Wednesday, January 7, 2015


It appears we all need a short course as to what the problem is with Archbishop Apuron's Deed Restriction of the Yona Property. 

In the world of real estate, ownership and control can be two very different things. 

It doesn't matter if a person owns a lot, if the use of the lot is not in the owner's control, then that lot is of no value to the owner. 

The Deed Restriction gives the Redemptoris Mater Seminary (RMS) control of the Yona Property forever (perpetual use).

RMS is a corporation, incorporated under Guam law SEPARATE from the Archdiocese of Agana (AOA)

Both RMS and AOA are incorporated as a "corporate sole", a form of corporation mostly limited to churches in which there is only one member, in this case Archbishop Apuron.

Because of this, it is easy to surmise that Archbishop Apuron, being the "owner" of both corporations is also in control of both.

He is not.

Articles IX and X of the RMS Articles of Incorporation establish a Board of Guarantors - separate from the Board of Directors - and gives the guarantors complete control of RMS by giving them complete "veto or approval power for the most important affairs of the corporation." 

This phrase is purposely vague. Who gets to decide what are the "most important affairs of the corporation? Of course it is the guarantors.

So who are the guarantors?

They are: Archbishop Apuron, Giuseppe and Claudia Gennarini, and Fr. Angelo Poschetti. 

Archbishop Apuron only has 25% control of "the most important affairs" of RMS. 

(By contrast, the Articles of Incorporation for the Archdiocese of Agana, itself, has NO Board of Guarantors.) 

This is why, the archdiocesan legal counsel, upon forming RMS, sternly objected to the inclusion of the Board of Guarantors into the Articles of Incorporation. He knew that Archbishop Apuron, despite being the "owner" would not have the ultimate say in "the most important affairs" of the seminary. However, Apuron, probably at Gennarini's direction, insisted on the inclusion of the guarantors. 

(And this even goes so far as to who gets admitted to the seminary and who gets ordained. Archbishop Apuron does NOT decide that. Giuseppe Gennarini does because he, with his wife, has majority control of those "most important affairs" - Poschetti being just a placeholder). 

Our Visitors may or may not know any of this. But they should know that the people of Guam will not take this deception lying down. 

The Deed Restriction is based on the Decree of Designation, and the Decree of Designation begins with the false premise that RMS is "the major seminary for the Archdiocese of Agana." 

It is not. And we will sue.


  1. Long suspected what Apuron has done. He attempted to tie up the archdiocese for life and giving control to Pius way after Apuron leaves office. Even if Apuron leaves today it will take several years to clean up his mess. All these priests Incardinated into Guam are a serious issue to the archdiocese. Standard of priestly formation from rms is dysfunctional, seminarians not prepared for ordination. This about Apuron giving control of the archdiocese to this cult which has seriously divided our church. Once more Apuron is way out of order which has led to the present hell in our island.

  2. After listening to Adrian's statement on the news, I am once again saddened by the lies he pours out. Didn't one of the financial officers write a letter to the Archbishop about this meeting that was all screwed up. Please meet, then no right to meet. Here again Adrian critizes the finance council about their intentions to sell the property to pay off the Cathedral and Cemetry's debt. Who is their right mind would sell a 70 million dollar estate to pay of a mere 2 million dollar or so debt.

    There is more to this and I am leaning towards the truth, which in my heart is what the former financial council is saying. Adrian seems to be putting too much icing on the cake. He is digging himself a hole that will be too deep for him to climb out off.

    1. I just laugh off whatever he says. His credibility is shot. Let him dig deeper and deeper, covering lies with more lies. I think he's starting to believe his own lies. What a pathetic man.

    2. He has no credibility . Covers up lies with more lies. sick sick man.

    3. Its not icing that he's putting on the cake, Its more stinking crap of lies, Adrian however is small fish in this nightmare..Its quite obvious that Apuron has lost control of all decision making in the Archdiocese and is merely a puppet for Pope Guesippi and Cardinal Pius, Perhaps we should just funnel all monies normally going to the Archdiocean Annual Appeal, All Sunday donations to the CCOG to be used to file a civil suit to reclaim the property.. Lets not waste any more time, rather than AAA misdirecting these monies to his evil deeds, we'll use it to sue his ass...

  3. Tim, I don't see anything in the decree that indicates it's irrevocable. Perhaps the best resolution would be for Rome to remove Apuron and immediately have his replacement revoke the decree. Why screw around with having Rome "convince" Apuron to do it himself?

    In addition, it would be nice if they sent Pius back to his homeland and forbade him from ever leaving again.