Saturday, August 29, 2015


As I write this a woman is being laid to rest.

It is hard to know how many times she died. 

Surely she died when her son was sent to prison over thirty years ago for taking another person's life. 

Surely she died daily, nightly, hourly as she - like most mothers - probably wondered what she could have done different, what she did wrong, what she could do for the family who lost their child, what she could have done at all...

Though the horrors of those many years must have never been very far from painful memory and regret, imagine her hope that somehow, someway, there could be forgiveness and reconciliation. 

Imagine her hope when her son, after conforming to the penal code, was paroled. Imagine her hope as he quietly, painfully, assiduously, worked his way back into society. Imagine her hope when he returned to the church of his youth. Imagine her hope when he married and gave her grandchildren. 

Imagine her hope that the family her son had wounded might forgive her, might forgive her son, that the God she believed in might assuage and reconcile not just her pain, but theirs too.  

Surely her church gave her hope, her faith gave her promise. Surely there could be redemption, salvation, restoration. Surely.

Thirteen years after her son's release from prison, all seemed quiet, all seemed possible. 


The church on which she relied. The church to which she had entrusted her hope. The church to which she had clung...smashed her world, punished her again, crucified her again, chopped her heart open, killed her again...and again, and again.

No, not "the Church," not the true one, but the church of Apuron and Adrian and David the VG and Pius and Kiko. The church of the Neo god. 

To save their black plan they needed a scapegoat, a blemished lamb. They needed a crime to drive a stake through the heart of Fr. Paul - a sacrifice to the altar of the Neo god. 

Ignoring her son's conversion. Ignoring her son's family. Ignoring her son's mother. Even ignoring the pain of the victim's family that such publicity could possibly resurrect...

...the dark high priests of the church of the Neo god drug her son and his decades old crime into public view so they could flog him with his past, so they could beat him into a demon, so they could chain him to Fr. Paul and damn them both to a living death so that these dark high priests might continue to worship and sacrifice at the altar of the Neo god. 

Her son's name and picture appeared on the front page of the paper, placed there by the church of Apuron, Adrian, David the VG, Pius, and Kiko. Placed there to cover for their own crime. 

I was told she collapsed. Already weak. Already ill. Already old. She did not understand why her son was in trouble again. He wasn't. But she didn't understand. 

This week she died, again. Once more. The last time. Killed. A sacrifice to the church of the Neo god. 

May she at last find peace...even while the dirty war she left behind still rages, and the death of more aging mothers is hastened by the pain of seeing their sons and their vocations sacrificed at that altar of the church of Apuron, Adrian, David, Pius, and Kiko, the church of the Neo god.


  1. Richard NochefrancaAugust 29, 2015 at 1:57 PM

    My wholehearted sympathy goes out to the Lastimoza family. It was a dark day for the Catholic Church when man that was appointed shepherd instigated lies and deception in order to protect the evil cult he invited to infest the island. How can this man live with himself knowing that he put this womb thru such pain all for the sake of covering up his transgretions. Truly a dark serpant in shepherds clothing has divided the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic church in Guam. Rome, are you going to continue to sit idle as the church in Guam continues to be attacked from within? Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us.

  2. Richard NochefrancaAugust 29, 2015 at 1:57 PM

    My wholehearted sympathy goes out to the Lastimoza family. It was a dark day for the Catholic Church when man that was appointed shepherd instigated lies and deception in order to protect the evil cult he invited to infest the island. How can this man live with himself knowing that he put this womb thru such pain all for the sake of covering up his transgretions. Truly a dark serpant in shepherds clothing has divided the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic church in Guam. Rome, are you going to continue to sit idle as the church in Guam continues to be attacked from within? Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us.

  3. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaAugust 29, 2015 at 2:56 PM

    Réquiem ætérnam dona ei, Dómine. 
    Et lux perpétua lúceat ei.
    Requiéscat in pace. Amen.

  4. Since I'm an outsider, when I saw the name in the obituaries in the newspaper I wasn't sure if the lady was related to our Mr. Lastimoza and family. I'm sorry to hear of her suffering and passing. I will pray for her soul and for the healing of her son, his family and their circle of friends.

