Tuesday, March 10, 2015


On December 5, 2013, I posted the following under the post title: WHO SAID THIS?

(Said to the girls present):  
"Watch for men, they will say anything to get you and then they will treat you like an orange. They will suck all the sweet juice out of you and when there is no more juice left and you are dry they will spit you out and throw you away." 
I then added:
I think I'll reserve my comments for something good later. 
Well "later" has arrived, and it's time for some comments.

Fr. "O.J.", as he has come to be called after it became known that this was his comment, gives a shockingly diseased view of the dark underbelly of Kiko's voracious vocations machine.

As noted elsewhere on this blog, in the clerical world, vocations, specifically the quantity of vocations, is the ticket to the next "hat". Bishops whose dioceses have a growing number of vocations are viewed as leaders worthy of advancement in the world of church leadership, if only in title. 

Kiko Arguello knew that in order for his new church to grow long term, he would need a cadre of bishops who would be beholden to him. And in order to make them beholden to him he needed to give them what they needed to advance: vocations - priests and nuns.

Thus for years he has set out to do what no other lay religious movement has set out to do: set up his own seminaries and convents so as to mass-produce the currency so badly needed by bishops desirous of their own advancement but who were too lazy or inept to produce their own.

We see this played out at every major Kiko-event. Kiko puts out an evangelical-pastor-like altar-call for vocations to the already emotionally whipped-up youth, and they come forward to be counted by their prophet who then sorts them into his network of vocation machines where they will be molded and folded, stamped and stapled into nice little packages of Kiko-currency ready for delivery to numbers-hungry bishops. 

The problems with this are many. But here are two major ones. 

One is that the normal years-long process of discernment and vocational vetting is now whittled down into an emotional minute where one is swept Pied Piper-like into the stream of the thing, only to wake up - maybe years later - in an unrecognizable life. 

The other is the default second-class status which befalls anyone who doesn't go forward, as if marriage and child-rearing is for the weak, the lesser among us, the unholy. 

Fr. O.J.'s words show us both problems. 

Guys talk like this when they seek to assuage the pain of psycho-sexual frustration. It's a form of psychological masturbation, a mental satiation of gaping, angry hormones. (Going to talk bluntly here.) It's normal bar talk for "old men with broken teeth stranded without love", as Bob Dylan sang of them.

But bar talk is off limits to guys like Fr. O.J., so they mask what is otherwise guttural sexual grunting with thinly veiled fake noble causes. Thus Fr. O.J. pretends his real aim is to protect women. In so doing, he fashions himself the poor maidens' knight, all chivalrous in his clerics and ghetto-tough words, and well-perched upon his own high-horse, he sallies forth to slay the filthy penis-brain dragons who would suck the juice out of his helpless maidens and spit them out when they are dry. 

Oh bravo, bravo, Sir O.J., Bravo!

This is what happens when you mass produce vocations and to hell with the psychological screening and other sound and normal avenues of vetting. You get psycho-sexually imbalanced guys with access to pulpits where they can bully and whip and damage and use the psyches of vulnerable little ones to gratify a never properly addressed sexual rage, however temporary. 

On the flip side, we have normal young men and women whose bodies are telling them to do exactly what God made them to do: find a mate for life and bring new life into the world, more souls for God to love. 

But the Kiko-demand for "currency", for numbers of priests and nuns for Kiko's parade, stretches the psyche of those who would otherwise marry and discards them into a limbo, a sterile no-man's land of para-clerics and para-nuns who cannot bring themselves to the "second-class" life of marriage and family nor can they respond to the call of the religious life because they simply don't have one. 

Girls who would otherwise normally seek a mate are made to fear and hate by the likes of a Fr. O.J., and they shrink into little Kiko-made boxes while their whole being continues to cry out for what God made them for: for life, for love, for a man, for children, for a sacramental sexual union where God - who is a community of persons - is most wholly imaged and worshiped and where "this is my body this is my blood" is ennobled and enfleshed in the two become one. 

Men are NOT what Fr. O.J. says they are. After thirty years of marriage and eleven children I can say that, with the grace of God flowing through the sacrament of marriage, men are what women love and pray them into being. Sadly, thanks to Kiko and Kiko-products like Fr. O.J., it is men who would otherwise be husbands who will be sucked dry and spit out, and women who would otherwise be wives, left to twist and burn. 

And so they do. 

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