Saturday, January 17, 2015


I took down Edi's playboy pose but may have acted to soon. My legal friends told me that should Edi sue me it could be a grand opportunity. 

First, I would have nothing to worry about from Guam law because it only relates to images which are "illegally intercepted", which was not the case. He posted it. Someone shared it. Someone shared it again. And then someone sent it to me. That's how the internet works. 

In fact, the image that was sent to me did not have the faces smudged. Out of respect for the girls in the image I had the faces smudged. Amazingly, the "Diana's" (which includes Edi himself) posted the pic on their blog with the faces not smudged. 

So it appears Edi has no problem with the playboy pose, he just has a problem with where it appears. 

But back to the advice from my legal friends. 

In order to take down this 20 year long scam that Edi is the poster boy for, we need to get the truth about it. Because we can't do a freedom of information act request on a private organization, it appears that if they won't tell us the truth outright the only way to get to it is to depose a key person.

A lawsuit from Edi would permit us to depose him and everyone connected to him. Here are some of the things we could find out:

  • What qualifications was he required to meet before being permitted to enter RMS.
  • Was he psychologically screened?
  • By who?
  • How often?
  • What were the results?
  • Did he have a criminal record prior to coming to RMS?
  • What was his course of studies at RMS?
  • What are his academic credentials?
  • Where are his certificates for those academic credentials if he has any?
  • Who pays for his constant travel with Archbishop Apuron?
  • Where does he stay on these trips?
  • Who does he stay with?
  • Does he party on those trips in addition to official business?
  • With whose money?
  • Is all his income declared?
  • If not, why not?
  • What about his Mass stipends? That's personal income/
  • What happens to the trash bag money collected at the NCW events?
  • Who handles it?
  • Who is responsible for it?
  • Is it reported?
  • Who reports it?
  • Who are his friends?
  • What does he do with them?
  • Does he have close female friends?
  • How is he involved with them?

Oh, there are just so many questions we could finally get answers to!

On the other hand I have had others begging me to take down the picture due to it being too ugly, too frightening, or too disgusting. 

So I have reached a compromise. 

For those who still want to gaze on Edi's thug mug I have provided a link. For those who don't want to see it, or for those who were worried about its effect on your children, now you don't have to worry. 



  1. John Charles "MR. Typhoon Toves"January 17, 2015 at 2:32 PM

    For Edi Boy, that's MR. little toves, to you! Do you need that translated? (loser, umgh, ummgh, just clearing my throat.). Do you need that translated? My friend, you are about to go on an all expense paid trip around the whole wide world! But not at the expense of my people. (really, loser, umgh, umgh...yawn).

  2. John Charles "MR. Typhoon Toves"January 17, 2015 at 3:42 PM

    They're gonna need a "fall" guy real soon. Obviously to them intimidation doesn't work. To look like they are in good "faith," they need to cut their loudest bad boy. - Guess who? Not, Mother Superior Cristobal or Vicar General Ditz. It's gonna be Mr. Brazil, ladies, oh, and gentlemen!

    Edi, Edi, Edi...Why my boy did you let them set you up? Think about it for a second (all you can do) will you? You ARE smart enough to put that together! Unless you are not? Let's see what you do.

    Hey, French, you're shot. I'm bored. Use that stunning French humor that I've known for decades for me, please?

  3. John Charles "Typhoon Toves"January 17, 2015 at 3:50 PM

    Frenchie, come on, or I'll tell your Mere!


  4. Oh dear edi boy best not to send threatening letters !

  5. Edi, Edi, Kikobot, Edi, Edi, Bot! Edi, Edi, Kikobot, Edi, Edi, Bot!

  6. John C. "MR. Typhoon Toves"January 18, 2015 at 2:05 AM

    Hey Edi, you look like a taotaomona! Come AAWWN. - you need to get real LOUD. You are not like Frenchie, tres BCBG. French, avec la mere? Come out and play with Edi Boy? Though I know you'd rather stick your eye with a pencil. Edi is no fun.