Friday, June 12, 2015


My goal last year was to hit 500,000 views by July 16, 2014, the one year anniversary of Archbishop Apuron's trashing of Fr. Paul Gofigan and the real launch of this blog. We hit it a few days before that date. 

Now, only 11 months later, we are going to hit 3,000,000 views a whole month before the 2nd anniversary of that horrible day. 2,500,000 page views in less than a year. That's an average of a quarter of a million page views per month or about 7,500 views per day. 

That's a lot more interest than what just a local story about a bishop's mistreatment of his priests can generate. The interest is there because Kiko Arguello is a worldwide problem, and - not surprising - our weak and often personally corrupt church leaders are his enablers. 


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