Sunday, March 22, 2015


Our priest said today at Mass that the blog has NO REASON to crucify Luis. Jesus said "forgive them they know not what they do".

"The Blog" has not crucified Luis. "The Blog" has done more to take the side of Fr. Luis than has Apuron, who did not bother to defend him. "The Blog" has argued in Fr. Luis' behalf that he is the real victim in this. "The Blog" has reached out to Fr. Luis, encouraging him and letting him know that he would be more than forgiven if he simply tells the truth with true contrition.

Commenters will be commenters, but they are NOT "the Blog". "The Blog" is Tim Rohr and Tim Rohr only. And Tim Rohr permits all comments including this one:

  1. Fuck you Tim, you scumbag asshole!
The only comments I don't publish are those which accuse priests by name who are not yet objects of investigation or have not already been publicly named.

So you all will need to forgive the priest for what he said about "the blog" for he knows not what he does (though I think he knows exactly what he does).

And as for Anonymous at 10:50 PM, no need to forgive you as I have taken no offense. I am quite used to receiving such "fruit".

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