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  • Jungle people try to make fun of what I wrote. Too bad for them! They should at least read the Catechism of the Catholic Church! Read the CCC please:

    1. Abraham is the spiritual father of all faithful. He is the father in spiritual sense only because he cannot be biological father. His real descendants are the Jews, including Jesus. But we are the spiritual.

    146 Abraham thus fulfills the definition of faith in Hebrews 11:1: "Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen":7 "Abraham believed God, and it was reckoned to him as righteousness."8 Because he was "strong in his faith", Abraham became the "father of all who believe".9

    2. Jesus is part of the people of covenant, the descendants of father Abraham. He is incorporated by circumcision. How beautiful!

    527 Jesus' circumcision, on the eighth day after his birth,209 is the sign of his incorporation into Abraham's descendants, into the people of the covenant. It is the sign of his submission o the Law210 and his deputation to Israel's worship, in which he will participate throughout his life. This sign prefigures that "circumcision of Christ" which is Baptism.211

    3. Abraham's faith was purified. Purified by mental anguish and suffering, like burning as gold. All who do not have Abraham's faith are not purified, are not adult but childish. I tell you brother if you are not like Abraham, then you have to convert. Otherwise you remain an idolator just like your ancestors were.

    2572 As a final stage in the purification of his faith, Abraham, "who had received the promises,"13 is asked to sacrifice the son God had given him. Abraham's faith does not weaken ("God himself will provide the lamb for a burnt offering."), for he "considered that God was able to raise men even from the dead."14 And so the father of believers is conformed to the likeness of the Father who will not spare his own Son but will deliver him up for us all.15 Prayer restores man to God's likeness and enables him to share in the power of God's love that saves the multitude.16

    It is easier to mock the teaching of the Church than listening. But don't you think you lose your salvation when you mock the authority of the Teaching Office? The Catechism of Kiko follows the footsteps of Jesus! Jesus was a great teacher according to the Bible, with great authority, so why don't you listen to Him? Because He was a son of Abraham? Why don't you listen to Kiko? Because he is a prophet of our time? Pray that your rejection of the truth would not turn your soul bitter and sour. Come to your senses, listen to the truth of the Church and of Kiko.
  • Dear Ernie,

    The jungle takes everything out of context. Have you noticed that they have nothing to say about the priest's homily in Michigan? Tim Rohr even stated: " By our Baptism, we are all called to be priests, prophets, and kings. However, we do not go around titling ourselves or each other as such."

    Apparently, he does not even know what the Apostle Paul had to say about that in the Holy Bible:

    1 Corinthians 12:28-29 And God has placed in the church first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then miracles, then gifts of healing, of helping, of guidance, and of different kinds of tongues. Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Do all work miracles?.

    Through our baptism, we are all called to be priests, prophets, and kings, but obviously Tim Rohr does not know what that means. 

    1. So let us keep copying and pasting because people in the jungle do not know things. We take 'em out of context. So here is Anon's remark and Princess Di's answer.

      Who wants to answer the meelleeons $$$$ question...Are we symbolically priests, prophets, and kings? Are we just mere symbols of priests prophets and kings? You need to remember Diana knows best, just like the TV series, Father Knows Best! LOL!

      1. Sorry I thought I pasted from Di's post

        AnonymousNovember 12, 2014 at 4:50 PM
        So you agree with Ernie, do you Diana? Things like this:

        "Prophets are speaking for the true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We still need that every day. Our God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Kiko talks about Abraham because Abraham is our ancestral father in faith. If your faith is not like Abraham's faith then you are an idolator."?

        Where is Jesus Christ in this picture? What changed with the Incarnation? Why bother with Jesus at all if everything is so clearly Jewish and Old testamenty?

        And what about this?

        "Then it is not mature but childish" or "All who do not have Abraham's faith are not purified, are not adult but childish"

        Are we to thank God that we have Ernie to tell us we are being childish?
        Jesus Christ, (my God), says this " Then he said, 'In truth I tell you, unless you change and become like little children you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven.
        4. And so, the one who makes himself as little as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven."

        You can keep your perverted, distorted, Jewish "adult faith", connived by your so-called prophet, and I shall strive to keep the simple child-like faith of Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mother of God.

        DianaNovember 12, 2014 at 5:02 PM
        Dear Anonymous at 4:50 pm,

        You ask where is Jesus Christ in this picture. Jesus Christ is in every baptized Catholic. His work is carried on in each of us. In the Old Testament, God has always used people to carry out His plan of salvation. In the New Testament, God used people to carry out His plan of salvation. What makes you think that He no longer uses people TODAY to carry out His plan of salvation? Do you think that the work of Christ ended with the deaths of the Apostles??

