Thursday, September 17, 2015


The following (with a few of my own edits) was shared with me by someone who is expressing the sentiments of many: the U Matuna has become nothing more than a desperate weekly flunky rag to prop up Apuron. 

How abut a new name for the Sunday paper that bills itself as the “Roman Catholic Newspaper of the Archdiocese of Agaña, Guam.”  How about Propaganda Si Apuron?

Propaganda Si Apuron  is far  more appropriate than Umatuna Si Yu’os. Propaganda is “ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause, a political leader, a government, etc.” according to Merriam-Webster. Archbishop Apuron is the “etc.” in that definition.  

Sunday’s Propaganda Si Apuron  is no exception. The front page lede tells us that “They gathered nearly 600 strong,” neglecting to tell the reader that pastors were ordered to cancel all parish activities - in other words: many were probably coerced into attending.  The second lede read, “Embrace…and safeguard!” which commanded “Safeguarding the Dignity of Every Human Person” causing the reader to ponder the term “human person.” (Ummm, is there such a thing as a non-human person?)

In the middle of the page we’re told that, “…Archbishop Anthony (he loves to be called "Anthony" now) opened the day by celebrating Mass…” and then “It was a beautiful and appropriate prelude to the day…” Such pap might be only slightly offensive in a secular rag but in a official diocesan print it borders on sacrilege.  The Mass is the Mass.  It is the Catholic faith. To characterize the Mass a prelude to anything whatsoever is at very best offensive to true Catholics.  The Mass is the Mass.  The purpose of the Mass is definitely not to be used as vehicle for flowery language to prop up Archbishop Apuron in the pages of Propaganda Si Apuron.

The remainder of the Propaganda Si Apuron for September 13 was the usual collection of pictures of the bishop “in action,” ads and editorial endeavors reminiscent of the “What I Did on My Summer Vacation”  theme we wrote for teacher in the Fall of our 13th year. Possibly as the result of carelessness or oversight one actual item dealing with the Catholic faith snuck in on page six. Talk about contrast!

Week after week Apuron’s flunkies publish a combination of wire service pap and locally produced articles all of which are designed to create the illusion that Archbsihop Apuron is in charge of and moving the diocese forward. You should keep reading though.  Both on the off chance that a real news item might somehow sneak in again and also so that you can keep up on the weekly spin coming from the Hill. Keep reading but be sure you have a good size grain of salt handy when you read Propaganda Si Apuron.


  1. PSA.Pulpit Service Announcement, Pedo Si Apuron, Pathetic Si Apuron, Poor Service Apuron, Powerless Si Apuron, Puppet Si Apuron,

  2. As one priest would say within the 14 sessions everyone one is taught the same thing. No matter what age they are, makes no difference whether the content is appropriate for the age level.

    As a priest, who was formally educated in the seminary, there were things said that needed questioning but was told to listen and not question. He was appalled by the way the
    young catechist was presenting. A presentation all scripted. Must be like the once Direct Instruction taught in the Public School system. Sctipted...verbatim.'s a wonder why the young ones are so.brained washed.

    It is really sad.

  3. There is an application of the term "person" to non-humans: persons of the Blessed Trinity, two of
    whom are entirely non-human.

  4. The Umatuna is so the neo weekly propaganda bulletin! Who do these propaganda bulletin puppet staff think they are fooling? Well, they fool only themselves because we see right thru their inability to stand up to the truth about who they continue to blindly prop up!! Talk about the "Emperor/arch's new cloths" lol these weekly propaganda bulletin's staff need to look in the mirror because they will see their "new clothing" comes from the same tailor that made the emperor/arch’s new clothes! No wonder why!

  5. call me anthony


    You have sown so much, and yet you bring in little:
    You eat and drink, but you are never filled.
    You clothe yourself, but you're too hot, or too cold!
    Your wages go to pockets filled with holes.

    The works that you do, they're not His, they're yours
    And the agendas that you have: they're your own, not the Lord's!

    So you looked for much, but indeed it came to little:
    Whatever you brought home, it was blown away.
    He struck you with blight, with mildew, and with hail!
    So the labor of your hands, has consistently failed.

    The works that you do, they're not His, they're yours
    And the agendas that you have: they're your own, not the Lord's!

    He gave you holy meat for you to eat, and make your robes white:
    You ate some of the Lamb, but then shared it with man,
    Who's dead on the street, and they won't rise their feet.
    You've tainted the Lamb with compromise.

    I said: You've tainted the Lamb with compromise.
    You've compromised!
    You've given in to me: I'm your intellect:
    The tree of good and evil! Aren't I beautiful to see?
    Come, eat of my fruit, and compromise!

    enjoy the feast tony

  6. Hafa propaganda... maolek-na ma prop I Dagan-na