Thursday, March 19, 2015

LUKE 12:3

So we get our first glimpse of how the archdiocese is going to handle this. 

First, the chancery's release to the press does not bear the name of the Archbishop, just the vice-chancellor. Why is this? The statements to the press with public accusations against Msgr. James of July 29 and 31, 2014 both were undersigned by the Archbishop personally. Obviously the statement about Fr. Luis was signed by a low level chancery official to minimize the incident.

And then there's this:
Sexual Abuse Response Coordinator Deacon Larry Claros told Variety yesterday that he would not be involved in the incident.

First, there's the funny reference to "the incident", and it is probably how Claros himself referred to it, so the Marianas Variety just copied his words. 

Just an FYI, Deacon, "the incident" was whatever happened between Fr. Luis and the girl. What you meant to say, and I'll say it for you, is that you will "not be involved in the investigation of the incident."

So then our next question is why?

I'll tell you why (since you won't). Because any involvement by Deacon Claros, the Sex Abuse Response Coordinator, in the investigation, would be an admission that the "incident" involved...well, SEX. 

But if the incident only involved Fr. Louis sitting in a car with a girl, then what's up with the resignation?

Here's my suggestion: 

COME CLEAN about the whole incident now. 

What haven't you learned from two years filled with lies? That's why you are in the hole you are in now. 

After Fr. Paul produced a copy of the letter terminating the employment of the registered sex offender dated 2011 and proving that he had obeyed you as ordered, all you had to say was "Sorry. My mistake." But no. You changed the charge and went after him ever more viciously even slandering him to his fellow clergy with the filthiest of allusions. 

When Msgr. James produced the evidence that most if not all of your allegations against him were unfounded, you could have at least said "Maybe there's a misunderstanding. Let's talk." But no. You doubled down on him and raped him in the press week after week.

When Mr. Untalan and the other members of the AFC refused to hand over the title of the deca-million dollar Yona property to your neocat buddies, you could have simply tried to convince him of the reasons you wished to restrict the use of the property to the Neocatechumenal Way. Mr. Untalan was even in the Way at the time and was even a member of YOUR OWN community. He might have seen it your way. But no, you secretly gave control of the property to the neocats and then you berate and fire Mr. Untalan and your dingbat VG accuses him of a "vulnus" against you. WTH!

When RMS was exposed as a neo-only seminary and not the diocesan seminary you lied about it being for 15 years, you could have said, "That's right. I wasn't forthcoming about the true nature of the seminary. I apologize. I'm going to see to it that RMS truly trains men for the diocesan priesthood." But no, you created a second sham seminary because - and these are your words - "that's what they want." And then you snickered in private - or so you thought - about how those guys at JP2 think they're going to be diocesans. 

What haven't you learned, Archbishop? 
Therefore whatever you have said in the darkness will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered behind closed doors will be proclaimed on the housetops. (Luke 12:3) 

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