Friday, September 5, 2014


*NOTE: I learned later that the person who stood up (mentioned below) was not a member of the clergy, but a woman religious. 

Archbishop Apuron has been meeting with the College of Consultors, the Presbyteral Council, pastors, and religious communities. However, rather than trotting out the now shamed and discredited faces of the Vicar General and the Chancellor, the new Mouth of Apuron is the Neo Arch-Priestess/Sometimes-Attorney, Jackie Terlaje. 

The agenda of the meetings is, as expected, not just the full discrediting of Msgr. James Benavente, but the public hanging of the man as a warning to any other clergy member who might dare oppose the Neocatechumenal Way, complete with his character drawn, quartered, and his head impaled on a pole at the chancery gate.

But even the most brutal kings and dictators at least conducted their mockeries of justice in the presence of the victim.  Not so, Archbishop Apuron. The brutal smearing and dismembering of Msgr. James' person and reputation is conducted in his absence. This is calumny of the worst sort and a grave sin against justice.

According to the Neo-Arch-Priestess Terlaje, amongst the long list of charges against Msgr. James is the Cathedral has no money and cannot pay its bills. WELL WHO THE HELL'S FAULT IS THAT? For 20 years, under Msgr. James, the Cathedral has never defaulted on its loans and has paid every bill and paycheck due, including the Archbishop's bills. But now under these people the Cathedral can't keep the lights on. (SMH)

Here's something people need to understand. While the Cathedral may be the largest church on the island, it is one of the smallest parishes. There are only about 300 registered parish members due to the fact that few people actually live in Agana. However, this small base of people and their weekly contributions is relied on to run not just the parish, but diocesan functions as well. Yet, the Archbishop, though he uses the Cathedral as his personal church every time he wants to do something there, gives no financial support to the Cathedral. 

Msgr. James has worked miracles with so little. As anyone who has ever visited the Cathedral knows, the place was always immaculately cared for both inside and out, and every event was carried out with professional attention to every detail. For twenty years all the Archbishop ever had to do was show up in his phylacteries and Msgr. James took care of the rest. But now Msgr. James is evil? This all stinks of Kiko Arguello.

So if Msgr. James was able to do all this for twenty years, why all of a sudden is the Cathedral unable to pay its bills? Because the good people who sustained the Cathedral all these years smelled the same Kiko Arguello stench and left, THAT'S WHY!

Probably nowhere is this more evident than at the Archbishop's 9:30AM Sunday Mass where there are embarrassingly fewer people in attendance than at any other Mass in the whole archdiocese. The collections are down by half since Archbishop Apuron brutally and (once again) illegally (we'll come to that) kicked Msgr. James out of the Cathedral. 

So unable to man up to anything, and with his two stooges cowering in the shadows, Archbishop Apuron runs for the cover of Ms. Terlaje's skirt and sends her out on a witch-hunt to batter and calumniate Msgr. James. 

Rather than stain his soul with this evil charade, one member of the clergy* had the moral integrity to stand up and ask: "What is this all about? You are reading all these charges against Msgr. James, but where is he? Why are you telling us all this? Have you even spoken with him directly? (They had not.)" Someone else then moved that the meeting be adjourned and it was. 

It seems that there were at least a few that were smart enough to know the mortal danger of the grave injustice they had been seduced into witnessing, and for the sake of their souls, decided not to stay even one minute longer. 

This is no longer about getting Rome to act. This is about responding NOW to our Baptismal call and putting on the armor of our Confirmation and turning to fight a gangrenous filth that is eating out the heart of our Church. The Lord may have promised that the gates of hell would not prevail, but he also expected us to war against them. 

And so we will fight. Our weapons are prayer, truth, and moral courage. And they are the only weapons we need. But now we need soldiers to take them up. It's your move. Start by sharing this blog with everyone you know. The Archbishop only has the courage to rage this reckless war against his own people because he believes you are all cowards and will never stand up against him. Prove him wrong. NOW!

*NOTE: I learned later that the person who stood up was not a member of the clergy, but a woman religious. 

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