Thursday, October 15, 2015


The Neocatechumenal Way is no ordinary "ecclesial community", folks. It's a horrifying machine that seduces people into its ugly web and then rapes and ruins people, turning them into psychological slaves for the walking dead like Pius the Putrid. 

LAPAZ (from Spain) shares the horror:

Jungle Watch is a reference web when someone wants to know more about the Way. "To know more" means, essentially, to know...When internet didn't exist, it was the real loneliness...if you were a victim as well as a friend or relative of somebody who had joined, there was nothing to make a contrast. You could never had known your were not mad, nor guilty, nor a bad person who deserved to live in the ostracism.
Jungle Watch, as Cruxsancta for Spanish users, are necessary places, virtual places, but at least a place for us...You can't imagine how helpful is to have a hand when you had become invisible despite you are crying loud, when you are in the middle of an assembly and nobody wants to hear and all faces look away.
The official Church is passing by and suddenly it will burst...At least we could say we were giving the advice.
People who write in Cruxsancta have calculated there are five person who leave the Way per each person who stays. If there are one million people in the Way, there are five million of knocked person...Even if only one of five is seriously damaged, there will be one million of destroyed lifes.
I agree with all of you, I think Guam might be David against Goliath. Please, don't leave us alone!

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