Wednesday, January 7, 2015


  1. Tim, you destroyed Guam! How can you live with yourself and go against the Church? You and your followers have nothing else to do but add more to the burning pit. Let the clergy handle their problems. Not you or anyone else. Its none of your business, but what can I say. You get paid to keep this blog full of drama.


    1. Paid? LOL. You have no idea how much running this blog costs me in time, money, and business lost. But somebody has to have the balls to stand up to these bullies. Apuron’s attacks are not just on the clergy, but on the whole church. He lied to US, stole from US. He doesn’t get all his money from the clergy. He gets it from US.

      However, thanks for your comment. It confirms that I am successful. If what I post here wasn’t true then the burning pit would have burnt out long ago. But it is true or you wouldn’t be commenting here, would you?

      Thanks for the confirmation that I’m on the right track. What are you even doing reading my blog? Nothing better to do?
    P.S. Today's article in the Marianas Variety does a good job in summarizing most of the problems in this archdiocese and shows how the division in this archdiocese caused by Apuron and the Neocatechumenal Way is splitting families and hurting everyone. It's hardly about the clergy. The only reason the clergy are involved is because they were trying to protect their parishes from Apuron's pogrom. 

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