        When the Church declares through its Catechism that in our baptism, we are priests, prophets, and kings through Christ, do you interpret that to mean that we are SYMBOLICALLY priests, prophets, and kings??? That we are not REALLY priests, prophets, and kings.....but merely symbols?

      2. There are two Kiko precepts on display here: 1) the Jewification of Christianity, 2) the obfuscation between the ministerial priesthood and the common priesthood or the "priesthood of all believers." These things are purposely confused because 1) Kiko must get rid of the Sacrifice of Christ and replace it with Jesus as a murdered scapegoat, and 2) he rejects the ministerial priesthood and believes in a return the idea of early church presbyters. Both of these things come together in his rejection of the Mass as Sacrifice, since a Priest is "one who offers sacrifice". There are so many heresies like this in the history of the church this would be another yawn except for the fact that we have a bishop who is subjecting this diocese to it.

      3. Kiko rejects the ministerial priesthood? So why set up a seminary all over the world?

      4. Because he needs the legitimacy if the church for now and because vocations are the currency of clerical careerists. Like all parasites he knows how and where to suck on the host.

      5. Correct Tim. Kiko needs the structure of the church that only a bishop can offer so his cult can grow. No bishop in the western world would surrender episcopal power to Kiko allowing him to do as he is doing. Bishop Apuron may think he is doing the church a great blessing by empowering Kiko. This is not the thinking of the world's bishop's. Many are watching how all this will end.

    2. If the citation of prophets being cited is in relation to our Baptism, then this is a moot point since this applies to all of us who are obliged by our baptism to spread the gospel of Christ. It appears though that Kiko is being likened to Moses,Ezekiel, or even Abraham who have been personally chosen by God to speak on his behalf. As someone in the blog cited, these prophets all point to Christ, the fulfillment of all truth. There can never be anyone greater to come than the Son of God Himself. He is the absolute, the ultimate. The Son invalidated the need for a prophet, Especially since he left us an authority "The Church" which is the pillar and foundation of truth.

      1. Well said. So for all who subscribe to the teachings of your prophet Kiko, you may no longer count yourselves among Catholics. No statute can shield you from this heresy. Nobody is telling you to stop believing whatever you want. Just stop doing it under the guise of Catholicism, get out of our churches, and take Tony with you. Then you'll all be free to carry on as you wish and nobody will care.

    3. Not only did we not take Ernie's post out of context, we put it into context - the context of Kiko's teaching.

      For example, let's take his statement, “We need a new prophet after 2000 years of silence to fill the gap.”. This reminds us of Kiko's timeline of Church history, with it's blank space between Constantine and the Second Vatican Council. You know, the time when the Holy Spirit was asleep.

      Or how about this doozy: "The prophet for us, for people of modern Catholic faith, is nobody else but Kiko." Nobody else but Kiko. Nobody else but Kiko. How on earth could that be interpreted any other way in a different context?

    4. Is Ernie implying that the Holy Spirit went on vacation for 2000 years, and we need Kiko to bring us back to the truth? Protestants often have this opinion of the susposed "Dark Ages" in church history I dare say that God is always in control, and has been present in all these years.

    5. Where did he say that? I don't see it.

      1. Anonymous November 12, 2014 at 7:11 PM“We need a new prophet after 2000 years of silence to fill the gap.”.

      2. Anon, Nov 12, 7:11 PM. Read the part where Ernie says "Jesus is part of the covenant.." Jesus is "not part of the covenant"!!! Jesus "is the new Covenant!!!!
        Since the Son of God came to this earth, we do not need any prophets!! We need real priest and bishops to teach and follow His word. Not fake ones who cannot speak Jesus' word and who abuse His Consecrated "Sacrificed" Body.

    6. Anon @ 7:11 pm, Click here to see a copy of Ernie's post with the statements that I referenced. They are at the end.

    7. I don't know, but Di has a new post.....maybe someone can interpret that....too long to copy and paste. I do believe she is delusional!

      All this about prophets, priest and kings? Old Testament saying....New Testament.....God is Our Father, Mary is our Mother, Christ is the Prophet....the Holy confusing.

