Thursday, March 19, 2015


CCOG village meeting tonight. 
Yigo. Gym. 6pm. 
This one will be a "little different".


  1. We all look forward to be there tonight. Fanogue Chamorro!

  2. Yes, GIVE THANKS TO APURON, the Jungle Watch blog is now read by more and more not only by Non-Neos, but also by Neos too, as well. And that's because the Jungle Watch is factual, informative and entertaining (due to the comments). Not like the Umatuna Si Yuus which has become a propaganda sheet for Apuron and the other fools on the hill.

  3. I like reading it because of all the trash talk

    1. One who revels in trash talk wallows in a pig sty. The jungle watch is not for him/her since he/she cannot rise above a level of accountability. Most of the readers here seek to get enlightened by facts and figures presented by Mr. Rohr, and I agree with 4:23 pm who said that the Archdiocesan paper has devolved into a propaganda machinery and veered away from the truth - except for the occasional canned news culled from other Catholic networks in the mainland. How laughable that the editorial staff participates in this horrid journalistic sin. Inglorious "basterds"!

    2. @5:03PM....trash talk? The word EXCARDINATION seems to be ringing in my ears. My brain needs a little jolt here. Ah yes, it is slowly coming back to me. More to come.

    3. Luis camacho case has to be investigated forwarded to. Rome. congregation for Doctrine of Faith studies these cases. Suspect he will be ok as it's not a minor. however he must receive a just punishment for his behavior.


  4. Yes thousands of people all over the world are reading about camacho.

    Even Vatican City was informed about the disturbing events in Archdiocese of Guam.

  5. And I like reading it because there are learned men and women who are knowledgeable about the history and laws of the church and or spend time doing research to provide intelligent factual information with an added touch of humor for good measure. We have a lot to be grateful in this mess. I hadn't gone to the Jungle in a few days and true to form the island Catholics have been turned upside down yet again and whole world is watching. How much more do we need to endure of this fiasco with apuron. I am not making any excuses for the young priest's behavior either getting arrested or resigning. I do feel very concerned for him. Who knows what stress he has been under. His being immature had been mentioned several times previously on this blog, Just because you are a favorite doesn't mean all is OK it can also be a burden. He has been arrested, resigned and he has not yet been proven guilty. He has left a spiritual calling and been embarrassed publically in the community and world wide. If he is immature I do hope one of the "healthy priests" his family and friends will reach out to him during this extremely difficult time for him and the island, I also hope "healthy" people have reached out to the girl and her family.

    As I said I am not condoning the behavior nor am I judging them. I am just concerned they are young and this is something that is getting island wide and world wide attention. I am praying and I ask you to pray also that they are being supported in healthy ways so they can adequately handle their emotions to survive this traumatic experience and attention and the same for their families and friends and all Catholics who are deeply concerned and rightly so.

    Please please God our dear Heavenly Father, our Blessed mother and all the angels and saints do something on this island for Guahan's Catholic before we have any more human disaster and spiritual upset and so right action occurs for all those concerned.


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