Thursday, June 11, 2015


  1. Ummm apuron came out, multiple times to diffuse the situation "for sure, for sure." Can you see right through that!? Saving face, patronizing the peaceful rallying people. That's apuron and the neos tactic, for the past 20 years. Lie to people's faces, point blank, just to shut you up, while the neos steal your money and have sex with Catholic children!

    Just a little too late, don't you think apuron?
    Apuron insists there is no division and all the evil come from "that blog," this blog.

    You naive Toto Parishioners! You think it's that easy, pray here and there and your pastor will be protected? Prayer won't protect your beloved priest, like the others (gofigan and benavente) because they don't pray to the same God you do. apuron and claros, along with the neo leadership are going to hurt you and your pastor more, where it will count. maybe not today, but it will come...for sure, for sure.

    Katolikus, is that all you got? Weak! You are so easily fooled and appeased, you dumb Catholics! Those are surely what apuron, claros and the neos are thinking (oh and saying too, by the way).

    apuron, you want the Catholics to believe you?
    -Put the neos in their rightful place. Leave them as a group within the Catholic Church, not put them in to lead FOR YOU!
    -Exonerate Msgr. James and Fr. Paul, with all others you've maligned, and publicly set things right!
    -Be the Shepherd you claim you are in your 'not self-written' letters

    Show them, Katolikus, no taking naps now...stay awake and stay vigilant!
    No money, no honey!!! Get those neos out of here, especially that poor excuse of a bishop, apuron!!!

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  1. Apuron never had it in him to be a true and faithful spiritual leader. Never had it, never will. Next!!!