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Presbitero neocat arrestato: la solita doppia morale dei neocatekikos

It's kind of fun to see the story in Italian.

Here is a google translation of the story on the Italian blog in case you are unable to translate it:

The news on the pages of the news is that the police arrested, identified and then released a Neocatechumenal priest having sex with a minor, it is presumed consent. The arrest was due to the fact that the pastor had taken her away from school, taking it in the car to go to the beach chosen for acts against the sixth commandment.

In this page we intend to report on the event. We intend instead to comment on the mentality Neocatechumenal  you might notice about the news and other circumstances.

First of all you can be sure that the girl's family did not denounce the pastor Neocatechumenal.The family, in fact, is the Neocatechumenal itself. The girl is Neocatechumenal. In the absence of a complaint, everyone - starting with the same girl - they are convinced that the episode was all in all a fling any and that's gone bad just because there coincidentally passed the police and caught them: "Ah, rascal! The next time you are more careful! " 
Sectarianism Neocatechumenal (dog eat dog) is always negative educational impact.

In the Neocatechumenal Way is a distorted view of grace and sin. Kiko Argüello and Carmen Hernandez, founder of the Way, go on about their so-called "catechesis" that man can not sin . "  The idea is so rooted that in the "public confessions" and "turns of experiences" Neocatechumenals (young and not so young) magnify sins or even invent them, because they fear being scolded by so-called "catechists". But the oddity of ' 'man who can not sin "  leads subtly to distrust of divine grace, that is let go with carelessness in sins of all kinds - not only sexual - and then say that we are all sinners so much and the Lord after us already forgiven . It so happens that in Italy as in Guam on the other side of the world, many young girls go Neocatechumenal maliciouslyteasing seminarians kikiani seminars Redemptoris Mater for the "taste of the forbidden", because it is more "transgressive" sin with one that was up " in front of Kiko with the apparent aim of devoting themselves to the Lord ... And so, in Italy as in Guam, the little girl under age "there is" the seminarian NC (NC or priest) in heat. So, the next round of experiences " at last there is a nice peccatone to tell, "I am disgusting," "the Lord forgives" ...

Seminarians and priests often Neocatechumenal ambo vomit  sermons  from  porn movies  on fornication and drunkenness of which confess candidly to sense a lack: "I think I have probably two or three children scattered around ...." During the Mass! Because the content educational seminars kikiani Redemptoris Mater always beats on that nail, as wonder that the priest arrested in Guam has been found to do "certain things" with a minor? After all, "a man can not sin"  and, as he says the ' hereticArguello:  "The Lord has already forgiven you ... then, if you want tomorrow seal it in confession .... "

Yeah, that's right: by dint of " public confessions ", are now known throughout the Guam skeletons in the closet  of every seminarian Neocatechumenal. Both the latter are well aware that when they make a mess are now easily transferred from their so-called "catechists" in some other kikomunità  Neocatechumenal: you know, he left for the mission, for the missionary needs, for the ' implantation ecclesiae, that's him always been a brave missionary ... The leadership of neocatekikos are always ready to cover the misdeeds of its Praetorian Guard.

Click on the picture of the press release, on top of this page. When the newspaper was leaked the news of last Tuesday, the curia neocatecumenalizzata Guam issued a terse statement in which warns that the bishop has accepted the resignation "  of the Neocatechumenal priest arrested, that "the alleged offense, according to the department Police Guam, is the "custodial interference" '  (having illegally taken over a minor), that "the archdiocese has launched an investigation canonical "  and suspended the priest from his duties. Can you notice the innuendo curial ? That's right, there they were:

  1. the bishop neocat he just did not punish the priest neocat: no, only has accepted "  the resignation, which in itself does not indicate any recognition of guilt ... that generous garantismo!
  2. The police seized the priest neocat in the act, but for the curia the offense is only alleged "... But when it was estimated diocesan priests who refused to celebrate the liturgical blunders Kiko, these priests were immediately vilified on diocesan newspaper , punished without their knowledge, changing the locks of the house while they were called to the Curia rectory without explanation, accused of damage or nonexistent famously made ​​by others, etc ...
  3. the diocese must make a ' canonical investigation , " as if to say that the dirty clothes, if they are neocat, are more special than others (and wash neocat family ... is a ' canonical investigation, guys! do not interfere! tacete the issue, us!)
  4. suspension from the "functions" only affects the parish: the poor little priest neocat continue to celebrate Masses Neocatechumenal Saturday night ... waiting for a new destination "missionary" of implantation ecclesiae:  after all priests Redemptoris Mater are "diocesan missionaries" is not it?
  5. and curia in Guam have heard the bishop of the arrested priest neocat neocat talk in these terms: but after all it is a great guy ... "
Do you understand how the Way?

Of katekisti laity, in honor of the idol Kiko, state that you must be "priest", and it becomes even though many monsters attitudes very little priesthood (in the case of the arrested, the young man was none other than the first Chamorro -  a native of Guam - to be ordered after ten years of "training" in the seminar kikiano). No matter what you are ignorant of the things of faith, never mind the fact that you know only to obey katekisti  the Way, no matter who you is unable to celebrate something other than the antics liturgical Neocatechumenal ... it only matters that katekisti you have chosen, you have done "raise" in front of Kiko, you have done to make a few 'years in cotton wool of a house known as kikiana "Redemptoris Mater seminary" to repeat the nonsense typical of communities neocat, and paff! ...  you find yourself equipped with the sacrament of orders. Maybe just because you were the son of some katekista or some neocat eminent in the mood to make a career in the Way [we could do different names and surnames also Italian]. The icing on the cake: the same day (Wednesday, March 18, 2015) in which the curia of neocatecumenalizzata Guam issued the press release, the bishop Neocatechumenal Guam went to seminary Redemptoris Mater kikiano of Guam to celebrate St. Patrick's silence on the arrest and even having the gall to say:

"... The people who criticize us did not understand that [the priests] Redemptoris Mater Seminary are like St. Patrick's Day: go on a mission to evangelize the world."
Just go in a seminar RM to become automatically "like St. Patrick's Day", already, that's right. Word of archbishop.Neocatechumenal. In conclusion: the problem is not "a priest gave scandal." The problem is rather, "despite all the good premises shout in the streets, despite all possible encouragement of the pastors of the Church, despite the good hearts of many of the brothers lowest layer of the Way ... the Way does damage anywhere in the world, in the same way, according to the same mode, always with the same mentality, since its origins. "

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