    8. It is very telling to follow this discussion regarding the NCW and their revisionist propaganda about the Jewish faith and its relations with Catholicism. This hits home appropriately since
      I am just finishing a book just reedited recently, authored by a famous French journalist and columnist, the Count Leon de Montaigne de Poncins (1897-1976).
      A very devout Catholic, Count de Ponsins was in particular the author of a pamphlet distributed to all the attendees of the 4th and last session of Vatican II titled " the Council versus the Jewish Problem".
      This book was widely considered as the main reason for reducing the influences of the Vatican Jewish Lobby after the War, and of the Cardinals rallied to its cause and to the calls of the Modernity movement.
      Count de Ponsins wrote in many newspapers and in several languages, he is also the author of 30 books where he denounces the revolutionary movements, Zionism and Free Masonry.
      He was a staunch critic of Communism, the Society of Nations (the ancestor of the UN), and the undue influence of lobbyists within the Vatican , specially in the higher ranks of the Curia.
      (As you see Kikko did not invent anything new, just repackaged some of his predecessors heretical views.)
      The Book called " Jews and the Vatican II Council" is a very well written and documented research. I am checking to see if there are any English language editions available.
      He particularly denounced the weakening of the Dogma,overtaking of the human over the Divine.
      His main conclusion being that a closing of the gap between the Jewish and Catholic religions, would be against its own nature, because doing so would completely dilute and contradict the messages of Jesus and the New Testament. It would amount to capitulation of our faith and a huge betrayal.
      What more can be said?
      Certainly the rehashing "ad nauseum" by the likes of Ernie and Diana " the lil woman with big hands" of the "Gospel of Kikko" as inculcated by Pius the Samnut under the protection of Brother Anthony and his minions only proves that the enemies of our Faith are hard at work.

      Personally, I believe this kind of controversy is most likely intentional to divert our attention from the fleecing of our parishes and our Archdiocese by the locusts of the NCW.
      Stay alert, stay sharp, don't let them take you off the target.

      1. Totally agree with you frenchie!...How basic do you have to get with these NEONUTS and KIKOBOTS? btw NEONUTS, WE DO STUDY THE CCC extensively. Almost each and every day and we see the heretical comments that come from the NCW that is not consistent with the CCC and the GIRM.

        Well, if this has not been properly introduced to those "selected few" that are in the NCW, here is a quick lesson being taught to Confirmation Candidates and CCD students today:

        Catholic 101 - The Old Testament (OT) reveals, The New Testament (NT) fulfills.

        SO, SO BASIC. This should not be beyond human understanding "Ernie". Now reading and trying to interpret the Bible? That is a different story. It is definitely beyond my understanding! I admit my fault freely but it does not keep me from continuing to educate myself and my family. It only motivates me more and more.

        By the way "Ernie", are you truly qualified to make these interpretations? If so, you may want to look up the word "heretic". It seems to fit your interpretation quite appropriately. The actions you take and comments you make are what we Catholic Faithfuls regard as heretical,

        Maybe this will help: (heresy defined)

        1. Opinion or doctrine at variance with the orthodox or accepted doctrine, especially of a church or religious system.

        2. The maintaining of such an opinion or doctrine.

        3. Roman Catholic Church. the willful and persistent rejection of any article of faith by a baptized member of the church.

        4.Any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs, customs, etc.


    9. NeoCancers are for Kiko.

      Catholics are for Jesus!

      The difference between Neos and True Catholics, plain and simple.

      Neos, away with all of you!

      1. A million AMEN, "Catholics are for "JESUS" and no other way.

    10. We recognize our father in Faith Abraham, and all the prophets that God has sent throughout time, along with the different covenants that God has established with his people, however these prophets and covenants are a only a typology or foreshadow of something greater to come in the NT. We surely do not believe that the shadow is ever greater than the fulfillment.

      The coming of Christ in essence superseded all the types of sacrifices mandated in the OT and established a greater universal covenant with man in Christ’s Paschal Mystery.(Mat 26:28 & CCC1322-1421)
      Circumcision for example has been superceded by the Sacrament of Baptism, the sacrifice of animals by that of Christ Himself, the old priesthood, by that of Christ, and his sacrament of Holy Orders that he established at the Last Supper.

      Divine revelation found in Sacred Scripture and Tradition has revealed to us what God has laid out as the plan of Salvation, namely, He established a “Church” and entrusted to her all the means of supernatural grace through the Sacraments. The Church in her Magisterial, Sacramental and Pastoral offices (CCC 888-892) is responsible for teaching all that Christ taught, Administer the Sacraments and guard the deposits of truth until he comes again.(Mat 28: 19,20) This Church, the body of Christ is the fullness of one who fills all things in every way (Eph1:22,23) The Bride of Christ according to Scripture is built upon the foundations of the apostles and prophets with Christ as its head. (Eph 2:19-22), It has the characteristic of being the “Pillar and Foundation of Truth” (1Tim 3:15) and by these attributes possesses the responsibility for the care of souls (Mat 18: 15-18),
      The power to forgive sins (Jn 20:23), and the power to speak with Christ’s voice (Lk 10:16).

      I do not believe that God has changed this plan and entrusted our salvation to one sole prophet. No one person, Bishop, Priest, Deacon by himself is the Church.

