Wednesday, February 11, 2015


If the RMS Corporation REALLY is "wholly-subject" to the Archbishop as he claims, then why the need to restrict the use of the property solely to RMS? 

Why not just leave it as part of the patrimony of the Archdiocese of Agana? 

By restricting the property to RMS (as he did on 11/22/11), Archbishop Apuron has worsened the "patrimonial condition" of the Archdiocese of Agana and bettered that of RMS to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.

Of course, as we have explained several times before, RMS is NOT "wholly-subject" to the Archbishop as he claims. It is "wholly-subject" in terms of CONTROL to the Board of Guarantors of which Apuron has only a 25% say and the Neocatechumenal Responsible Team for the U.S. has the rest. 

Nevertheless, the CCOG thought they'd ask the Archbishop to return the property to the Archdiocese of Agana, if only for the record. 

The Archbishop did not respond...of course.


  1. Kudos to CCOG for asking the Archbishop formally about this. And how kind of CCOG to give him almost a month to respond before advising us of this, I would say, brilliant move. He had chose to select the ones he responds to and just thumb his nose on all the others. This one is worth a count-up, Tim. And this one I am sure would have a follow-up.

  2. Tim, any news on the Pastoral visit of the Archbishop with the Santa Barbara Parish?

  3. Now, Apuron will see just what his Neo handlers think of him. Will they give back control of a $44 million property to the Archdiocese of Agana, just to help him save face? Or, will they throw Apuron under the bus (after all, he is ONLY a member of the NCW)?

    As they say, "Money talks. And BIG money screams!" What is Apuron's spineless, sniveling voice against that?

    But, look at the bright side, Apuron. Under the bus, you're in the shade.
    (Just like in Hell, you don't need winter clothing!).

    1. I believe the phrase goes this way " Money Talks, and BS Walks" - AAA would rather continue walking in the Way.. I would not hold my breath on NCW returning acion to the Archdiocese of Agana - Why would NCW return the property, they already got what they came for, AAA is taking all the flak while the NCW heirchy is basking in the sun..

    2. I would agree not to hold your breath waiting for the NCW to return the property. They got want they wanted and as long as they have favor with Pope Francis, they have no incentive to return it. It is rather disheartening that just this past weekend our Pope was meeting with leaders of the lay groups NCW, Focolare, and Community of Sant' Egidio. While all three of these lay groups have some positive things to offer, they have all been labeled as sects or cults by many or have been known to abuse the sacraments of the eucharist and confession. Why do so many lay movements act as a cult? The lay movements can contribute a lot to the Church, but there needs to be more oversight and restrictions.

  4. AAA can avoid an arduous court battle by signing the quit claim deed. The deal with the NCW can then be declared null and void.

  5. Painful and arduous.

  6. You’re going to get caught in your lies again, Archbishop.

    If you don’t quitclaim the RMS property (which you say is under your full control (Umatuna Si Yuos article), then you are admitting to cheating the Archdiocese of its patrimony, because you had signed it away on 11/22/13 through a deed of restriction in favor of the RMS. You can’t deny that! Instrument No. 829322 is for everyone to see at the Department of Land Management.

    The RMS is not the Archdiocesan seminary; it was created to train men to become priests in the Neocatechumenal Way, and is controlled by a Board of Guarantors (Genarini and company) – according to the RMS Statutes. Wasn’t that the reason why you erected John Paul II Seminary in Maloloj as an Archdiocesan seminary, and then went to the Pope and bragged that you have two seminaries in Guam?

    If you say you can’t quitclaim it back to the Archdiocese of Agana, because you are only ¼ of the ownership of the Neocatechumenal Seminary, then you lied to the people of Guam by saying that you are “in full control” of the seminary. So which is it? Are you in “full control” or only ¼ in control? Are you a LIAR or are you a THIEF? We think you are BOTH!

    Give it back to the Catholic people of Guam (Archdiocese of Agana), Archbishop. I hope the Catholic people of Guam will proceed to file a civil suit against you to recover the patrimony of the Archdiocese, if you don’t quitclaim the property to the Archdiocese of Agana. The Archdiocese is the legal owner; the RMS is only its tenant.

    Nanahlo tate î sinakemo! (Return back what you stole!) Taimamahlao! Shame, shame, shame!!

  7. I hope a copy of this letter was also sent to Rome.

  8. Archbishop Apuron, Please respond to the letter. It will determine if I would contribute to the cause. I will be candid and inform you that I will not contribute to the support of RMS because this would mean I support to replace our non-neo priests to neo clergy in all parishes on Guam.


  9. No response to CCOG - people's no response to lent CCA.

  10. As the Appeal is again fast approaching, let us remember that RMS is NOT a diocesan Seminary, therefore we are NOT obliged to support it.
    Let's see if all the bigwigs in the ncw are willing to sell their houses and give it to the RMS.

  11. If any Neo still comes to JW to keep up with the news (I'm sure Diena does), deliver the message nice and clear to the Ardhbishop -- If he does not become FULLY TRANSPARENT about the upcoming AAA (Archdiocesan Annual Appeal) - as he has been requested to do - then let him know that he can expect little or no support from us "regular Catholics". We will not be supporting your Neo campaign! We are tired of being had! Enough is enough! Basta.

