Wednesday, September 23, 2015


A couple of notes on my op-ed in today's PDN.

The archbishop was quite viciously attacked by some in the media and generally in the online comments about transgressing the so-called "separation of church and state" in "his" (it wasn't his) letter condemning "events" advancing same-sex marriage

None of his supporters came to his defense. So I did. The first part of this op-ed defends the archbishop's right to publicly weigh in on any social issue.

Sadly though, the "archbishop" (he didn't write a word of it) neglected to use the opportunity of this address to actually tell us what the CHURCH officially teaches. Instead we got a diatribe of apocalyptic and condemnatory euphemisms that did nothing other than to provide an opportunity for the real author to admire his own prose. 

(I have a copy of the email conversation between myself and the real author of that letter instructing him to NOT do exactly what he did but to STAY simply and clearly with what the CHURCH itself officially teaches.)

So since the "archbishop" neglected to instruct us on what our Church actually teaches, I take the opportunity to do so in the second part of my op-ed.

As a P.S., in case there is any question as to my personal opinion on any moral issue including same-sex relations, my opinion is that I don't have one. On the matter of any moral teaching officially defined by the Catholic Church, my position is ALWAYS that of the Church. Note: "officially defined.

Apuron's letter a missed opportunity

Archbishop Apuron’s letter (Aug. 27 Pacific Daily News), criticizing both local and national “events” redefining marriage, provoked a predictable firestorm of criticism including the cry of “foul” over the so-called “separation of church and state.”

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