Saturday, January 17, 2015


Make no mistake, Archbishop Apuron is NOT in Manila just to participate in the papal visit. He is there to visit (AGAIN) the pope himself. 


He knows that since the report on investigation of his diocese has now reached the final level before it goes to the pope, he is going to try to get to the pope before it does. 

He is trying to do this because he knows what is in the report.

Even Archbishop Apuron's biggest critics have a hard time imagining just how far he has been willing to go to destroy others and participate in the most unbelievable intrigues, such as his secretive 2011 deeding away of the control of the mega-million dollar Yona property. 

Those who know him can't believe their eyes and ears and I so often hear: "Why is he doing this?"

Even now, as he plots his last major offensive against his critics and those who got in the way of his red hat - which means he now has nothing to lose - he is proceeding at a level of purpose that few can imagine. 

Or at least that is how it appears.

Here is what is really happening.

Archbishop Apuron has been so assured of Kiko Arguello's power that he is convinced that Kiko will be able to twist high-ranking cardinals, particularly Cardinal Filoni, Prefect for the Congregation which recently visited us, to intercede for him to the Vatican Secretary of State and to the pope. 

We have already seen how even local kiko big-shots (Pius, et al) are able to manipulate the minds and break the wills of otherwise intelligent people. Can you imagine the influence people like Kiko and Gennarini, figures of worldwide power and unlimited pockets, have on the mind of a person like Archbishop Apuron?

Look at the wreckage: Fr. Paul, Msgr. James, the former AFC, Aaron Quitugua, the fake "other seminary", the loss of the Yona property, the collapse of the faith as scandal after scandal pour forth from the hill and creep into the headlines. 

He is not capable of that...alone. 

Get ready.

We are.

P.S. I hesitate to post these things because I know that Rome would prefer to work quietly. But we have already seen what Kiko and Gennarini are capable of. And should Rome falter, we will not. 


  1. Thank you Tim...your tireless efforts of ridding Guam of this Neo epidemic will soon come to fruition. Rome will ensure the Neos don't become pandemic.


  2. Pietro cardinal Parolin Citta del Vaticano Secretary of State.

    May the Lord Bless you on your birthday today as you celebrate in Tacloban and Manila.

    From Junglewatch friends.


  3. Surrounded by all the wealth and power of ecclesial luxury Archbishop Apuron forgot the poor.

    He failed to love the poor!

    1. Unfortunately he is not the only Archbishop to forget the poor. The Archbishop of Newark (another NCW stronghold) is building an addition to his retirement home to make it worth 1.3 million with 2 elevators and pools. This is as 28% of the people in his diocese are below the poverty level and churches and schools are being closed. The Archbishop of Atlanta recently vacated his 2.2 million dollar mansion and apologized after parishioners protested.

  4. So shameless for apuron to be jetting around like groupie of the Holy Father just for photo op. With the millions of people thronging around Pope Francis - people who otherwise do not have the resources to see him elsewhere such as in Rome - apuron had to insert himself along with them for his own purposes. True to form, he is clueless that this Pope wants to reach out to the marginalized, the poor and the sick, and not to ambitious questionable clerics like him. Shameless!

  5. What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31)

  6. Filipino Bishop comments.January 17, 2015 at 8:15 PM

    5.32pm. " Bishop Apuron is forcing himself into the Holy Father's presence. He doesn't seem to know what proper timing is Imagine inserting personal agenda during a pastoral visit to a country that is not even his!

    1. He is a very desperate man and will continue to be a nuisance in his attempts to have Pope Francis retain him as archbishop. His personal agenda is foremost and ignores the fact that the people of the Philippines is the reason why Pope Francis is there. I wonder if AAA forgot how he treated some of the Filipino priests on Guam.

    2. @Filipino Bishop comments: this should NOT be a surprise at all!......especially coming from a POWER HUNGRY ASS%^&*...poor apuWRONG!...just get the hell out of our island....and don't forget to take all your BURRO's with you!...LMFAO!

  7. Pasensya na po kayo. Talaga pong walang hiya yang atsubispong yan! Sukang suka na po kami r'yan dito sa Guam. Wala nang nagawang tama yang Apuron na yan. Lalo na ng naging miyembro sya ng neocatecumenal way na yan. Huwag po sanang magaya ng kahit na sinong pari yan Apuron na yan!

    Ipagdasal nyo sana kami dito sa Guam, na mawala na yang apuron na yan kasama yung mga neo nya!

    1. Translation:

      Pasensya na po kayo.
      Please accept my apologies.

      Talaga pong walang hiya yang atsubispong yan.
      That archbishop is really a disgrace!!

      Sukang suka na po kami r'yan dito sa Guam.
      He makes us here in Guam want to puke.

      Wala nang nagawang tama yang Apuron na yan.
      That Apuron has not done anything right.

      Lalo na ng naging miyembro sya ng neocatecumenal way na yan.
      Especially when he became a member of that neocatechumenal way.

      Huwag po sanang magaya ng kahit na sinong pari yan Apuron na yan!
      May no other priest be like that Apuron!

      Ipagdasal nyo sana kami dito sa Guam, na mawala na yang apuron na yan kasama yung mga neo nya!

      Please pray for us here in Guam, that that Apuron may be taken out together with his fellow neos!