Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Reposting because I understand there was a small ruckus at the Rev & Tax licensing branch yesterday regarding RMS. Maybe they were scrambling to get this taken care of? Trouble is RMS appears to have three names on file. One and two is okay, but there doesn't seem to be anything for the third.
  • The Redemptoris Mater House of Formation, Archdiocese of Agana (which is the corporation name)
  • The Redemptoris Mater Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary of Guam (which is the DBA)
  • Redemptoris Mater Seminary, Archdiocese of Agana (which is what appears below)

Regardless of the name mismatch there is still the issue of not filing the required annual report. One would think that a purported magnificent institute of higher learning, affiliated with "the pope's university" - as the kikos like to remind us - and tasked with educating men who will be responsible for the eternal destiny of souls, just may want to keep their government-required documents in order and maybe file its corporate report more than once every ten years.

Originally posted on 1/10/15.
And while I intend to "help", primarily by giving more benefit of the doubt in my tone in regards to the local leadership. I DO NOT intend to relax my scrutiny or my tone about the raiders and usurpers: Pius and Gennarini.

It was and is my contention that Redemptoris Mater is not only a sham seminary - for reasons already stated and documented - but it is also a sham corporation, a corporate front for Kiko and Gennarini to grab from Guam as much as they can. 

And since Mr. Gennarini, a "guarantor", is tasked with overseeing "the most important affairs of the corporation" (AOI, Art IX), he might want to at least make sure his corporation is in compliance with Guam law:

No need to suspect an informant. This is public information. Proceed to the Business License branch at Rev & Tax and get your own copy. 

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