      I believe the question we should be asking is, Is Kiko’s teaching in line with what the Church is teaching? Is he obedient to the Church in the administration of the sacraments?
      After all, the Church is mandated to protect the sacredness of the sacraments entrusted to her by instituting certain rituals and practices relevant to the ministers, form, matter and recipients of God’s precious gifts. I do not believe that any one person, priest, bishop has that capacity to deviate from the Church’s mandate.

      Brothers & Sisters In closing, our Lord tells us in scripture to test all spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world (1:Jn 4:1), or another passage to test everything that is said, and to hold on to what is good. (1 Thes 5:1).

      The issues with our faith we have on hand are not just mundane issues to think about and
      debate for the sake of wining. It is a matter of finding out what is the truth, our eternal salvation hinges on knowing what this truth is.

      God Bless,
      Rol M.

    11. Bible reference above should read: 1Thes 5:21 vice 1Thes 5:1, Sorry..

    12. I do believe that Diana is fantasizing on the words PRIESTS, PROPHETS a and KINGS. There is only one person who fits all three and that is the CHRIST. Not one of us can assume all three titles.

      We as Catholics are called to be Priestly by our unconditional love and sacrifices to God. We are all called to be PROPHETIC through our words and our deeds. We are all called to be KINGLY by living simple and humble lives!

      Christ is the true Annointed PRIEST, PROPHETS and KING. We on the other hand through our annointing at BAPTISM are called to be PRIESTLY, PROPHETIC and KINGLY following in the footstep and the life of Christ.

      To even say that Kiko is a prophet and that those in the way are leading their lives as PRIESTS, PROPHETS and KINGS is nothing but heresay!

      Breakfast at Tiffany's

    13. Are Prophets needed in the Church Today

      One of the issues debated in recent days in the NCW Blog and Jungle blog stems from the claim that the NCW founder “Kiko” is proclaimed as a prophet. The question that arises with this claim then is; Are Prophets needed in the Church today and does scripture support this idea?

      The apostle to the Gentiles tells us in scripture that God has built his Church upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets with Christ Jesus himself as the capstone, and through Jesus the whole structure of this Church is held together and grows into a temple sacred in the Lord. It is in Jesus also that this body of Christ is being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit.” (Eph2:20-22)

      This passage from St. Paul assures us that God has indeed built the foundation for his instrument of salvation in the world, namely the Church, using mere human being chosen from among men by God to be his Prophets and Apostles for the purpose of preparing the inauguration of the household of God in the fullness of time. We believe that this foundation is already in place and is being held together by Christ and continues to be built up into a dwelling of God in the Spirit.

      This foundation is not lacking in anything since we have a capstone that is of divine origins, It is indefectible because Christ himself is the designer, builder, and mortar that holds it together. It is indestructible because we have Christ’s guarantee that nothing can destroy it for all time. (Matt 16:18), you can stake you life on it because it is the pillar and foundation of all truths.(1Tim 3:15)

      It is clear then from scripture that our Lord, in making all things new, gives us all things necessary for our salvation through the Church, By Christ’s plan the Episcopate as direct successors of the Apostles and who possess the fullness of the priesthood are the shepherds and teachers of the faith, & through apostolic succession, they have been given charge by Christ to tend and feed his lambs & sheep.(Jn21:15-18), If the Lord then has given us all that we need through the Church, what need is there for Prophets? All we need is to look to the source of Christ’s truth and Supernatural Graces present in his Church. Christ after all is the fulfillment of the old testament Priest, Prophets and Kings. (CCC436)

      The reference of 1Corinth 12:28,29 & Eph 4:10-12 that is used to justify one’s becoming a Priest, Prophet and King, has to be clearly understood from the perspective that it is Jesus who is anointed through the Holy Spirit (Christos) by the Father to be Priest, Prophet and King (CCC783), we as members of the body of Christ participate or are sharers in these offices in so much as we are united with Christ in his plan for our salvation. Even the office of Priest has to be understood as being the priesthood of all believers by our anointing into membership to the family of God through our Baptism, and the ministerial priesthood purposely instituted by Christ through the Sacrament of Holy Orders for the administration of Sacraments in the Church, these participation in Christ’s priesthood are distinct from the High Priesthood of Christ which he alone possesses. I would think that anyone who understands these offices as other than participating or sharing in that of Christ and confers it upon any person is acting presumptuously, and guilty of usurping this title which our Lord only possesses as the absolute and definitive Priest, Prophet and King.

      To make this point clear, 2Ptr1:3-4, St. Peter tells us that our lord by his divine power has bestowed upon us precious and great promises that through them we may share in his divine nature. We surely do not believe that this passage promises us divinity in any way. For even in Heaven we will continue to be the creatures that our Lord created us to be.

      God Bless
      Rol M.