Wednesday, March 25, 2015


For those who are wondering about Rome's apparent inaction, maybe this will help.

Judging and firing bishops and due process in the church

P.S. I'm neither a fan of NCR nor Reese, but the article is completely objective and factual.

Regardless of everything stated here. There is one thing we have control over: the money.


  1. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaMarch 25, 2015 at 2:57 PM

    This was a very interesting and informative read. My personal "take-aways" are that:

    • The "best" we can hope for is that AAA will be invited to resign/retire ASAP although the author points out that "Bishops in conflict with their priests and people tend to stay in office UNTIL RETIREMENT AGE." and

    • We will not know what the findings of the Apostolic Visitators are since the author acknowledges that the process [of encouraging the resignation/retirement of a bishop] " … is NOT TRANSPARENT. The investigator makes a CONFIDENTIAL REPORT to Rome, which is NOT SHARED with the bishop or his diocese."

    So we pray … and wait … and pray …

  2. We're screwed! At least for now. Until someone can step forward and expose all they know we can only make noise and pray. Then again we can wait for another RMS product to demonstrate their incompetence. Which should give us a measure of hope. Hang in there gang, the True Church is on our side.

  3. It's depressing to think that we will continue to suffer and watch Guam's genuine Catholic Church deteriorate without relief over the next 5 years....

  4. This article just about kills any hope I had clung on to. If it's true that Apuron doesn't have to retire at 75, then we are indeed screwed as Joseph so aptly put it. Given his behavior, we can be certain no amount of inviting will convince Apuron to give up his office and the perks he bestows upon himself. Plus if he can't be a tool for Kiko, then he'd be useless to absolutely everybody. And you just know he won't be having any of that.

    The only small gleam of hope remaining is that this sitting pope seems to be unafraid to set an example and buck the trends. Maybe he'll get fed up with Apuron's antics and make him the first bishop to be officially FIRED. Pope Francis, if you're looking to clean house, we nominate Apuron to be the first to go. Then all your other rogue clergymen will know you mean business.