Sunday, December 14, 2014


So I've been receiving all kinds of comments about who the guys were in black shirts and shades at the procession surrounding Apuron. Some say they are altar boys who are still loyal to Msgr. James. Others say they are thugs, and some even "neocat thugs." 

I'm not going to publish any of the more recent comments about this because the point of my posting the picture was not WHO these guys were but what they looked like.

There has always been security at the procession provided by the Cathedral staff, but they DID NOT wear black shirts, the pretend bodyguard paraphanalia, and act like they're working for Obama. These guys wanted to look like thugs and they did.

No surprise. Archbishop ("arduous and painful") Apuron is the biggest thug of all. 

What was on display on December 8 was the vivid manifestation of the final dissolution of this diocese. The line in the sand that Archbishop Apuron drew in January of 2006 on KOLG when he openly rejected the authority of the pope and embraced Kiko has become a line of black shirts surrounding a man who has reason to be fearful, not from any person or threat of attack, but from THE TRUTH. 

Apuron knows this and he would run if he could, but he can't. The Kiko's will keep him here as long as they can to keep ordaining their fake presbyters. We can't stop that. But we CAN stop them from doing it our expense. 

But then that is up to you.

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