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frenchie has left a new comment on your post "KIKO'S FATAL ERROR": 

To anon at 9.18 and 9.54, in Apuron's defense, it must be noted that while it is obvious that he has that issue, nothing happens in a vacuum. For anybody to feel so untouchable that he would feel confidant to actually make these remarks in public and with such violence, a person must have a sense of vindication that re enforce the primary feeling.

We know only of one person at the chancery, or to be more exact in the Archbishop's close proximity, who has that kind of violent and perverse background.

That would be the Archbishop's special handler and NCW big boss on Guam, Pius. The man of the shadows, the Maltese with heavy and murky connections with Sicilians and Calabreses where these kinds of feeling are out in the open and very prevalent.

So, if Tony felt that arrogant, and confident that he could slander fellow Archbishops and Cardinals who happen to be black, and make his feelings known on how he perceives Africa, there is no doubt in my mind, that it comes from the poor advice of his confidant.

On another note to Tim:

The Pius connections to these murky groups and individuals is certainly also not an accident. I would venture to say that most likely the scheme we have uncovered here with the RMS property and the shell game that Gennarinis and consort have been playing is tied up somehow to a larger and wider use of RMS properties to launder monies, facilitate the keeping under a cloak of secrecy of dubious individuals (see Wadeson, and Pius) to do their bidding, and use political influence both at the local archdiocesan level, and in the Vatican by churning up half baked priests, to curry favors from weak princes of the Church. 

Unfortunately, we also have seen that some communities of Discalded Carmelites (not all, thank God) around the world have chosen to tie their future to the destiny of the NCW, and in doing so they also have provided aid and support to some of these schemes.

You have lifted a veil of deception and most likely deep corruption within our Church but also in our country. 

I know the CCOG is also hot on the trail of this story, I would suggest that before proceeding with further action, we definitely need to consult with friends and supporters in the legal community, and in the crime fighting community here and at the federal level. This is a very big story, we have to go into it with our eyes and ears wide open.

To underline my point, do not lose focus of one of the main reason Pope Benedict decided to resign. The corruption of the finances at the Curia and in some large dioceses was such that some of his closest advisers and confidantes had been implicated. Pope Benedict more a Theologian than an Administrator felt so tired and overwhelmed that he chose retirement. 

We know Pope Francis has already cleaned up a lot of that mess, but there are still many strongholds of people involved in these schemes. (not surprisingly many of them have strong relations with Carmen and her companion.)

St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.... 


  1. The channels of money laundering is paved by big black plastic trash bags. Shhhhh!

  2. Old school mobsters utilizing the RMS to launder money. You gotta give them credit because they picked the right "Tony" to do the job. Either he's very greedy or just plain stupid. Oh decisions, decisions......

    1. @7:19 I had my hand up first to answer!! I say plain stupid.

    2. Casheeee kimcheeee was in trash removal business....haaaaaaa.

  3. Mission,Missionary is the title given to the so called RMS Presbyters. Why aren't these priest sent to the other micronesia islands to minister? I am sure that there are many who need evangelization there! Why is the concentration here on GUAM?

    1. Some are, but it is important to understand what is meant by the NCW use of the word "mission" or "missionary". It is not meant in a traditional sense such as when San Vitores came to Guam. The NCW's mission is to Catholics who are not in the NCW. That's why their first stop is parishes.

  4. The thought of money laundering seemed pretty preposterous to me and still seems unreal, but when you think about it, it is plausible. The NCW claims to have about 1 million followers and 100 RM seminaries. That is 1 seminary for every 10,000 followers. Many of those followers are young and cannot contribute much. That is unsustainable in normal dioceses. Something just isn't right. Now granted the NCW doesn't have to provide its own parishes and dioceses, but it still doesn't seem supportable to have so many seminaries and so many priests. Where is the money coming from? The Catholic church or other sources?

    France has 94 NCW communities (94 x40 people per community = 3760 people) and 4 RM seminaries and 1 house of formation. Just not sustainable.

  5. Hello Mr Yaeger, I guess the answers are in the questions... Many of the things having to do with Carmen and Kiko are surrounded by smoke and mirrors.
    More than the sustainability of said RMS, is the huge amounts of cash being spread around by the cadre of the NCW at the dioceses level to curry favors.
    One of the main reason NCW has found so many supporters in Rome almost from the start is also the amount of "contributions" they are willing to share with some key people there.
    Of course lets not forget the "Holy Land" huge NCW center, where Kiko house, wine and dine the visiting bishops.
    A good question raised by this center, is also how in hell did they get the authorizations from the Israeli authorities to build this center, knowing the proverbial red tape any religious organization runs into in Israel?

  6. Seems the problem Frenchie is much bigger than Guam. Guam simply became the problem because the cult saw an easy target in Apuron to get in the door. They offered him money, position, power, in exchange for using the diocese. Anyone in the church knows to advance any cause you need a bishop behind you. This is how structure works. Once Apuron was on board the NCW were able to use Guam for their own ends.
    Many years ago I remember Archbishop Apuron would bring to Guam all kinds of priests, religious to stay on Guam. They all left after a time. Only past year we begin to see much deeper problems .

  7. Correct anon at 3.41.
    The specific problem to Guam is that Apuron is the only Archbishop who actually walks the way. In other dioceses, some Bishops have decided to support NCW in contrepartie for some benefits of some kind. Most of them are smart enough to keep a buffer between themselves as Bishop and NCW. This is the old "possible deniability"
    Brother Tony as a member of the way must follow the directives of his cathechist: Pius and of course of the NCW leader for his area. (Genarini)
    You will also notice that despite the fact that we are technnicaly in the Pacific Region, the NCW leadership is USA......
    Just by this situation brother Anthony has ceded his independance and decision making.
    This is why there are so many shaddy and conflicting areas.
    Basically Apuron has given the keys of the Castle to the Raiders, who plunder at will, and in all "legality" as least in appearance.

  8. I have to agree with Frenchie and anon 3:41. The NCW problem does appear much bigger than just the issues on Guam. The NCW is spending a lot of money to gain favor in the Church and expansion. Where is the money coming from? The amount of money is disproportionate to the its number of members. Donations and any percentage they might receive from the mandatory EU income taxes in some countries for the Church cannot be that great for the relatively small amount of members. Is the money coming from within the Church or outside? Are we dealing with another Henry the VIII who basically stole the properties and wealth of the Church of his day to enrich his own coffers while establishing an alternative church or something else entirely? Unfortunately so many secrets, so many questions, and so few answers.