  12. As individuals we may not support the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal but AAA will force each Parish to contribute and set amount was already set for each Parish. So sad that AAA is now forcing each Parish to contribute as demanded and I mean demanded. Check your Parish Priest the amount your Parish was demanded to contribute. Just so sad that AAA is now demanding since contribution each year continue to decrease. Not sure how we can stop our Parish Priest from contributing OUR PARISH CHURCH FUNDS. We contribute to our Parish not to hand over to AAA each year. SHAME on YOU AAA. Have your neo raise funds for you the hard way as all Parish did.

  13. The RMS IS NOT part of our diocese, as Apuron himself has declared; therefore we, the local Catholic faithful are not obliged to support it.

    Of utmost importance to us local faithful, and the primary reason we SHOULD NOT give towards nor support this up-coming Archdiocesan Appeal is because of the scandalous fact and obvious reality that Apuron allows and supports -- actually he even promotes and pushes -- ncw religious teachings and practices which are not only non-authentic Catholicism but are in fact teachings and practices contrary to Catholic Teachings and Liturgical norms pertaining to The Consecrated Holy Eucharist and The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass.

    ncw religious teachings and liturgical practices deviate from and go against authentic Holy Catholic Traditions and Teachings; also, the ncw has not proven nor can they present authentic documentation of approval by The Magisterium. Thus, we can say ncw teaches and practices heresy!

    Seeing the ncw's cultishness and illegitimacy, we as faithful and loyal Catholics, are called to resist, denounce and reject it. We should not sanction, we should not enable nor should we support it in any way, shape, form, and fashion -- that simply means we Catholics, should not give money towards this appeal, which primarily funds and promotes the ncw over our local Catholic diocese. We should not even show or give approval for the existence of the ncw in our diocese, except for the ncw to exist as an independent, non-Catholic religious entity on the island!

    Faithful, let our voices be heard! Let our sentiments be felt by withholding our support of this Annual Appeal! Let this be our local Catholic up-rising against the scandals and corruption of this bishop, his cronies in the ncw and in the hierarchy of this diocese!

  14. •CALL TO ARMS! This is NOT a “call to arms” as in firearms or any kind of physical rebellion, or a “plot against the Church” as Archbishop Anthony Apuron (AAA) had characterised the Concerned Catholics of Guam (CCOG). This is a “call to arms” against the lies, deceit, fraud, and reckless/sinful behaviour of AAA and his Neo (NCW) masters.

    This is a CALL TO ARMS FOR THE TRUTH. Every well-meaning true Catholic on this island should arm himself/herself with “the helmet of truth”. Become fully knowledgeable of what is going on. Ask, research, talk to others, attend group meetings, and pray -- to get to the truth.

    Fellow Catholics, we have major problems in Guam. And unless they are resolved, WE can kiss our Holy Roman Catholic Church (and all that our forefathers have worked for and taught us) GOODBYE! Unless we act, it will only be a matter of time before the Neos take over! So time is of the essence.

    It has been demonstrated “till we’re blue in the face” that no amount of argumentation or debate with AAA and his NCW masters is going to get us anywhere. We have given every benefit of the doubt that the archbishop might come to his senses, and do what is right. I, for one, truly believe that AAA fully knows that what he is doing is wrong, but he is UNABLE and perhaps also UNWILLING to do anything about it. So, let’s de-emphasise words, and emphasise action: CALL TO ARMS.

    1)AAA will not return the RMS property he stole to give to the NCW, back to the Archdiocese of Agana, by trying to convince him that he should. He won’t! His masters won’t let him! So let’s sue him (the Corporation Sole) for defrauding the beneficiaries of the Corporation – us, the Catholic Faithful of Guam. If Canon Law didn’t stop him, let’s see him defy civil law. You Catholic lawyers out there – are you listening?

    2) The Redemptoris Mater Seminary (RMS) is not an archdiocesan seminary. AAA said so himself; it is a seminary for the formation of priests in the Neocatechumenal Way. It is a Neo seminary! That’s why he erected JP2 Seminary in Maloloj, to brag to Rome that he does have an archdiocesan seminaries. Yet AAA is duty-bound by his Neo masters to support the RMS.

    Where is he going to get the money? Are WE GOING TO BE HAD AGAIN by the upcoming Annual Archdiocesan Appeal?? Let’s not support the Appeal unless it is CLEARLY and HONESTLY DEMONSTRATED that it is to support the local clergy in Guam and the CNMI, and not to fund the importation of seminarians to be brought to Guam, trained in the Neo Way to become Neo priests and later to be shoved down our throats as our Neo pastors. AAA needs to give clear answers to the CCOG questions posed to him in a recent letter regarding the purpose and expenditures of the Appeal. (Why not ask him to respond to the CCOG letter?) Hit where it hurts – money!

    3)Are we acting out of respect by doing this? AAA had perhaps once upon a time deserved respect; but not anymore. The time for the Chamorro custom of “respeto” is gone! Even the “mamamko” are coming out against him. AAA has consistently shown that he is NOT DESERVING of “respeto”, so let’s not show him any. Let’s, on the other hand, STAND UP TO HIM. “Fanohgi, Chamorro; fanohgi Katoliko!”

    Many more major issues can be noted here (and may be in the future), but “sufficient for the day, is its evil thereof”. Let’s start with these!

    On your mark! Get set! Let’s go! Despite the boo-boo in the Umatuna, the Appeal begins this Wednesday, February 18, not April 18

  15. It's now Feb. 18. past the deadline set by the CCOG for Apuron to respond. And, as expected, No Response. What's the next step?