Friday, January 9, 2015


My response to today's story in the Pacific Daily News: 

Archdiocese: Apuron in full control of Accion property

If Apuron is "in full control of Accion property" then why would the archdiocesan legal counsel, Atty. Ed Terlaje opine as follows:
As you well know, “alienation” and “assignment” are words of distinction without a difference. Any documents containing these words would place a huge cloud on title to real property which would result in a protracted litigation and prohibitive cost to remove such cloud. Do you really want to risk title to the property conservatively valued at 75 million dollars? - email from Atty. Edward Terlaje to Richard Untalan and the finance councill, 11/27/2011

Notice the date, 11/27/2011. Notice the date the Deed Restriction was recorded: 11/22/11. Atty. Terlaje and the finance council are not only unaware that Apuron has already recorded the Deed Restriction, he obviously proceeded against the advice of his legal counsel and without the approval of the finance council which is required by church law, and when involving transactions of property valued over one million dollars, also require approval from the Vatican. 

Now let's move on to:
PDN: And while the "deed of restriction" document Apuron signed in 2011 allows the Redemptoris Mater Seminary "perpetual use of the property," the archdiocese stated, in part, that "the archbishop can designate it for other use in the future." 
If this was the case, then Atty. Terlaje would have no cause to opine as he did. The reason is because of the powers given to the Board of Guarantors in Article IX of the RMS Articles of Incorporation:
The Board of Guarantors has a veto or approval power for the most important affairs of the Corporation. 
Apuron is only one of the 4 members of the Board of Guarantors.

...which brings us to this:

PDN: The archdiocese's statement to the media contends that the seminary's directors and guarantors "are appointed exclusively by ... the archbishop, and he can change them whenever there is need." 

This conflicts with Article VII.2. of the By Laws of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary:
2. The members will be the same as the Pastoral Council as foreseen in the canonical statutes of the Seminary, presided furthermore by the Archbishop. In particular, the Neocatechumenal responsible Team for the United States is part of this Board. 
Apuron CANNOT appoint whoever he wishes and whenever there is a "need" (which is not defined). The members of the Board of Guarantors (who have complete approval and veto power and thus full control) MUST ALWAYS include "the Neocatechumenal responsible Team for the United States." 

That "Neocatechumenal responsible Team" is composed of Giuseppe and Claudia Gennarini, a married couple residing in New Jersey, and Fr. Angelo Poschetti of New York. In addition to Apuron, who is also in the Neocatechumenal Way, these three make up the balance of the Board of Guarantors. 

The most number of members which can be appointed to the Board is seven. Thus, all Apuron can do is add three more members who could tip the balance in a vote, but we all know that Apuron is completely controlled by the Gennarini's. This is because, Apuron is IN the Neocatechumenal Way and must be subservient to his Catechist. Giuseppe Gennarini is the "Catechist" for the United States.  In fact even appointing additional members could be seen as "an important affair of the Corporation" and thus vetoed by the current members. 

PDN: A donation to the archdiocese allowed it to snap up the former hotel more than a decade ago for $2 million. The property cost $57 million to develop, but a business sold it after it failed as a hotel operation. 
Not true. The property had ALREADY been purchased with a loan from the Bank of Guam, a loan which the the members of the finance council who were fired by Apuron, helped to procure. The donation came later and the loan was paid off. But the archdiocese wants to perpetuate this myth of money falling from the sky so that the Neocatechumenal Way can appear to be miraculous.

And lastly:
 PDN: According to the archdiocese's statement yesterday, the donation to purchase the former hotel was through the efforts of the Neocatechumenal Way -- "not the other way around." 
The Archbishop is counting on the "silence" of Mother Dawn, the Mother Superior of our local Carmelite order. The Carmelites are a contemplative order and speech is restricted. Too bad. Because if the PDN interviewed Mother Dawn they would be able to reveal Apuron's lie. 

Mother Dawn is the one who procured the donation through a sister Carmelite monastery in St. Louis, MO. She would tell you, if she could, that the donation was procured from a lay person who was a benefactor to the Carmelites and a person who had never heard of the Neocatechumenal Way. At the time, Mother Dawn was under the impression (like we all were) that this was to be a seminary for the Archdiocese of Agana, not a seminary for the Neocatechumenal Way. 

The actual note attached to the donation reads: "for the purchase of a defunct hotel for the purpose of a seminary." * It does not say Redemptoris Mater Seminary or anything about the Neocatechumenal Way. And it does not bind the archdiocese to use it as a seminary in perpetuity. (Note: the name Redemptoris Mater Seminary is not just a name. It is the name used for all NCW seminaries around the world. It is synonymous with the NCW.)

(* I was only permitted - and not by Mother Dawn - to view this note, not to procure a copy of it. However, it could be verified if Mother Dawn was permitted to speak about it.)

Sadly, the seminary is NOT a seminary for the Archdiocese of Agana because it is NOT a diocesan seminary. It is only located in this diocese. It is a seminary solely for forming priests in the Neocatechumenal Way and for the Neocatechumenal Way. This is explicitly stated in Article III of the Articles of Incorporation and Article III of its By Laws:
“The purpose of the Corporation shall be limited to the following: to establish and conduct a Seminary to prepare men for the priesthood for the evangelization, following the life and itinerary of the Neocatechumenal Way…” 
The graduates (?) of the RMS might be placed into local parishes, but that does not mean that they are "parish" priests. The term "parish priest" implies a specifically diocesan formation. The NCW is not only NOT diocesan, it actually holds and teaches that the diocese-parish model of Catholicism is dead. The only reason why they are placed in parishes is because Apuron needs to continue the ruse that this seminary is "for the Archdiocese of Agana" in order to keep up the money flow which is nearly one million dollars per year. 

(Recently Apuron at a parish function stated that there are currently 44 seminarians at RMS and it costs an average of $17,000 per year per seminarian. Only a few of these are for other dioceses which might be helping with their tuition.)

Ultimately, most of us don't care about who owns or controls this property no matter what it is valued at. In fact, most of us don't care about the Neocatechumenal Way or its agenda. What we do care about is a bishop who constantly lies to us.

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