Thursday, December 11, 2014


The CCOG is a bit more diplomatic than JungleWatch. While they are working out their agendas and strategic plans, I am recommending that the one thing everyone who wants to help can do and can do RIGHT NOW is RECORD EVERYTHING.

The reason CCOG came into existence and the reason we have been able to accomplish anything at all, including getting Rome to pay attention (and they are paying attention) is because we have been able to DOCUMENT THE LIES and the horrible teachings such as the incredible "Jesus became a sinner" lecture to the diaconate candidates.

So record, record, record.


  1. One presbyter says he knows who concerned Catholics are and people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Uplifting Homily!!

    1. Yes, and they know who they are too, and they are not afraid like the coward presbyter.

    2. Sounds like less of a homily and more like someone abusing his authority at the pulpit.

  2. Could this be Edivaldo, doing what he does best, plagiarizing.......??
    If it was not so pathetic, it could be funny......
    The NCW "intellectuals" with their penchant for secret, back stabbing, blackmail, Physical intimidation, and complex plots always see in others eyes the proverbial straw, while failing to see the huge beam in their own.
    Again and again and again.....Deny, deny, deny......deflect, deflect and deflect........then attack, attack and attack.....
    The problem with amateur Chess players is that they usually play only one or two moves ahead, while failing to see the consequences of their actions .......
    Hence: lies, lies lies, lies......
    Concerned Catholics have chosen a wise and well thought of approach.
    They are not hiding, they are using their own names, they are home, and they know what they are talking about, which regarding these four issues is not the case of the leadership and the "presbyters" of the Neos.

  3. Another recording has been secretly smuggled out of the castle...and you can listen to it in a post entitled, Pius Lies Again.

  4. Thank you Chuck for this recording.
    It reminds me in many ways of the interview of Deacon Claros.
    It is all over the board, no structure, each statement is contradicting the previous one.
    Pretty pathetic.
    And of course Pius in the back correcting the correction of the revised statement......
    What a mickey mouse operation. But again at the center of the argument: the Bishops opposed the Pope, and persecute the brothers.......
    Typical, based on lies, half truths and innuendos.

    I was having a conversation with a couple of priests in a neighborly Asian capital last evening.
    One Spaniard and a Frenchman from two different orders, both missionaries (real ones), when we decided to talk about Guam.....they had no idea, but promised to check the Jungle and exchange further discussions with their orders.
    The center of the topic quickly became NCW: big sighs!!! raised shoulders!!! and common narrative: "where ever they show up, problem starts" "destructive and dangerous"

    Continue to educate us Chuck, we need to shine that light on the liars.