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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "DEAR ROME": 

Timothy! Timothy! Timothy!

You just dont know when to stop. Im not sure why you would want to imply something wrong or even suppose something more worse just from a simple picture of the Archbishop and two priests. Im just in disgust by all the sexual comments that you do allow. 
My question to you is this:
Will you continue to fight for what is right even when the tables turn? When I meet with you and share with you the truth of an incident very central to Guam? Will you continue to fight for what is right even when it criminalizes one on your "side"? Will you?
What is so sad is that you and others have created a big divide in the church based on falsehoods. The neos have existed for quite awhile but have never tempted to approach the people with propaganda. It was simple, share the catechesis of the church, invite people to listen, ask them if they would continue, if not, move one. This happened year after year, catechesis after catechesis. There was never any ploy to divide.
A Seminary formed in all of this. After ten years of formation, we started seeing the fruits, Priests! Not once was any priest ordained and assigned to a neo community. No, they were assigned to parishes, they filled the void of so many years. Parishes that were being managed by "borrowed Priests" or "contract priests" were now getting a taste of some consistency. But this didnt satisfy you at all. So many fruits, enough to share with missions around the world and yet you still complain.
Instead, we now have a true and obvious divide. People being told to stop their donations. People being told to go celebrate the sacraments somewhere else. People printing shirts and stickers distinguishing themselves. All this divide. Never seen before til now.
You see, you ultimately want the church to return to an era that worked for you and many others but a few Popes ago, they decided that the church needed to move into a new era, hence the New Evangelization. When will you accept this?
Again, I do have some sense. Im not as dumb as you think and despite your attacks on Fr. Adrian I assure you I am not he.
So as I asked in the beginning, Will you continue the fight? Even when it is one of your own? Your answer to this will prove to me and others that this is not a war between two sides, its a fight for what is right.
Let me know.

-Jokers Wild 

**** MY REPLY****

LOL. You’re such a fool. I know a helluva lot more about these people that you want to bring down than you think I do. But unlike you I don’t have a fetish for people’s past or personal sins. That’s why I haven’t posted any of the pictures John Toves sent me. I don’t care what you all did in the seminary 30 years ago. I don’t even care about all the allegations about your beloved Apuron molesting boys in Agat and elsewhere (though one says he's ready to talk).

What I care about is the abuse of power to ruin other people. What I care about is a bishop who blatantly lies, cheats, steals, and is willing to hurt anybody who stands in his way. What I care about is bishop who abuses the people he is tasked to shepherd in order to serve the filthy likes of Pius and Gennarini. 

So go ahead fool. Spill your trash. The floor of hell is waiting.

Oh, and P.S., you dirty minded fool. I didn’t post the picture to imply something sexual. I posted the picture to show the arrogant, un-vetted asses Apuron is willing to ordain (or should I say ORDERED to ordain), and as I noted in the following post, the sick sadness of how Apuron treats these fools versus our own men. I intend to explain why, and it has nothing to do with sex. But since you’re into that, we shouldn’t be surprised that that is what you thought, should we.

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