Tuesday, September 29, 2015


As we can all expect, the work going on at the Cathedral Basilica is just one more chapter in the ongoing kiko-driven scam of the Catholics of Guam.
After Apuron gets done with it

Before I get into the details and actual facts about what is going on, permit me to allude to a very obvious metaphor.

The repairs are to the physical building. They can dress it up all they want and fix a crack here and a crack there, but we will still have a cracked church when they're done. As we have seen time and again, everything, including that letter on Marriage Equality, is for show - a sad and crippled attempt to prop up a sad, crippled and ruinous episcopate. But the show must go on...for now.

Facts about the repairs:

First, seeing that some major repairs would soon be needed, Msgr. James had approached the archbishop more than two years ago with a proposal. Since 1998, Msgr. James had been paying $8000 a month on the original Seven Million Dollar Cathedral renovation loan in addition to loans for the St. Therese Chapel and the Museum, each of those being One Million dollars each. 

Even though the renovation, the chapel, and the museum were all projects authorized by Archbishop Apuron and for which he took credit, HE NEVER AUTHORIZED A DIME to help Msgr. James pay for them. 

In order to free up funding to address the Cathedral repair issues, Msgr. James asked Apuron to take over the original Seven Million Dollar renovation loan which Msgr. James had already paid down to $1.6 Million, and he would keep paying the two One Million dollar loans on the Chapel and the Museum. 

Remember now that the Cathedral is one of the smallest parishes on the island given that few people actually live in Agana. Yet Msgr. James was able to not only keep all these loans paid and the Cathedral running, he also paid for every big event - including neo events - that Apuron held there. 

It took Apuron a year and a half to get back to Msgr. James with an answer. And when he did the answer was NO. 

In addition to the loan proposal, Msgr. James had also approached the archbishop on at least two more occasions with proposals to address the Cathedral's issues and he EVEN HAD DONORS willing to pay for the whole thing. Yet, Apuron SAID NO!

At the time, Msgr. James didn't know it, but Apuron was plotting his removal. He needed to make Msgr. James look as bad and inept as he could, and all this donor money was going to get in the way. 

Finally, in July of 2014, Apuron kicked Msgr. James out of the Cathedral and began a months-long campaign of publicly trashing him. It was important to discredit Msgr. James as much as possible because the neo's needed to be sure that Apuron would be replaced with a neo-bishop and everyone knew that Msgr. James, who is not a neo, was the most likely candidate for Apuron's replacement. 

So kick, trash, smear, calumniate, defame, banish, harass, bully...we all saw it in the U Matuna and even the newspapers week after week. 

However, after his removal, the Cathedral issues still remained. Unfortunately for Msgr. James' replacement, the Rector Lerch, there were no donors. Donors give money not just to the church, but because they like and trust certain priests. And no one liked or trusted Lerch. 

So Lerch and his Neo Bullies did what bullies do: bully.

First, they went to the Guam Preservation Trust and demanded One Million Dollars to make repairs to the bell tower and the rest of the building claiming they were supposed to receive coverage.

I used "demanded" because sources revealed that Trust members were shocked at their demanding attitude and acted as if they were entitled to the money. (Typical of Kiko's - they are Alinsky-ites. Look it up.)

Lerch and the Bullies demanded the money saying that the bell tower was on the verge of collapsing and they needed the money right away. The Trust turned down their request telling the Bullies that it was their responsibility to maintain the church and not the Trust.

So the Bullies went looking for someone else to bully: Calvo's Insurance. The Bullies said they were filing an insurance claim for typhoon damages. Calvo's rejected their claim so they then went running to Guam Insurance Adjustors to make the same claim - which is essentially an in-your-face to Calvo's, but then that's what Kiko Bullies do.

GIA agreed to give the Bullies some money, but since the Cathedral already had a large unpaid balance with Calvo's, any money authorized for the Cathedral by GIA should have first gone to Calvo's to pay the Bullies' unpaid bills.

But paying unpaid bills is not a visible thing, and the Bullies were anxious to prop up the Bully-take over of the Cathedral - showing the rest of us - or pretending to show the rest of us that the Bullies were prosperous - when of course all the Bullies were doing was bullying money out of an insurance company.

Meanwhile, probably from his hideaway at RMS, Lerch the Rector signed a letter written to members of the Calvo family demanding money to fix the Blessed Sacrament Chapel (which their family had originally built).

The Calvo's had already offered to fully fund a renovation of the chapel when Msgr. James was rector but Apuron had rejected the offer. (Anything to keep Msgr. James from looking good.) And LOL, so now they want to approach the same donors after they trash Msgr. James and replace him with Lerch. I was told that the Calvos said No.

In addition to the insurance, the Chancery is furiously funneling the money it collects from its parish "assessments" (your weekly donations) to fund the repairs of things not covered by the insurance such as the air con in order to prop up Lerch and the kikos

The next Bully victim was First Hawaiian Bank. The Bullies attempted to strong-arm First Hawaiian Bank to reduce their interest rate. But FHB refused to be bullied.

So they went to Bank of Guam and took out an $800,000 loan. LOL. After all the crap about Msgr. James incurring debt, Lerch the Rector, with Apuron's signature, goes and gets the church $800,000 more in debt, and borrows from the very bank which supported the gender neutral legislation that Apuron in his fake Marriage Equality letter condemned.

Even worse, $500,000 of that $800,000 was funneled back to the chancery. 

Can this diocese  get any dirtier? 

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