Sunday, March 1, 2015


Dear Archbishop Apuron,

I am fairly sure that it is you who keeps bringing up the name of "the man" who you told Fr. Paul to fire. I'm just going to call him "the man", because I am not going to keep dragging his name out in public like you do. I know it's you because people close to you tell me when they recognize your comments. And if it's not you, then it's one of your thugs.

Having had all your lies about Fr. Paul and "the man" exposed, you appear to be sleeplessly insistent on tearing the man down over and over, as if by doing so, you can somehow redeem yourself and make your big lie go away. How sad, especially for a bishop of the Church. 

What is the man supposed to do? Submit himself to your public whippings forever? 

He committed a grave crime as a young man. He went to jail for 20 years. In jail he sought to change his life. He was released on parole. He went to school. He satisfactorily fulfilled the terms of his parole. He reconciled with his Church. He married. He got a job. He had children. He is a rare example of how the system of corrections is supposed to work, not to mention the Church! 

Yet you, the bishop of that Church, want to flog him over and over because you were caught in your Gennarini-Pius manufactured lie. 

And in your mad, incessant lust to wound this man to assuage the pain of having been exposed a liar, have you given any thought to the victim's family? Does it occur to you that your dragging this into view after 30 years is possibly wounding them all over again? You even keep sending me comments with the victim's name, like the one you just sent. 

How selfish is that? 

Archbishop Apuron, my brother was murdered 25 years ago. My parents went through hell. In the end the only way they could move on was by moving on. I don't know if they ever forgave his killer. Maybe they did. But whether they did or not, their only peace came with time and distance from the memory. Thank God there was no one like you in their lives to drag out the crime over and over. 

And speaking of moving on, it's time you do. 

Tim Rohr


  1. ReadIng this letter tonight gave tears to my eyes. Why ? So many looked to the church on Guam,to archbishop apuron, to find a deeper faith and living a catholic spirituality.unfortunately in nearly twenty three years of knowing this bishop only pain, and no peace evolved from his priestly episcopal ministry. A ministry that destroye so many. For years we tolerated him at pain to ourselves, suffering in silence as part of the cross. More important now is the gift of peace. To let go of all past hurts resentments, pains of what Could have been, and seek only the pace and presence of the Lord. More than ever before I am praying for bishop Apuron, that what ever time he has left as bishop of Guam, he serve the lord living in the hearts of his most broken priests who need him the most.

    1. I too will pray for him, that he abandon the wickedness that he chose over the faithful Catholics. How sad is it that the we have an unfaithful archbishop who built his carreer and his fortunes, neglecting the faithful Catholics who had looked up to him for guidance and spiritual strength as the island's spiritual leader. His betrayal has hurt those who trusted him all these years since he became a bishop in 1983. Yes, we trusted him and, for the most part, did not question him about his decisions and the direction he's taken for our archdiocese which was a BIG MISTAKE on our part.
      Let us now work together, the faithful laity, priests, deacons, and other religious to mitigate the damage caused by an errant archbishop. For those sitting on the fence and watching this "drama" play out instead of helping out your complacency will come back to bite you where it hurts. I and many others who are fighting the good fight care about the future of our Church and our souls.

  2. This is an old incantation for the 2nd Sunday of Lent.
    "Attende, Domine"

    Attende, Domine,et miserere,
    Quia peccavimus tibi.

    Ad te, Rex summe, redemptor,
    Oculos nostros sublevamus flentes,
    Exaudi Christe, supplicantum preces

    Attende, Domine

    Dextera Patris, lapis angularis,
    Via salutis, janua coelestis,
    Ablue nostri maculas delicti

    Attende, Domine

    Rogamus, Deus, tuam majestatem :
    Auribus sacris gemitus exaudi :
    Crimina nostra placidus indulge

    Attende, Domine

    Tibi fatemur crimina admissa :
    Contrito corde pandimus occulta :
    Tua, Redemptor, pietas ignoscat.

    Attende, Domine

    This incantation is so appropriate during this lenten period, for all of us but more specifically for brother Anthony since he lost his way, hanging around the wrong crowd.

    Sorry for my feeble English translation but here we go. .

    Listen to us Lord

    Listen to us Lord and give us your mercy,
    Because we have sinned against you.

    Towards you heavenly King, redemptor of all men,
    We raised our crying eyes.
    Christ grant us the wishes of our prayers.

    Right hand of the father, corner stone,
    Way of salvation and gate of the heavens,
    Wash away the filth of our sins

    God we pray to your heavenly majesty,
    Open your ears to our needs.
    in all your goodness forgive our sins

    We confess the faults we have committed,
    Our hearts atone for the secrets of our sins.
    May in all your goodness be the redemptor of our sins.

  3. Amen! Thanks Tim for this well worded lesson in life..... I only hope and pray that the NEO followers understand the complexity of human nature and move on from this stone that for somewhat reason continues to be cast. To the Lastimoza family, thanks for your perseverance and continued faith every time your faith is tested by these unforgiving people of little faith of the power of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. When I’m finished here in the states, I hope to one day finally retire in Guam. I truly believe that we, thru the power of prayer, will regain control of our One Holy Apostolic Catholic Church.

  4. Sadly, we can't force the Bishop to resign, even with financial pressure. If the sources are up-to-date and correct, he will linger until his resignation or when the Pope tells him its time to go.

    It is up to the Holy See to make this right. It really doesn't seem like AAA will step down anytime soon UNLESS directed by the Pope.

    1. Archbishop of Malta resigned in Oct. last year citing exhaustion as the reason for his resignation. He was 68 years old when he resigned. Pope Francis has named Bishop Charles Scicluna as the new archbishop. There is hope for us still.

  5. It would serve the best interest of the church if archbishop simply offered his resignation on health grounds. This gives Rome the freedom what to do. It a
    So provides a gracious access for his excellency. Comes a time in life when we do have to let go and allow new administrations to take over. This alllows for a healthy dynamic church. Holding onto power to the bitter end serves no interest to anyone nor even the bishop. Seems bishop Apuron has five years. He could retire early enjoy another ten years of working with NCW and perhaps would be haiwr himself. Often think he cannot be happy with all the unrest now circulating Guam.. Beat to discover peace, live In peace with the Lord. bishop had 25 years as bishop of Giam, there comes a time when he should freely let go for spiritual growth. And at the end of the day Archbishop there is life beyond San Ramon hill.

  6. Hey Tony! Resign now so that you can leave your legacy behind or whatever's left of it!

  7. Tony, resign and enjoy early retirement while you're still healthy enough to get around, travel, visit your friends, sing karaoke, and enjoy drinks with your pals. What?? You're saying you're enjoying all those things now?! Leche Ten!

  8. As per "the man" who is AAA not to forgive!!! God forgives and "the man" is trying to get back to the church. GOD FORGIVES......AAA needs to go join his Neo and leave US and our churches, and Priests alone. Its so sad I saw the mass in Agana and no one around besides him and Adrain more people in the choir than the people on church doesn't he get the message? No one wants him anymore and I've been told that the Catholic especially from Santa Rita parishioners have NO respect for him!!! Bib a Katoliko.