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frenchie has left a new comment on your post "KIKO'S FATAL ERROR": 

To anon at 9.18 and 9.54, in Apuron's defense, it must be noted that while it is obvious that he has that issue, nothing happens in a vacuum. For anybody to feel so untouchable that he would feel confidant to actually make these remarks in public and with such violence, a person must have a sense of vindication that re enforce the primary feeling.

We know only of one person at the chancery, or to be more exact in the Archbishop's close proximity, who has that kind of violent and perverse background.

That would be the Archbishop's special handler and NCW big boss on Guam, Pius. The man of the shadows, the Maltese with heavy and murky connections with Sicilians and Calabreses where these kinds of feeling are out in the open and very prevalent.

So, if Tony felt that arrogant, and confident that he could slander fellow Archbishops and Cardinals who happen to be black, and make his feelings known on how he perceives Africa, there is no doubt in my mind, that it comes from the poor advice of his confidant.

On another note to Tim:

The Pius connections to these murky groups and individuals is certainly also not an accident. I would venture to say that most likely the scheme we have uncovered here with the RMS property and the shell game that Gennarinis and consort have been playing is tied up somehow to a larger and wider use of RMS properties to launder monies, facilitate the keeping under a cloak of secrecy of dubious individuals (see Wadeson, and Pius) to do their bidding, and use political influence both at the local archdiocesan level, and in the Vatican by churning up half baked priests, to curry favors from weak princes of the Church. 

Unfortunately, we also have seen that some communities of Discalded Carmelites (not all, thank God) around the world have chosen to tie their future to the destiny of the NCW, and in doing so they also have provided aid and support to some of these schemes.

You have lifted a veil of deception and most likely deep corruption within our Church but also in our country. 

I know the CCOG is also hot on the trail of this story, I would suggest that before proceeding with further action, we definitely need to consult with friends and supporters in the legal community, and in the crime fighting community here and at the federal level. This is a very big story, we have to go into it with our eyes and ears wide open.

To underline my point, do not lose focus of one of the main reason Pope Benedict decided to resign. The corruption of the finances at the Curia and in some large dioceses was such that some of his closest advisers and confidantes had been implicated. Pope Benedict more a Theologian than an Administrator felt so tired and overwhelmed that he chose retirement. 

We know Pope Francis has already cleaned up a lot of that mess, but there are still many strongholds of people involved in these schemes. (not surprisingly many of them have strong relations with Carmen and her companion.)

St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.... 

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