Sunday, December 7, 2014


Do you remember back when we got hit with by Supertyphoon Pongsona? It was a big one. Prior to Pongsona, everyone use to compare typhoons to "Pamela", but not after Pongsona. 

Do you remember the date? December 8. Do you remember the blowback against the government about it? The typhoon was seen as divine retribution for canceling the traditional holiday for that day. Some said Our Lady of Kamalin was sending Guam a message. 

Did you know that December 8 is Fr. Paul Gofigan's birthday? Some say that the blowback against the church government is divine retribution for Archbishop Apuron's evil treatment of a priest born on that day.

Divine retribution or not. Treating Fr. Paul in such an evil way has brought retribution nonetheless. It breached a seal, a seal on the minds, hearts, and mouths of many. The seal is gone. The minds, hearts, and mouths are open. And they are pouring forth a supertyphoon of angry truth.

Archbishop Apuron knows this. He knows he had best go. That he had best run for shelter. The wind is getting louder outside his door. He also knows that he cannot fight it with threats and silence. But he won't go. He will stay. 


Because his neo superiors have ordered him to. They need him to ordain their boys out of RMS. Even now Kiko is working to reduce the number of years needed for his RMS boys to become priests to only 4 years. They need Apuron to stay standing. They will prop him up. 

But as John Toves said: "Archbishop, you don't have enough shutters."

December 8. Fr. Paul's birthday. The Feast of the Immaculate Conception. The day we honor Our Lady of Kamalin. The day of Supertyphoon Pongona.

Wrong priest. Wrong day. 

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