  5. May she rest in the arms of the Lord.

  6. REALLY TIM...imagining...

    1. Only the part of what the mother went through. We all know the rest of it is true. Documented in fact.

  7. Fr. Matthew Blockley.August 29, 2015 at 4:19 PM

    My prayers for this mother who suffered so much in life because of the Archbishop. This Mother demonstrates that Mothering is the rising spirit even death does not diminish a Mother's love. In the end the only things we keep in life are those we give away - Love.

  8. Our prayers are with the Lastimoza family.

  9. UNCLE SCREWTAPE: Oh Wormwood! Tell me it isn’t so! While the natives have lost a loved one, heaven is bound to receive her in His mercy. How many times must I ingeminate, you must secure the hate or despair in these souls before their final breath; you know very well the unrepentant is who we want!
    WORMWOOD: Oh but Uncle it is the Prized ones I enticed with hate and abuse of their Oath they made to our Enemy and his Mother. Their total disregard to the Holy One has filled our father below with Joy! They have abandoned the Holy of Holies, the Holy Sacrifice, the Holy Alter and The Sacraments….They despise everything sacred, even the Temple of The Holy Spirit!
    UNCLE SCREWTAPE: ….(wimpering) such a lovely sonnet my dear nephew!..... But enough of that! I want them all, little vermin or otherwise, especially those with the collar, they bring us so many souls with them..SO MANY!
    WORMWOOD: Of course Uncle, I’ll do better! Our father below has already issued an expose’ with much indictment for so many….it is a MESS we’ve been hoping for! The Priests of today are the sons of our beloved Judas….Watch as the Kiss of Judas is repeated every day in their so called holy mass! The ABOMINATION is at hand! They have not listened to what the Church says.

  10. Fr. Matthew Blockley.August 29, 2015 at 10:48 PM

    This evening I was going over this post of Tim today. It troubles me greatly but as always I admire the balanced fearless and truthful writing of Tim Rohr.
    I was reflecting on the pain this mother must have experienced in her life. Firstly that her son may have taken a life another. I say may because I personally have no direct evidence he did. But if he did she suffered. Then her son rightly and in justice serves his sentence doing restitution for sins as we all must do before our entrance to the eternal life . At this stage no one is more conscious of this than myself. He served his restitution he paid his debt to society. Grace worked on his human nature transformed him into the living of spiritual depth and character. How proud his mother must have been. Then after years of watching her son change she sees him exposed all,over the media caused by the catholic bishop of Guam . A man who supposed to preach a message of peace, healing, reconciliation and forgiveness. This story is about a bishop who has spent years bring pain to the life of others. It is almost as if he enjoys bringing emotional pain to others. This is a man who does not represent the mercy love of Our God. He does not represent the thousand of good priests of our church, he does not represent the best of our four thousand catholic bishops who in the spirit of pope Francis work for healing. He is certainly no archbishop Flores, and for sure he does not have the character of cardinal tagle. These are men who work for peace in our church. Archbishop has divided the church he has divided families he has divided friends. Between him and Putrid Pius and others they destroyed the moral fibre of Guam's catholic church. Guam above all now needs a bishop who will bring healing to the church. Tonight we as a church seek the forgiveness of this family for the harm the reckless and callous Apuron leadership has caused. They do not represent the message of mercy love and forgiveness which our beloved Holy Father is preparing to introduce in the coming year of mercy. Guam is now a church a leadership with no mercy no,love no forgiveness. A leadership that lost its way by blindness to a cult.

  11. John C. Ada Toves TYPHOONAugust 30, 2015 at 12:07 AM

    May God give the blessed family peace and have her soul enter into his joyous presence. There a countless many who have the highest regard for your family and a great many who will send their prayers. I send you my prayers.

  12. I pray for the repose of the soul of this woman who was a "mater dolorosa" of her own, having to live and see her son dragged through the streets of shame and iniquity, all for the evil and twisted ambition of some individuals who deemed it "expedient that one man should die for the nation". I extend my sincerest condolences and prayers to the grieving family of this brave woman.

