Friday, June 19, 2015


  1. Diana says the RMS is self sufficient- here is my response which I know she will not post- 

    What a load of bull. I can show you how the chancery supports RMS. (got tons of leaked documents- years of it) I will forward to the Jungle for publication. Billing statements of various companies, fuel, travel, insurance, banking, wholesale, rentals, and so on. Lots of statements, notices of "non-payment and over due" and other information. The intricate web and back channels that neo parishes have in supporting the seminary, seminarians,and shifting costs so the classify as "parish" employees. Apuron should be careful who he trusts to keep his "secrets" because they are leaking everywhere. Locking file cabinets, limiting access? That is a bit too late. Do not be afraid. I will redact private information but the last names, location of services, amounts will remain to show the TRUTH. The off island contributions are a lie- very rare and 99% sure it came from ncw black trash bags. The archdiocese pays for it well, wait a minute more like doesn't PAY and just owes a ton of vendors.

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