Sunday, October 25, 2015


Rather than arguing with these people, any time they say "Rome has approved it," or something to that effect, simply say "Show me the document." And teach others to say it too.

If there is one thing Rome does it is the production of documents for absolutely everything, especially when it regards the promotion and protection of the "source and summit" of our faith: The Catholic Mass. 

This Neo-bullcrap "Rome has approved it" is the same crap we heard for years after Vatican II when the tabernacle was removed from the center of the sanctuary, the sanctuary itself was compromised by the removal of the communion rail or the pushing of the altar out to the center of the church, the turning of the priest around to face the people, communion in the hand, the free roaming of lay persons about the altar, the introduction of non-traditional instruments and music into the sacred liturgy, the regular use of "eucharistic ministers" (still forbidden) and destruction of the traditional cruciform church architecture to boxes and circus tents, to name just a few of the "changes" we take now as normal. (This is exactly how Kiko Arguello intends to implement his agenda long after his death.)


I used to let myself get pushed around by priests who used Vatican II to implement their own lazy agenda until I decided to start asking "Where does it say that?" It doesn't say that. And they knew it. And like the Kiko's, they never expected to get that question. But the destruction to our churches and faith that we permitted in the name of "Vatican II" via these charlatans is why we have the Kiko-Beast at our door today. 

So tell them "SHOW ME THE DOCUMENT." The only "document" that can be shown is the 2008 version of their Statute. And make sure it is the 2008 version and that is says "final approval." Kiko links to the unapproved 2002 version on the official Neocatechumenal Way website. (See OFFICIAL DECEPTION OF THE NEOCATECHUMENAL WAY.)

The approved Statute DOES NOT PERMIT most of what they say "Rome approves." And there is ABSOLUTELY NO DOCUMENT approving the reception of communion while sitting. Apuron knows this and he outright lied to the people of St. Francis parish last year. But then what's new. LIES, LIES, and MORE LIES. It's what Kiko's do. 

For those who want to know more truth, here's a list of other documents to ask your pastor for:

  • Mass facing the people.
  • Communion in the hand.
  • Saturday night Mass.
  • Communion standing instead of kneeling.
  • Regular use of Eucharistic Ministers.
  • Removal of the high altar in favor of a "table".
  • Pop music in the liturgy.
  • Full use of the vernacular in the liturgy. 
  • "Liturgical dance"(always forbidden)

There are actually documents for some of these things. BUT NONE OF THEM ARE IN VATICAN II. And in fact, when you actually read them, you will be amazed at how these things came about. As an example read Paul VI lament over permitting communion in the hand. He was horrified by the potential for abuse. 

You want to keep the Kiko's out of your church? Well then stop letting them in the back door. 


  1. Archbishop Apuron,"SHOW ME THE DOCUMENT" as Tim's has said. Please accept his advice and stick with it. It's so simple and yet so true.

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  3. Tim is right about all the little changes being done in the church and it's taken at face value because of our culture to respect our elders and leaders. It has been our culture never to question them either but to just trust their word as if it was truth.

    However, through the hard work of people like Tim Rohr and the CCOG, the facts have been coming out but WE as a catholic community need to show a bigger presence so that Rome can finally see that tony and these neos have been trying to change Catholicism and the mass before our very own eyes.

    Each new thing has been always said as "it was approved by Rome", but who has ever questioned to see the change in writing? We can't even see tony to ask him cause he's always unavailable.

    It's crazy to think that this island has looked up to someone who is unavailable when we need him the most. Does God or Jesus make themselves unavailable to us when we need them?

    It's also crazy to think that this island supported tony with the numerous CDs he use to sell. Can you imagine if he sold 100,000 CDs at $10 each how much he actually generated? How much went to his pocket?

    I hope and pray that Rome is seeing what's happening in the church. Only Rome can fix what is really happening before their very own eyes.

    Guam needs to really make a huge presence and support the CCOG AND Tim.

  4. Yes, Melbourne hopes to see all the documents too.
    David Taranto, parishioner within the Archdiocese of Melbourne , Australia.

  5. I have returned to receiving Holy Communion by kneeling and on the tongue. I pray that the rest of the congregation keep this centuries-old tradition alive much like our Savior and it is truly a particularly expressive sign of adoration, completely appropriate in light of the true, real and substantial presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ under the consecrated species” God bless to all.

    James T.

  6. I would like to underline one very important thing. Since the moment the Directory on the Way with Orientations for catechist teams is under custody in Vatican, in a Discastery library, and nobody is alowed to handle it, the real grave question is for any bishop to certify which "mamotretes" are being used by the catechist teams in his diocese to stablish the Way.
    If you ask your bishop about, he could not give you any answer....he has to rely on the good word of the responsible of the team...and this man can not say anything about the Directory, he has to rely on the goog word of his own catechist...and so on until the one catechist of all: Kiko.
    Why so many people rely on Kiko? Is Kiko God?
    The Way works by constant relying one on another.
    What was the purpose when the Pope John Paul II asked Kiko for a legal figure for the Way? Was only to give some Statutes? Nothing else?
    And why had Kiko to edit all mamotretes and share them with the Church? What for?
    Is possible to comprehend the Way only with the Statutes? So, why the Statutes themselves direct to Directory in feet notes?
    It is quite strange, isn't it?
    I think it would be necessary to make a question to each bishop asking for a certification based on Directory. Any bishop could certificate any requestion about such Directory because he could not find the Directory!

  7. Watch image of new Bahrein cathedral......

  8. Is the Neo accepted in the Catholic Church?

    1. No. The Neo is not "accepted" in the Catholic Church. Their statute was approved, which means that they are only permitted to operate within the Catholic Church within the parameters of their statute - something they totally disregard. And in doing so they place themselves outside the Catholic Church.

    2. If Rome permits them then who are we to judge and say they should leave the Catholic Church. Stop all the hate and accept the what Rome has approved.

    3. That's why the title of this post is SHOW ME THE DOCUMENT. We don't have any problem with what Rome permits. What we have a problem with is a bishop who says so but can't produce the document to substantiate what he says. And neither can you, can you.