Monday, September 7, 2015


I added the following to the post PARTICULARLY SERIOUS AND DEPLORABLE

By the way, when I questioned why there was this "Earth First" bent at the conference which was supposed to address "the dignity of every human person" I was told "no planet no people." It's cute. And I've heard the cliche many times. But in God's view - since the earth was created for man and not the other way around, it should be: "no people, no reason for the planet." But the quip did remind me of something the late senator and pro-life champion Elizabeth Arriola was quoted as saying and I will copy it here:

"Let me tell you, at the rate Guam Memorial Hospital is aborting children, between 400-600 a year, and most of them are not even reported. Where are the lives that we are going to protect and preserve? Here we go talking about indigenous rights and self-determination. What good is all that if we don't have our followers to follow and enjoy the fruits of our labor, of this generation's labor, of your labor and my labor to fix this island and have autonomous rights to govern our people?"

 - quoted in: Asian/Pacific Islander American Women: A Historical Anthology, pg. 372, edited by Shirley Hume, Gail M. Nomura

Obviously this great woman and island leader knew that there was no sense in saving anything if we were going to permit the wanton killing of unborn children. 

Elizabeth Arriola was the first female lector at St. Peter's Basilica (1986)

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