Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Dear Anonymous at 12:29 pm

The jungle have always been blasting the Archbishop, so that is nothing new. However, Anonymous at 10:38 am pointed out that the jungle is also blasting Rome. They're saying that Rome doesn't care. They do not understand the reason for Rome's silence. Rome remains silent and does nothing because they support Archbishop Apuron. The Archbishop already said that he has the support of the Pope. Yet, they continue to write their letters and continue to be frustrated of Rome's silence simply because they do not understand. They see Pope Francis removing other Bishops due to graft or corruption, but Pope Francis does not remove the Archbishop of Guam. They do not understand that the Archbishop has done no corruption in removing Father Paul and Monsignor James. There was no corruption in having a perpetual deed on the RM Seminary. There was no corruption in setting up the RM Seminary or the John Paul II seminary. And there was no corruption in denying sponsorship to Aaron Quitugua.  

To the Archbishop, have courage. You followed the Pope when he told you to meet with the parishes. We are all praying for you. Continue to meet with the parishes and remember that the jungle is only a very very small group. They do not represent the entire Catholic faithful. The majority has always been with you. 

LOL. So Apuron is not meeting with the parishes because he cares and because that's his duty, he's meeting with the parishes because Rome told him to do so. Of course we knew that. Apuron hasn't cared about the people of this Archdiocese for three decades, but nice to have Diana confirm this. Oh, and by the way, Diana, THAT's the REAL corruption!

P.S. There is a difference between those who comment on this blog and its administrator, me. I DO KNOW why Rome is silent. Rome is always silent. They do not broadcast what they are going to do. BTW, your dear Apuron got a call last Friday. Apparently they received one of the shoes and thought they'd let Brother Tony know. 

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