirituality. , May be I not express myself as well as you but I think very much like you. Even if you study life of Kiko and the coarse woman Carmen it looks like communism being covered up in the form of Catholicism. Apuron looks more like a communist to me than a supporter of the free world.

  14. When discussing the Holocaust, Ernie asked, "Don't you feel guilty as a Catholic?"

    Tell me, Ernie, just why Chamorro and Filipino Catholics should feel guilty about the Holocaust? We had nothing to do with it! We suffered our own oppression. We do not want anything like that to happen again, to anybody, but we are not guilty of that sin! You NeoCats look at everything through your European glasses. To hell with it.

  15. Hello Anon at 3.56.
    Thank you for your support and attention. I will try to do a write up on this, but it needs a lot of time, which is a precious commodity at this time of the year for me. I promise to visit the issue with more info as soon as possible.
    God bless you and your family