Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Since I made the original post on this story I have learned the name of the perpetrator. Commenters are welcome to do their own investigation, however, the only thing JungleWatch is interested in is what appears to be a coverup attempt by the chancery and the possibility that it was due to the perpetrator's prominent membership in the Neocatechumenal Way. We all know what the archbishop would have done if the perpetrator was the responsibility of Fr. Paul or Msgr. James. 

When I first read the KUAM story, I thought it a bit odd that the Chancery's March 9, 2015 statement on this matter was only to KUAM instead of a general press release. I also noticed that the statement says the incident occurred in January.

Obviously, the Chancery had no intention of saying anything about this incident until KUAM cornered them last Friday, March 9, two months after the incident.

The Chancery can't say that it was an internal matter because the statement says that the matter was "reported to the police as required by law". 

That makes it a public matter. Yet NOTHING from the Chancery about this? Hmmmm. Why's that? 

As we have seen, Archbishop Apuron has no trouble going to the press, releasing damning statements against Fr. Paul Gofigan and Msgr. James Benavente. But nothing here. 

Could it be this:

The teacher is an active member of the NCW and a close friend of the woman you thought was "Diana." Her behavior was abominable!

By the way, Larry, WHERE IS WADESON? I'll be back.

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