Friday, March 13, 2015


This Sunday's U Matuna will have a big spread about how the "pope loves the Neocatechumenal Way." Never mind that in his opening remarks to the talk he gave them in Rome last week he made sure that the whole world knew that he did not call the meeting but that it was Kiko who called him. Never mind that he made sure that the whole world knew that he wasn't sending anybody anywhere. And never mind that he did a direct hit on Kiko with his joke about being paid to be there. Our neo-drunk leadership will use the pope as their personal puppet. That's just what they do. Meanwhile...

It has now been almost 90 days since Archbishop Apuron told the parishioners of Yona that he would "find it". "It" being the document permitting the archbishop and his neocats to depart from the liturgical books and even their own statute when they celebrate their eucharist. 
"Rome has approved it", he said, "Rome has given permission for that. And it’s somewhere I need to find out where exactly, but they told us that permission is given."
Since he has obviously been looking hard for "it" for nearly three months, we thought we'd lend a hand. It would look something like this
  • First, it would begin with a couple of Latin words, in this case: MEMORIALE DOMINI. 
  • It would then be followed by a subtitle indicating what the instruction is about, such as: Instruction on the Manner of Distributing Holy Communion
  • And then there would be displayed the name of the issuing sacred congregation, like this: Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship
As the archbishop well knows, matters involving the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy are of such grave importance that absolutely NO variations are permitted without an Instruction coming from the highest levels of the Vatican and specifically the Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship which is the ultimate guardian of the liturgy. 

As you can see from the above referenced document, permitting communion in the hand was of such grave importance that the Sacred Congregation, speaking for the Pope, took great pains to insure against the abuses which caused the church (several centuries earlier) to forbid communion in the hand in the first place. 

Thus we would all be correct to assume that permitting the communicant to consume the Sacred Host while seated, or permitting the priest to delay his communion until after the Sacred Host had been distributed, would require a document of similar gravity. Yet we are told by our own bishop "they told us that permission is given." 

Sorry, Archbishop, that's not going to cut it. MEMORIALE DOMINI is an example of how the Church "tells us". The Church doesn't deal in private messages when it deals with the liturgy, it deals with public instructions and decrees. And you haven't found "it" because you KNOW there is no "it" to find. 

Most disturbing though is who "they" is for you. You are a bishop. As bishop, your only superior is the pope himself. No sacred congregation can issue a formal instruction without speaking directly for the pope. So there is no "they". There is only "he". The pope. Yet you use "they". 

"They" is a reference to your superiors in the Neocatechumenal Way, isn't it, Archbishop? Yes it is! Because then you say "us": "they told us." 

Who is "us", Archbishop? "Us" is a reference to your fellow "walkers" isn't it, Archbishop? So when you say "they told us", you mean your Neo superiors told you and your Neo-brethren, don't you, Archbishop? 

Do you know what this means, Archbishop? It means you are NOT OUR ARCHBISHOP. You are not even a bishop. You are an "us", just one of the brothers, taking orders from your catechist. That puts you outside the Church the rest of us "regular" Catholics belong to, doesn't it, Archbishop?

You see, in our Church, we have a bishop who obeys only the pope. That's the way our hierarchy works, Archbishop: pope - bishop - pastor. There's no place for a catechist or a responsible or a Pius or  a Giuseppe or a Kiko in the hierarchy of the Church we belong to. So you must belong to something different.

We wish you the best in your Walk. For decades, the Catholics of Guam have known how unhappy you were being the bishop of just us "regular" Catholics. They knew you were unhappy because they had no other explanation for how you treated them.

And you have told us yourself how happy you are in your Walk with the Neocatechumenal Way. Obviously you have found your calling, your home, your place, your real faith, your "walk". 

Well, keep walking. 

Dear Rome. The Archdiocese of Agana has been bishop-less for many years. You know what to do. Courage.

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