Thursday, March 19, 2015


How "fitting" (sadly), that this "incident" occurred on the very day the Redemptoris Mater Seminary celebrates its patron: St. Patrick.

In fact, since the incident occurred earlier in the day, Archbishop Apuron had to be aware of it when he celebrated the feast at the seminary that evening.

But rather than addressing the issue forthrightly, as he should have, he said this:
"...the people who criticize us don' t realize that the (priests of) Redemptoris Mater Seminary is like  St Patrick, going out on missions to evangelize the world."
This is extremely pathetic. Comparing the priests of RMS to St. Patrick. Wow. 

First, let's get this straight. Whereas St. Patrick faced brutal hardships and constant danger, your RMS boys are sent into comfortable Catholic parishes where they assist in the deconstruction of existing parishes from within while being wined and dined and feted by their neo-communities (and apparently offered their subjects' daughters as a bonus). 

But let's get back to your statement to the press.

You have "accepted" the resignation of Fr. Luis Camacho? Really? What a stupid thing for your vice-chancellor to say. Who is in control here? You or him? What if he didn't submit his resignation? What about your job? What about simply and immediately removing him - since you knew what he really did! 

Don't give us that canonical investigation stuff. Never mind that it was "consensual". That has nothing to do with your duty as bishop to act immediately in this case. But you didn't. In fact, it appears you did NOTHING until the media started pounding on your door a day after the incident, just like you did with the incident at St. Thomas. In both cases, the perpetrators were your beloved neo's. 

You mean to tell us that you didn't know about this? That's even worse. You are the bishop, the father of these priests, the religious superior of the diocese. And you didn't know that one of your "sons" had been arrested? 

You did know. And you knew when you celebrated the very institution which produced him that night. Yet you used the occasion to criticize us!

And "faculties....restricted"?

Do you really think we are too stupid to know what that means? That means he will go underground into your neo-network where you can hide him but will be permitted to celebrate the sacraments in your little closed communities JUST LIKE WADESON. Meanwhile, you were all so ready to kick good priests like Fr. Paul and Msgr. James completely out of the diocese. 

What a farce!

And how long are you going to hide behind the police report WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. Those words "canonical investigation" mean "it's none of your business". That's what that means. That means its an internal affair so go away. 

Not this time, archbishop. Not this time!

You were in such a hurry to validate your seminary by having it produce a Chamorro priest, any Chamorro priest, ready or not, just so you could keep up the farce that RMS was a seminary "for Guam". So you pumped out Fr. Luis and then almost immediately made him a pastor, putting him down there in the south all by himself. And now you are going to send another RMS product down there who is even greener behind the ears than Baby Louie? 

What a disaster!

Archbishop, take your RMS children and go play someplace else in Kiko-land. Holy Father, send us a real bishop who has enough sense not to make children pastors...and who don't help themselves to ours.

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