    Your mom, Mr. Lastimoza, is now at peace, and need not suffer anymore. It is my guess that notwithstanding it all, she is probably praying to our merciful God that your persecutors be forgiven, even though "they truly knew what they were doing". I am also praying that all those good people of the organization for whom your persecutors worked so diligently to espouse and promote, have it within their true hearts (not as beholden to the organization) to pray for your mom, though they may not be taught that your mom may well be resting in Purgatory, awaiting her time to fully enjoy the beatific vision of God. and say our traditional prayer: "May she rest in peace".

    May peace reign o'er us. Requiescat in pace.

  13. Joe, I know you read all this. We shall pray for you and your lovely and caring family. I know your faith has been challenged, but I also know it has grown with these challenges.
    May your mother's soul finally rest in peace.
    Take care my friend, we shall see soon

  14. Is that all he got 13 years for taking someone's LIFE. he raped and killed.Tim if that your daughter would you feel the same ???

    1. I’m so thankful for ass-brains like you because it is ass-brains like you that drive my blog. Let me explain. My whole goal here is to show what the neocatechumenal way actually does to people. And while Chuck exposes the evils of your Way through great research all I ever have to do is post comments by kaka-filled ass-brains like you.

      First we can see a validation of what Chuck has often exposed: Kiko teaches that there is no salvation outside the neocatechumenal way. And you just verified it. Because - as we have said many times on this blog - if the man in question had become a kaka-filled ass-brain like you, he would be celebrated and paraded as one of your biggest fruits.

      But because the man returned to his faith through an ordinary priest like Fr. Paul, then kaka-filled ass-brains like you still condemn him to hell. This is good. We want the whole world to see the evil man that Kiko Arguello really is. Thanks.

      But now for a few facts since you are too kaka-filled and ass-brained to read.

      You lament that all he got was 13 years. LOL, kaka-filled ass-brain. The only reference to 13 years in my post is when i said “13 years AFTER her son’s release from prison.” ROTFLMAO. You really are a kaka-filled ass-brain. Too funny.

      The man got life. He was eligible for parole in 20 years. He was paroled. And then guess what he did you kaka-filled ass-brain? He went to work for Anthony Sablan Apuron. As a condition of his parole he was assigned as a maintenance man to Santa Barbara Parish with the full knowledge of one Anthony Sablan Apuron and long before Fr. Paul was ever assigned there.

      Apuron had no problem with a man fresh out of 20 years of prison working in a church with a school nearby because he had no need to use him to get rid of Fr. Paul. That would happen 13 years later. Apuron never expected me to go to the parole board and get the man’s record, but I did. And once again proved Apuron a liar if not a thoroughly evil man. But then he is a kaka-brain like you.

      As for my daughter. Yawn. Really? Do I have to answer this again. Do you kaka-filled ass-brains know how many times I have got this stupid question. But thanks once again for confirming that there Kiko teaches that there is no salvation outside his ass-brained way. The man fulfilled the conditions of his sentence and is still fulfilling them. As for his eternal sentence, that is not for me to pronounce, is it? But then you are a kaka-filled ass-brain so we can understand why you believe it is your right to sentence others.

      Courage, man. Try to use your name next time…if you can remember it.

    2. Richard NochefrancaAugust 30, 2015 at 9:50 AM

      Coward@2:59AM is a repeat of a FEB 28, 2015 comment:

      Sounds like NEO Cult Presyter's Adrian, Apuron or Pius trying to justify their reckless deed to both Father Paul and the Lastimoza Family all for the sake preserving the NCW Cult they brought to to the Island of Guam. Pathetic is all I can think of....

    3. Richard NochefrancaAugust 30, 2015 at 9:59 AM

      My friends Ray and Josephine (Fina) Fernandez provided a response to this comment here:

    4. @2:59am. Sorry, I heard three people commenting against yours. I know you can shut these people down. I really like to hear your response. You know we are not headless followers as some of you think we are. But if you don't give us a good account of your stand, you can't blame us for not going to your side. I hope you shut these people down.

