Sunday, March 1, 2015


Dear Archbishop Apuron,

I am fairly sure that it is you who keeps bringing up the name of "the man" who you told Fr. Paul to fire. I'm just going to call him "the man", because I am not going to keep dragging his name out in public like you do. I know it's you because people close to you tell me when they recognize your comments. And if it's not you, then it's one of your thugs.

Having had all your lies about Fr. Paul and "the man" exposed, you appear to be sleeplessly insistent on tearing the man down over and over, as if by doing so, you can somehow redeem yourself and make your big lie go away. How sad, especially for a bishop of the Church. 

What is the man supposed to do? Submit himself to your public whippings forever? 

He committed a grave crime as a young man. He went to jail for 20 years. In jail he sought to change his life. He was released on parole. He went to school. He satisfactorily fulfilled the terms of his parole. He reconciled with his Church. He married. He got a job. He had children. He is a rare example of how the system of corrections is supposed to work, not to mention the Church! 

Yet you, the bishop of that Church, want to flog him over and over because you were caught in your Gennarini-Pius manufactured lie. 

And in your mad, incessant lust to wound this man to assuage the pain of having been exposed a liar, have you given any thought to the victim's family? Does it occur to you that your dragging this into view after 30 years is possibly wounding them all over again? You even keep sending me comments with the victim's name, like the one you just sent. 

How selfish is that? 

Archbishop Apuron, my brother was murdered 25 years ago. My parents went through hell. In the end the only way they could move on was by moving on. I don't know if they ever forgave his killer. Maybe they did. But whether they did or not, their only peace came with time and distance from the memory. Thank God there was no one like you in their lives to drag out the crime over and over. 

And speaking of moving on, it's time you do. 

Tim Rohr

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