Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Tom Tanaka's letter to the editor Get The Way out of our parishes was printed in Saturday's PDN.  Zoltan decided to take it upon himself to lecture Mr. Tanaka in the online comments. Tanaka now answers him back. (Note: following is the revised version of his letter.)

Dear Zoltan,

You sound like a “broken record” with you charge that I spread lies about the Way, yet not once have you posted the lie that we are spreading.  The Archbishop or members of the Way have not refuted any of the facts that we have posted.  So Zoltan please put up or shut up.

You and others in your Sect are welcome in our Parishes anytime and I will be happy to call you Catholic if you adhere to the 2008 Statute that replaced the 2008 provisional statute that was given on a trial basis.

There are other elements of your Sect that are contrary to the Catholic Faith.  As a member of the One True Church: rich, poor, white, black, we are all equal in God’s eyes.  We have one Catechism that is available to all, and not held in secrecy, depending on the rank you have achieved.

If your Sect is one with the Catholic Church, why then do you have your own exclusive Presbyters?  Why was the most valuable asset of the Guam Catholics deeded over to the NCW? Why the irreverence to Our Blessed Mother, who has protected Guam with Her Special Blessings?

The notion that there is no purgatory is a Protestant belief. How then can you claim to be part of the Catholic Church? You cannot pick and choose which part of the Catholic faith you want to believe in, change the aspects you don’t agree with and continue to say you are Catholic.

How about the “black trash bags”?  The money collected in these trash bags are held exclusively for the NCW and not contributed toward the parishes, the facilities of which the NCW continues to use.  I understand that Kiko gets one third, The Archbishop gets one third, and the balance is distributed elsewhere.  Has there ever been an accounting of these revenues? What about the “hard assets” being “donated” as evidenced by the reporting of Chuck White.  Who now owns these assets?  Why do you not pose these questions to your leaders?  You, at least, have the educational credentials to know how to discern.  Seek out the truth.  Do not be a blind follower willing to accept all that you are told.

I told you in my earlier letter to “put your big pants on.”  I am now urging you to discern what is being taught to you and truly understand what is being taught by your Sect.

We indeed welcome you back to Church. Our one true Church has withstood the test of time, withstood the heresies and other challenges that have come its way for millennia, because of the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  It will continue to do so until the end of time.

All your words are simply a veil, an illusion in a magic show, to make people believe that the NCW is Catholic and its practices approved by Rome. You, like the Archbishop, hope that your “audience” will believe you because you say it is so. Remember…”Rome has approved it. Even the way we’re receiving communion. That they receive the host standing and they can sit down and everybody who receives it and they eat together…Rome has given permission for that and it’s somewhere. I need to find out where exactly but they told us that the permission it given” Archbishop Anthony Apuron, December 15, 2014.

But illusions are not reality. The CCOG words are based on fact.  Every single statement is backed by documentation to show it is indeed the truth. You have your words without anything to back it up so basically, you have nothing.

I have repeatedly said I do not have any qualms with the NCW. People have every right to worship as they choose.  Just practice your religion without hijacking our parishes and without trying to convert us Catholics.  We have tolerated you for the past 20 years but we will push back now. We will not let you take over our parishes. We decline your “invitation to joy”. We will not be converted to the WAY.

Catholic to the End.  Yes one associated with the One True Church that Jesus Christ (not Kiko) founded.

Thomas Tanaka


  1. We must all stay the course and not be distracted by Kiko fanatics like Zoltan. Their aim is to distract us and to dissipate our energy and focus with sophomoric arguments. Reason holds that one should dispute facts with evidence to the contrary, whereas, the Kiko fanatics lack of any intelligent, evidence based rebuttal only amplifies that we have been speaking the truth all along.

  2. "Amen" to that Anon at 11:52pm! "...One should dispute fact with evidence to the contrary, not with lack of intelligent rebuttal..." I had already written to Zoltan in JW, on a challenge to a meaningful debate! The ball is in your court, Zoltan. Come after us - but with facts, not fancy verbiage. As I said, we're prepared to respond in kind - with demonstrable facts!

    On a similar matter, there was a recent "rebuttal" of this Sunday's Prayer Vigil Silent Demonstration of Catholics ("Is that another Foreigner holding a sign? Shameful Chamorros. Tai mamahlao!") shows that the Anon who wrote it completely missed the boat - the message of the demonstration! Is that all you got out of it? Poor thing! And if you still don't get the message, what a sad messenger you are for whoever urged you to put that comment up! It's the blind, leading the blind! So, so sad - indeed!

    And if your disguise in using the Chamorro phrase ("Tai mamahlao') is intended to throw us off -that the comment was coming from one of our people - it didn't work. We know better!

    For your own info - since you never got the message - the message was a prayer to ask divine assistance to help us get our Church back, the Church which you and your kind have adulterated, and trying to steal parish by parish!

    As if your leaders don't already know full well, please pass that message on.

    I just hope that my good friend Bob Klitzkie, who was seen holding a sign up, was't being targetted by you! Careful; don't wake up a sleeping giant!

    Greetings, love, prayers - and yes, "joy" to you. - jrsa.

    in front of the Cathedral

    1. Yes, it WAS aimed at Klitzkie. Wrong guy to aim at.

    2. The idea of a meaningful debate is great. Isn't there a group in UOG who can organize a debate between the two contending parties. Maybe Zoltan can represent one group. It would be nice for people to hear both sides and decide for themselves. I really like to hear a rebuttal from Mr. Zoltan and his group. Just like before, Mr. Zoltan will ignore the challenge. I would then conclude that it is because he doesn't have anything in terms of a answer. Can't blame me, can you. Mr. Zoltan, the ball is truly in your court.