    5. Coward at 2:59, thank you for remaining anonymous and displaying why there is no honor in your cult.

    6. ALL YOU SHIT BRAINS ..... Nothing but jungle trash

    7. Hey Shit brain 2:12AM, are you saving your $200.00 for the Birthday party? How is that coming along? How about donating your money to the Cancer society?

      Don't forget to go to the bank and change your extra cash to rolls of quarters so when the trash bags go around at the BIG BIRTHDAY BASH you will always have something to put in.

  15. Replies
    1. This comment was accidentally deleted. I am reposting it here with my reply:

      "You blame the bishop. oh WOW!."

      Damn right I blame the bishop - for permitting himself to be blackmailed by vicious, hateful, and cowardly fools.

  16. thanks tim for your response to the neo kaka filled ass brain. my neighbors are in that cult and through you I know I they are to be avoided. I stopped going to mass by that neo priest. my life is saved

  17. Kenneth Gumataotao San AgustinAugust 30, 2015 at 3:26 PM

    Yaaaaaay More Neo Cowards playing in the jungle. Scared to use their names because of more cult guilt brainwashing admonishment from Pius. PIUS and KIKO are not GOD. Take your man made Gods and follow them back to Newark and Malta. Please don't be afraid to tell Pius I said his name here because truly he isn't a god and as far as I'm concerned, not even a part of this diocese. The blasphemy you demons spit is gut splitting already. As if You, Apuron, Pius, & Kiko have the power to limit the Mercy of God. You should all take a permanent retreat off island. I'll be first in line to donate.

  18. Fr.Matthew Blockley.August 31, 2015 at 1:17 PM

    Thank you ken for sharing your thoughts on Putrid Pius. The good news is the NCW Guam is already dividing as people lose trust in the leadership. When you seriously look at the Apuron leadership how can anyone take them seriously. For a start they have no personal discipline in life. Would you honestly follow a leader in any organization who does not demonstrate discipline or qualities of empathy, compassion, trust, honesty. When you look at the leadership do any of them inspire you. Do you look at Apuron or putrid, or the others, and feel inspired? Have any of them written published theological spiritual cultural articles in academic Journals? The answer is no. There is a great spiritual moral poverty in Guam's leaders this is why we have the present mess. There is now a church on Guam where no one respects Apuron so how can he possibly lead . Who wants to follow them - they are no more than walking cadavers - and cadavers decompose that's why we have putrid sulphur smell polluting the ocean air. Thank you ken encourage your friends families to support CCOG.

  19. Didn't know where to post this info, so:

    According to Catholic News Agency, Kiko (founder of Neocatechumenal Way),upon the 2010 approval of the 13 volumes of the NCW Directory, said, "It has been revised by the Holy See and completed. It's correct. This is from the Church."
    "The Directory," he said, "will be very important because now a parish priest who says something, we can say, "Look Father, WHAT IT SAYS HERE ON PAGE 427, THIS WAS APPROVED BY THE CHURCH." and

    re "Post Scriptum from Giuseppe and Claudia Gennarini (NCW) 2015 (Can Google) - after Pope Francis commending the NCW on various areas in the first 6 points, the "7th" point the Pope made, refers to correction. He, apparently, said: The Neocatechumenal Way is the one that knows the most about the Christian Initiation. Consult them and, if necessary, CORRECT THE CATECHISTS, THE COMMUNITIES....(because to correct is to love)...BUT CORRECT WITH THE STATUTES IN YOUR HANDS."

    So, it looks like Kiko has given us the right to ask for the PAGE NUMBER in the Directory to prove things in the NCW are legitimate. We can ask "Where in the Directory does it show the alterations in the NCW Mass are justified and permitted?" and

    According to the Neocatechumenal Way, Pope Francis himself says we have the right to charitably "correct" the NCW with the approved Statutes (2008) in hand. (The change of the Sign of Peace is in the 2008 Statutes, but not the rest of their additions and deletions in the NCW Mass. There, however, is directions to follow the approved Liturgical Books.) So, again, we can ask "Where in the approved 2008 Statutes does it show the alterations in the NCW Mass are justified and permitted?"


  20. Fr. Blockley please come and talk at our CCD conference.

    Our island needs enlightened minds.