Saturday, January 17, 2015


Make no mistake, Archbishop Apuron is NOT in Manila just to participate in the papal visit. He is there to visit (AGAIN) the pope himself. 


He knows that since the report on investigation of his diocese has now reached the final level before it goes to the pope, he is going to try to get to the pope before it does. 

He is trying to do this because he knows what is in the report.

Even Archbishop Apuron's biggest critics have a hard time imagining just how far he has been willing to go to destroy others and participate in the most unbelievable intrigues, such as his secretive 2011 deeding away of the control of the mega-million dollar Yona property. 

Those who know him can't believe their eyes and ears and I so often hear: "Why is he doing this?"

Even now, as he plots his last major offensive against his critics and those who got in the way of his red hat - which means he now has nothing to lose - he is proceeding at a level of purpose that few can imagine. 

Or at least that is how it appears.

Here is what is really happening.

Archbishop Apuron has been so assured of Kiko Arguello's power that he is convinced that Kiko will be able to twist high-ranking cardinals, particularly Cardinal Filoni, Prefect for the Congregation which recently visited us, to intercede for him to the Vatican Secretary of State and to the pope. 

We have already seen how even local kiko big-shots (Pius, et al) are able to manipulate the minds and break the wills of otherwise intelligent people. Can you imagine the influence people like Kiko and Gennarini, figures of worldwide power and unlimited pockets, have on the mind of a person like Archbishop Apuron?

Look at the wreckage: Fr. Paul, Msgr. James, the former AFC, Aaron Quitugua, the fake "other seminary", the loss of the Yona property, the collapse of the faith as scandal after scandal pour forth from the hill and creep into the headlines. 

He is not capable of that...alone. 

Get ready.

We are.

P.S. I hesitate to post these things because I know that Rome would prefer to work quietly. But we have already seen what Kiko and Gennarini are capable of. And should Rome falter, we will not. 

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