Monday, October 19, 2015


See Day 2, 3, and 4. Rev & Tax opens at 8. Hope to see it by the end of the day. Remember, it's Article I.


  1. All of us are waiting - but not for it to be done.
    David Taranto, Melbourne , Australia

  2. Tim, maybe "Diana" has legitimate reasons for not being able to go to RevTax. Is it transportation problems? If so, I'll drive him/her/it free of charge to and from RevTax. If he/she/it would tell us what the problem is, I am sure many REAL catholics would be willing to help solve it so that Diana can go to RevTax, since it is obvious no other Neo is offering/willing to take
    Diana or go to RevTax on his/her own to help Diana prove you wrong.

    Hey, Neos, here is your chance to prove Tim/CCOG/Catholics wrong!!

    C'mon, Diana, speak up! Or..... forever hold your peace!

    1. She already did in her latest post on her blog

  3. now, did you guys really think that diana would make it easy for Tim, ccog, or you regular people, she will not, because she cannot

    she-it's reasoning, is very simply and she has said this many times over and over,

    all verbal documents must begin with the Pope, he then tells kiko in a private secret meeting

    who then tells someone who waits for the weather to turn bad
    then drives all night to tell pius so that he can tell diana

    so folks be patient she-it is doing her neo-best to keep the lie as neo-true as possible