Friday, March 20, 2015


We are told that you are not going to coordinate an investigation into the Fr. Luis matter because no allegation of sexual abuse has been filed.

Is that true?

You may want to check with the Archbishop. Thanks to our allies - which are everywhere - we have in our possession a copy of said allegation.

Would you rather get it from the Archbishop or would you like us to post it here?

We'll give you the weekend to think about it. And then we are going to expect a new statement from your office on Monday, and not another...

“A statement has been made and the statement stands,” Claros said. you gave to the Marianas Variety yesterday.

In fact, if we don't hear a voluntary statement from you by Monday, we'll send a copy of the allegation to the press...a la Apuron style.

Just an FYI. Telling the truth is really a whole lot easier. 

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