Thursday, March 19, 2015


A friendly reminder that our next meeting is tonight at Yigo Gym at 6 pm.  Next we will be in Agana Heights community Center on March 23 at 6 Pm and Mangilao Community Center on March 26 at 6 pm.

Mia Rohr will be on EWTN on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at 10:00 am.

Terri Untalan says the rosary at 3:00 pm daily at the gates of the Chancery.  Please join her in prayer.



You can download a copy of the presentation notes here or you can pick up a hard copy at the meeting for $3.
You can download copy of the presentation documents here or you can pick up a hard copy at the meeting for $6.

A copy of the book TARGET EQUALS PRIEST - The Neocatechumenal Way and the Mission to Destroy Fr. Paul Gofigan will be available at no charge. Donations for reprints are appreciated. 


  1. If CCOG hasn't already done so, it would be Great if they would present an OUTLINE of "How to Establish a Non-Profit Organization" and provide a template that concerned parishioners can follow. For those of us who live in "Capuchin" parishes, please explain why we need to establish a non-profit organization before 3/26 (presentation at Mangilao).

    1. Capuchin parishes are still under the purview of the archdioces. Capuchins are really only allowed to minister on Guam at the invitation of the archbishop. All parishes need a non-profit because all parishes are required to remit a portion of their monthly collections to the archdioces and you really don't have any say in the matter. Therefore, for every dollar you put in the basket, you're contributing indirectly to the RMS and NCW.

    2. If AAA succeeds with his factory of NEO Presbyters; then all parishes regardless if it is run by the Capuchin's will be at risk of a NEO takeover.....It may take years..... but look at how many NEO Presbyters are there today and in formation at this non-accredited and non-affiliated Seminary who has ghost professors on their website that no longer live in Guam..... Yes every parish needs to set up its own Non-Profit Organizational fund to safe-guard the parish that was built from our families blood and sweat. Prayers from a distance for reconciliation and for the 20% that are lost to this cult called the NEO WAY to return to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. The NEO Leaders need to take their lies and coercion to another place other than Guam. They also need to return the properties illegally transferred to back to the true Catholics in Guam.


  2. Thank's Vangie and God Bless Tim Rohr and all who are involved in the CCOG committee.
    Please join us and hear for yourself on what's happening. The truth shall be heard.
    Fanogue Chamorro.

  3. If the NCW takes over all the parishes, I'm afraid that they might just change their religion. I hear it out there and I tell them to be strong and pray for our Mother Church. Please Lord help us.
    Pedro Santos