Sunday, January 25, 2015


  1. Tim Rohr- you are a bully of the worst kind!!
Who is Tim Rohr? Tim Rohr is a lay person with ZERO power. Tim Rohr does not have access to a pulpit each week. Tim Rohr does not have control of a whole newspaper. Tim Rohr cannot hire and fire priests. Tim Rohr cannot ordain or not ordain. Tim Rohr cannot decide who can be baptized or confirmed or who can receive any of the sacraments. Tim Rohr cannot use his position and other people's money to publicly trash priests. Tim Rohr cannot give away millions of dollars. Tim Rohr cannot give away archdiocesan property.

Nope, Tim Rohr sat in the pews for many years just like many did and watched the bishop of this diocese abuse the liturgy, abuse the people, abuse his authority, abuse the legitimate magisterium of the church, abuse priests, abuse the people's charitable gifts, abuse our trust, and abuse our respect for his office. 

With the words "resign or suffer a more painful arduous and closure to your assignment" (to Fr. Paul), I said "no more." 

So what have I done? I started a blog. Millions of people start blogs, but normally they don't get millions of people to read them. Why is mine different? Mine is different because it is not about my opinions. It is about facts. And the fact is that we have a bishop who abuses the liturgy, abuses the people, abuses his authority, abuses the legitimate magisterium of the church, abuses priests, abuses people's charitable gifts, abuses our trust, and abuses our respect for his office. 

And I have simply used the bishop's own actions, letters, and words to show what people have already known for decades but were too intimidated to publicly say it. 

But why the worldwide attention? 

Because here in Guam, we have the perfect test case for the full implementation of the Neocatechumenal Way. In every other diocese around the world where it is present, the NCW is held in check to some degree by the bishop of the diocese.

However, only in Guam is there no bishop to hold the NCW in check. In fact, they hold him in check. He is there full servant. Thus the NCW can fully "bloom" here and thus we see that at its root it is a very rotten flower. And now the whole Catholic world can see for itself what will happen when this tragedy of a movement gets its full grip on a diocese.

It does not matter that the Vatican has approved a statute for the Neocatechumenal Way. It does not matter because the leadership of the Neocatechumenal Way, including Archbishop Apuron, blatantly and publicly ignore the statute for the Neocatechumenal Way, just as he blatantly and publicly ignores the norms which were put in place by the Church to protect the faithful from the crap he permits to happen during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. (I purposely call it a Sacrifice because Kiko doesn't.)

Make no mistake. Tim Rohr has ZERO power. But the truth does. 

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