Monday, March 2, 2015


KUAM photo
A February 26, KUAM news report says that the family of the deceased person who was exhumed and reburied with another relative and whose casket was apparently just discarded in the jungle behind the crypt, is looking at taking legal action against those who are responsible. 

During the tenure of Msgr. James as Director of the Catholic Cemeteries, the person responsible would have been Msgr. James, not just because he was the director, but because the Catholic Cemeteries fell under the Archdiocesan Development Group, which he also headed. 

However, upon removing Msgr. James as Director of the Archdiocesan Development Group (ADG) last July, Archbishop Apuron also decreed the dissolution of the ADG (Prot. 2014-040). This means that there is no ADG and the Catholic Cemeteries is the direct responsibility of Archbishop Apuron.

I was able to confirm with primary sources that the exhumation occurred approximately three weeks ago. Msgr. James has not had any authority at the cemetery since last July. So guess who the family can sue? (And while you're at it throw in the director and the rest of the board.)* 

But sue him or not, the question is: Will we see Archbishop Apuron crucify his new neo-administrators of the cemetery for their serious negligence the way he so gleefully crucified Msgr. James? NOT. 

Another day, another demonstration of absolute buffoonery and incompetence by Archbishop Apuron and his silly band of kiko-thugs. In fact, this picture of the empty, rusting casket, discarded in the jungle is emblematic of all they have done to this diocese and its people. 

Note to family: he's got that nice half-million dollar pad up there in Adacao. Here's the link. And his friends have that really cool 40 million dollar property just up the road from the jungle where they dumped your grandmother's casket. 

Rusty casket discovered in jungle near Togcha

Posted: Feb 20, 2015 5:18 PM PGT by Krystal Paco.  Guam - A southern resident uncovered an opened casket in the jungle. Yona mayor Ken Joe Ada shared an alarming photo with KUAM News after a resident reported finding the casket just behind the Togcha Cemetery crypts earlier today. Mayor Ada says this is a new find as the reporting individual visits the cemetery frequently and this is the first he's seen of the casket.  The incident has been forwarded to police for further investigation.

Yona mayor: family paid for casket to be exhumed

Posted: Feb 26, 2015 9:58 AM PGT by Sabrina Salas Matanane. Guam - It was last week KUAM News reported an unusual incident, where a discarded casket was discovered behind the crypts at Togcha Cemetery. Yona mayor Ken Joe Ada confirms that he has spoken to a family member, who says she paid $6,000 for her grandmother to be exhumed and reburied with another relative. She was very upset to hear that the original casket was simply thrown in the jungle by the contractor. Mayor Ada advised the family to look into possible legal action regarding the incident.

Rusted casket found at Yona's Togcha cemetery

March 1, 2015. A Yona resident had a big surprise when he went into the jungle on Feb. 20 behind a crypt at the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Togcha. There, he discovered an old, rusty casket.

* Jackie Terlaje is listed by Zoom info as the Secretary of the Board of Directors for The Catholic Cemeteries of Guam, Inc. She is also reported to be in charge of the cemeteries. The two executive directors are Msgr. David C. Quitugua and Joseph Terlaje (Jackie's husband). Other board members are reported to be Dennis Santo Tomas and Roland San Augustine (whose family owns Reliable Funeral Services which is clearly a conflict of interest - but then he's a neo too. In fact, they are all neos...and they are ALL responsible! Good luck to the family. 

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