Thursday, December 11, 2014


Where is your defamation suit, Archbishop? Where is it? You see that counter? The whole island is counting the days since you said you would sue. In case you need a reminder, here is what you said on November 28:

"...defending the church compels me to a suit for defamation."

So bring it on.

Just make sure you sue to defend yourself and NOT the church. The church isn't being accused of sexually molesting anyone. YOU ARE.


  1. Don't be so eager, there, TIM. Mr. Tim Rohr.

    1. There are hundreds if not thousands of us who are sick of bullies and cowards.

  2. Tim, maybe your readers would be willing to submit proposed deposition questions for the menagerie of characters who will be involved in the suit (whether they like it or not).

  3. A list was draft list was already submitted by an attorney already interested in the case. It was posted on this blog here

    However, here is the list, just for starters though:

    ask about the history of cover-ups within the Church,
    ask about Fr. Louis,
    ask about any and all sexual allegations file against the Church including all parishes and schools,
    review and have copied all documents under the possession for the Church, review all financial records, both of the Church and AAA's personally,
    review all financial transactions of the RMS,
    review the psychological profile of AAA. VG, Chancellor,
    depose all employees at the Chancery and the RMS who may have knowledge,
    depose Fr. John Wadeson,
    depose Fr. Louis,
    depose Fr. Pius,
    depose Giuseppe and Claudia Genarinni,
    depose past employees of the Chancery,
    depose all sex abuse victims

  4. Yes, where is defamation suit? Fourteen days late !

  5. Oh, well, thought I might be on the list guilty of defamation. Since nothing is happening I may as well go to San Diego as planned. Adios, Blessed Christmas.