Friday, March 20, 2015


Given that people are now motivated to take public action, maybe now is a good time to re-share this post from November of 2013 (back when we only had 40,000 views.) You may need to remember what I recount here when people tell you to sit down and shut up (i.e. "obey the archbishop"). 


  1. I will echo the first comment by an anonymous individual who responded to your post back in Nov. 2013, Tim: “Do Not Be Silenced! You are a Watchman as the word is defined in the Bible.”

    We have you and your informative blog to be grateful for. Without your model of courage and model of militancy for upholding and preserving authentic Catholicism, a majority of us would still be in the dark; still being boondoggled by this hierarchy of our Catholic Church on the island. We’ve escaped from this hierarchy-imposed darkness and are seeing it all clearly, now. Thank you, Tim.

    1. It was very brave of you, Tim, to help save that student's life. I am a teacher and hope I would have that much courage if such a situation would present itself. But who knows? We don't know how we will respond until the situation presents itself.

    2. Thanks, but I would decline on the word "brave". I was in my twenties. You know, that age when you don't think you're gonna die? Been wanting to write a book about my years in the Caribbean. Crazy. Lived in an abandoned hotel with a bunch of heroin addicts. Rode my bike through the jungle every day to get to where I worked and came across many serious dreaded dudes with machine guns and machete's. I learned to say "iree deh mon" and wave. They left me alone. Of course it helped that I looked like a crazed terrorist myself (full beard and a bush of hair). Slept on beaches where others got shot. The stuff one does when you're young. Maybe someday.

  2. Fr.Matthew BlockleyMarch 21, 2015 at 7:54 PM

    It is in the shanty towns we learn the truth Tim. it is in the mess of life we experience God. your experience of life and church has helped so many of us Tim. You are an inspiration to so many who seek truth, Justice , always with compassion.